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People Need to See Their Future at [Your Company Here]

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People Need to See Their Future at [Your Company Here]

  1. 1. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo People Need to See Their Future at [Your Company Here] 7 things we did that helped us recruit the best people, keep our top talent, and dramatically improve our agency's performance. B O B R U F F O L O
  2. 2. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Who this Session is For
  3. 3. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  4. 4. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Starting Team Size: 36 People People Left: -21 People Ending Team Size: 23 People 1/ 15 TO 7/ 15 OUR TEAM: OUR CLI ENTS: Averaging: ~30 Clients at a Time Lost Clients: 19 Clients
  5. 5. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo >$2,000,000 Of Estimated Lost Revenue & Missed Opportunity Cost Financial Impact:
  6. 6. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  7. 7. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “People need to see their future at IMPACT”
  8. 8. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Today, I’m going to share 7 things you must do to help your people see their future at your company.
  9. 9. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17
  10. 10. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17
  11. 11. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17 If you were to ask your employees ‘Where is the company heading?’ what do you think they would say?
  12. 12. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 1. The future of the company needs to be defined in a documented vison.
  13. 13. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Describes what the company will look and feel like in vivid detail, usually 3-10 years out. This is the most important step in people seeing their future at your company! A vision….
  14. 14. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 1. Top executive writes down what the company will look like in (3-10) years, including revenue, headcount, customers, areas of focus, wins, and more. 2. Cascade it to the organization, collecting questions and suggestions. Their input helps to get buy-in and make it real. 3. Publish and share. 4. Revisit regularly, update team on progress. Creating a vision is not that hard…
  15. 15. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Share your vision with everyone! Employees Job Candidates Competitors, Customers, Network
  16. 16. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo If we want the right people on our team, we must have a documented vision of what the company will look like that excites the right people.
  17. 17. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 1. More thought leaders in company than just the CEO. 2. Hold our own annual marketing event. 3. Great Place to Work. 4. Recognized as "The Best Agency.” Included in IMPACT’s 3-year vision:
  18. 18. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 2. You need the right people on the team
  19. 19. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo A Players vs. B Players vs. C Players
  20. 20. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17 Have you ever had to work with somebody who should have been fired, but the boss just let them hang around?
  21. 21. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo If someone doesn’t cut it, they shouldn’t be there.
  22. 22. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo A Players on the other hand…
  23. 23. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo How to know if someone is an A Player
  24. 24. #INBOUND17#INBOUND17@bobruffolo Tom DiScipio Mr. Imnotsogood + + + Y Y Y - - - N N N Bar + + +/- Y Y Y
  25. 25. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo #INBOUND17 1. “Hire for culture and train for skill.” 1. Culture: Purpose, values, and vision. 2. Skill: Able to be autonomously successful in their role < 30 days? 2. Be patient & don’t stretch. 3. Always be recruiting…. HOW TO HI RE A PLAYERS :
  26. 26. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo impactbnd.com/careers
  27. 27. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Feeling surrounded by A Players is important to people. A Players = We win. B + C Players = We lose.
  28. 28. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17 How many of you believe that someone’s success in a company is based on the results they achieve?
  29. 29. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17
  30. 30. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • Consult clients about campaign requirements and objectives. • Create marketing strategies. • Manage timescales and budgets. • Perform all required inbound marketing activities including: blogging, SEO, social media, email marketing, and paid media. • Assist in company marketing efforts. Marketing Account Manager It doesn’t define the expectations!
  31. 31. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • Manage 5 clients / ~$30,000 MRR at a time. • Average a client NPS score > 9. • Complete > 120 points of work / month. • Create 3 success stories / qtr to be published on IMPACT’s website. • Publish 1 piece of content for IMPACT’s website / month. Marketing Account Manager Much better!
  32. 32. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 3. People need to know what’s expected of them
  33. 33. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo If we want our people to achieve specific outcomes, and we want them to feel confident in their performance, then they need to know specifically what’s expected of them.
  34. 34. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Taking this one step further…
  35. 35. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  36. 36. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo #INBOUND17 ROLE: STRATEGI ST LEVEL SCORE SALARY ASSOCIATE STRATEGIST 10 $40,000 - $60,000 STRATEGIST L1 26 $50,000 - $70,000 STRATEGIST L2 40 $60,000 - $80,000 SR. STRATEGIST L1 50 $70,000 - $90,000 SR. STRATEGIST L2 52 $80,000 - $100,000 PRINCIPAL STRATEGIST L1 54 $90,000 - $110,000 PRINCIPAL STRATEGIST L2 56 $100,000 - $125,000
  37. 37. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 4. People Need Someone Guiding Their Success
  38. 38. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo One-on-Ones Regular meetings between a manager and an employee to talk about all things pertaining to the employee’s career. The secret sauce to “stickiness”
  39. 39. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • For employee: Makes them feel important and helps them understand how they fit in the organization. • For company: Allows you to get a pulse on the employee’s longevity with the company. Purpose of One-on-Ones:
  40. 40. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • At least once every 2 weeks for 30 minutes • The employee goes first (it’s about them) • You talking about the present (impediments) • ...and future (what their career path looks like) • You build a real relationship • You listen, laugh & coach, you’re always direct If done right…
  41. 41. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo One-on-Ones Require: A manager with strong leadership and emotional intelligence.
  42. 42. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo If we’re not doing regular one-on-ones with our people, we’re disconnecting them from the company.
