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  1. 1. Office designs + fit outs
  2. 2. About us For nearly 10 years, we’ve been helping many companies to define, design and build office fit-out and refurbishment projects, creating inspiring and engaging workplaces. Our main business target is the execution of general construction - fit outs - and architectural design projects for corporations and retailers. As an experienced contractor, we offer our clients professional services ranging from initial architectural concept drawings, to hand-over finished products Our asset is our long-time experience in corporate architecture and general contracting business. We have one, clearly defined goal: our Client’s satisfaction.
  3. 3. Our Services Space planning First stage of the process. We understand how your people work, your corporate structure, plans for future growth and your technical requirements. Preparation of distribution plans according to Client’s program, comments, revisions etc. Concept design We present a design that correctly implements the requirements of the Client. It is the first phase of the design process. Visualization of the ‘BIG IDEA’. Preparation of preliminary plans containing furniture layout, floor finishes, wall finishes, etc. Execution design This phase is about the details and requirements for the construction of the Project. Preparation of Drawings and Specifications that establish in detail the quality levels of materials . Mechanical, electrical, and load-bearing design. DESIGNSERVICESFITOUTWORKS We deliver general contracting services in the following branches:  All types of walls and ceilings.  Plasters and painting.  Woodwork.  Hydraulic and drainage installations.  Electrical (installations, lightning, data cabling, server rooms)  Mechanical (Air conditioning and ventilation)  SAP (Fire detection systems)  DSO (PA systems)  BHP, SANEPID, Ppoz certifications.
  4. 4. Our experience We apply all our experience in office interior design, to transform your office into a place that not only looks better, but also works better. SpacePlanning Over100.000m2 InteriorandExecutiondesign Over50.000m2 Fit-outandexecutedprojects Over40.000m2
  5. 5. Our references Projects and locations we were involved: Wide experience in office space arrangements, having worked for: Sodexo Sp.z.o.o Poland, White & Case, Kalwas and Partners, Patent Office, McKinsey & Company, Roland Berger, Norton Rose, Logitech, Regus, Trigon, DZ Bank, Cooperative Bank in Piaseczno, PKO Poland, BNP Paribas, BRE Leasing, BNP S.A., Scandia, Chep, Visotec, DEGI, Golden Terraces, Empik Poland, TUI, Hyundai Poland Motor, Honda Poland, Alert Media, Nokia, TOA Electronics, Black & Decker, SNEF Poland, Weritas Bureau, Mostostal, Canada Kabaty, Sokolow SA, Rekopol, SK Global, Villeroy & Boch Poland, Kazar, Kodak, Schering-Poland, Dade Behring Diagnostics, CNK Kardiofon. Design and build - offices in Park Business Teofilow, Lodz, 6.000m2 Contact: Mr. Jacek Popiolek +48 510 991 058 Mrs. Katarzyna Czajko +48 510 029 535 Execution design, general contracting and project management of Bouygues Immobilier Main Offices in Warsaw, 1.400m2 - IBC Building Contact: Mrs. Magdalena Antas +48 508 023 925