  43. 43. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 5. People Need to be Recognized for Good Work
  44. 44. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.” - Kim Harrison, Consultant, Author and Principal of www.cuttingedgepr.com
  45. 45. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Recognition should be: Timely Specific Public Documented
  46. 46. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo How we recognize people at IMPACT: #happythoughts
  47. 47. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo How we recognize people at IMPACT:
  48. 48. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  49. 49. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  50. 50. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.” - Kim Harrison
  51. 51. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 6. Enable your people to give honest, candid feedback (even if it sucks to hear)
  52. 52. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions” - Brian Halligan
  53. 53. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo How we collect employee feedback at IMPACT
  54. 54. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  55. 55. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 1. How happy are you with your employment at IMPACT? (1-10) …if not a 10, what would make it a 10? 2. I have a clearly defined career path here at IMPACT. 3. I know exactly what's expected of me in my role here at IMPACT. 4. Someone in the organization is guiding my growth and success. Examples of questions we ask:
  56. 56. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 5. I understand the purpose of IMPACT and feel passionate about our vision / the future of IMPACT. 6. I'm consistently recognized by leadership and my peers when I do good work and deserve it. 7. I feel surrounded by "A-players” 8. I feel I can give candid, honest feedback to leadership. 9. Leadership cares about my feedback (it's generally always worthwhile sharing feedback with leadership). Examples of questions we ask:
  57. 57. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 10.I have fun working at IMPACT. 11.How would you rate your manager’s understanding of what it’s like to be in your shoes here at IMPACT? 12.What about our company’s culture do you find hypocritical? 13.What is our weakest link right now? 14.What questions do you have for the leadership team? Examples of questions we ask:
  58. 58. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Remember: You’re asking for the problems, and that’s what you’re going to get.
  59. 59. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “We've got a backup on the des/dev side but there hasn't been a slow-down selling projects that are des/dev heavy. I know we're trying to solve for this with the recent hires, but I don't feel like it'll be as quick of a fix as everyone's making it seem like.”
  60. 60. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “There's a feeling that the machine is straining right now. What's great is it's because we're so successful at bringing on and keeping/expanding the engagements we have. I'd be higher if I knew we could still crush our goals while not crushing our people.”
  61. 61. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo “Capacity planning is still hazy, we've been clear that that has been a huge struggle for us for quite some time, and told that we just need to be more efficient with our time. That's bullshit, and you know it.”
  62. 62. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • Everyone on the leadership team must read every single line of the feedback. • We group and prioritize. • We address during the all hands meeting. When we do this, the rest of the organization knows we’re trying and rallies behind us. We take action:
  63. 63. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo If we want to progress as a company, we need to collect honest feedback from the team, we need to address it publicly, and we need to act on it.
  64. 64. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 7. Work Should Be Fun
  65. 65. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  66. 66. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Our results #INBOUND17
  67. 67. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo TURNOVER I MPROVEMENT Starting Team Size People Left Ending Team Size 1/15 to 7/15 (7 months) 7/15 to 9/17 (2 years, 2 months) 36 People 21 People 23 People 23 People 5 People 42 People
  68. 68. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo 9.14 (Average Score) EMPLOYEE NPS:
  69. 69. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo What about the vision?
  70. 70. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo More thought leaders in company than just the CEO. 4 IMPACTers Speaking at INBOUND ‘17
  71. 71. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Hold Our Own Annual Marketing Event. IMPACT Live
  72. 72. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo • Over 200 Attendees • Speakers included: Mike Volpe, David Meerman Scott, Mark Roberge, Tara Robertson, Marcus Sheridan, and more. • 2018 Scheduled
  73. 73. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Great Place to Work
  74. 74. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo
  75. 75. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Recognized as The Best Agency
  76. 76. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo > $2 Million in Top Line Revenue Growth in < 2 years. Financial Impact:
  77. 77. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo #INBOUND17
  78. 78. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo #INBOUND17
  79. 79. @bobruffolo #INBOUND17 7 Ways to Get People to See Their Future at Your Company: 1. Have a defined company vision 2. Right people on the team 3. People need to know what’s expected of them 4. People need someone guiding their success 5. People need to be recognized for good work 6. People are enabled to give honest, candid feedback 7. Work should be fun
  80. 80. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Advice… Take on one of these things at a time
  81. 81. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Our People Need to See Their Future at Our Company When they do, that’s when we’ll be able to unlock our full potential.
  82. 82. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Favorite Resources
  83. 83. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo My Favorite Resources: Traction by Gino Wickman (+ other EOS Books) Small Giants by Bo Burlingham First, Break All The Rules by Gallup Press Drive by Daniel Pink Double Double by Cameron Herold
  84. 84. #INBOUND17@bobruffolo Use My Top Talent Retention Scorecard impactbnd.com/scorecard

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  • Organizational Leaders
    People inside organization… because this is what you should expect from your employer… and you can help make it a reality.
  • One thing they said that stood out… “people need to see their future at IMPACT”
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Giant list of things we were doing wrong.
  • Giant list of things we were doing wrong.
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • End slide: Who’s ever worked with someone that wouldn’t have passed this analyzer? They sucked at their job and should have been fired a long time ago?

    How’d that make you feel?
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Purpose, mastery, autonomy
  • Show a number = Financial impact of loss