  6. 6. Execution design, general contracting and project management of new office space for logistics company, 1.500m2, Mokotow Business Center. Contact: Mrs. Kinga Di Salvo +48 698 191 736 Execution design and project management of Nespresso main headquarters in Warsaw, 1100sq.m. IBC building, 5th floor. Contact: Mr. Dariusz Rompa +48 600 333 468 Executive design, general contracting and project management of Main Headquarters, 3.000m2 Contact: Mr. Piotr Godlewski - +48 602 201 844 Our references
  7. 7. Execution design, general contracting and project management of new office space, 1.100sq.m, Business Garden, Warsaw. Contact: Mr. Falko Kerstholt - kerstholt_falko@lilly.com General contracting, SwedeCenter Contact: Mr. Jonathan Steer +48 608 652 173 Executive design, general contracting of over 10.000m2 Contact: Mrs. Malgorzata Wojton +48 512 084 802 Our references
  8. 8. Execution design of Stock Markets offices in Warsaw – 1.000m2 Contact: Mr. Tanasis Metlerski - +48 727 607 606 Over 10.000m2 of spaceplans Contact: Mr. Pawel Klosinski - +48 602 678 300 Executive design, general contracting of over 2.000m2 Contact: Mrs. Krystyna Foreman +48 600 204 205 General contracting of offices in Park Business Teofilow, Lodz, 1.000m2 Contact: Mrs. Izabela Rosik-Żemigała +48 734 155 042 Our references
  9. 9. Execution design of Stock Markets offices in Warsaw – 1.000m2 Contact: Mr. Richard Aboo - +48 601 357 086 Fit out works in Alexander Plaza, Lodz Contact: Mrs. Joanna Drynska- +48 601 519 145 General contracting of over 2.000m2 Contact: Mr. Mariusz Gantner +48 666 889 984 General contracting Wroclaw PZU, 1.000m2 Contact: Mr. Dominik Kieszkowski +48 602 247 763 Our references
  10. 10. PROJECTS DESIGN AND/OR BUILD PROJECTS  Elli Lilly Laboratories: 1.100m2, Business Garden Vastint, Warsaw  STTAS: 1.600m2, Business Garden Vastint, Warsaw  Chep Polska: 1.500m2, Mokotow Business Center, Warsaw  Nestle Polska S.A: 1.500m2, UBC I, Warsaw  Bouygues Immobilier: 1.400m2, International Business Center, Warsaw  Puig Perfumes: 900m2, Barcelona  IDG S.A: 1.900m2, Business Garden Vastint, Warsaw  Nespresso: 1.100m2, UBC II, Warsaw  Unicredit S.A: 1.200m2, Business Garden Vastint, Warsaw  mBank MCO: 6.000m2, Park Business Teofilow, Lodz.  Tmobile: 3.000m2, Agdar Budynek B, Warsaw  PZU S.A: 2.000m2, Quattro Forum, Wroclaw
  11. 11. Eli Lilly Laboratories, 1.100m2
  12. 12. Eli Lilly Laboratories, 1.100m2
  13. 13. Eli Lilly Laboratories, 1.100m2
  14. 14. Eli Lilly Laboratories, 1.100m2
  15. 15. Eli Lilly Laboratories, 1.100m2
  16. 16. STTAS POLSKA, 1.600m2
  17. 17. STTAS POLSKA, 1.600m2
  18. 18. STTAS POLSKA, 1.600m2
  19. 19. STTAS POLSKA, 1.600m2
  20. 20. Chep Polska, 1.500m2
  21. 21. Chep Polska, 1.500m2
  22. 22. Nestle S.A, 1.500m2
  23. 23. Bouygues Immobilier, 1.400m2
  24. 24. Bouygues Immobilier, 1.400m2
  25. 25. Bouygues Immobilier, 1.400m2
  26. 26. Puig Perfumes, 900m2
  27. 27. IDG Poland S.A, 1.900m2
  28. 28. IDG Poland S.A, 1.900m2
  29. 29. IDG Poland S.A, 1.900m2
  30. 30. Nespresso, 1.100m2
  31. 31. Nespresso, 1.100m2
  32. 32. UNICREDIT, 1.200m2
  33. 33. mBank MCO, 6.000m2
  34. 34. mBank MCO, 6.000m2
  35. 35. T-Mobile, 3.000m2
  36. 36. PZU Wroclaw, 2.000m2
  37. 37. PZU Wroclaw, 2.000m2
  38. 38. PZU Wroclaw, 2.000m2
  39. 39. Contact WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO COOPERATING WITH YOUR COMPANY Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry or additional information ul. Krolowej Marysienki 7b 02-954, Warszawa +48 666 244 516 i.molnar@beplan.pl