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Best On Demand Mobile Apps Trend in 2019

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Best On Demand Mobile Apps Trend in 2019

  1. 1. On Demand Service Mobile App Trend in 2019 Top 5 On-Demand Service Mobile App in Trend 2019 Technology is a science which reduces manual efforts practically, and it forces people to utilize it in routine life. On-demand mobile app development is in trend nowadays, which is the highlight of the theme displaying here. If we're talking about the development of the commune and behaviors of a human being in the ancient time was not much fascinating as compared to present time. Thoroughly people started looking at structured life with precise management and occupying facilities for comfort. As the time change, it's completely transformed as facilities expanded. Human life has concerned with food, clothes, education, business, entertainment, sports which grow them inside as well as out. There is expansion day after another day to make it more specific and unique the way it looks. An on-demand mobile app is a concept which implies in any aspect that we consider in regular life. On-demand service mobile app which connects both the end like customer and service provider to interact with each other, and get reach towards a solution.
  2. 2. On-demand Courier Pick Up/Delivery App A door to door courier pick app is a unique idea to apply. It could be a benefit to those home/office who look advancing to getting deliver courier easy. A door to door pick up will raise the competition in the logistics business. There are less courier delivery firms to go with a particular idea to implement. It is an on-demand service based app that existed for a limited resource, but it can reach to the residential source to available courier pick up from home to home. It covers functionalities like; Map with detailed route Payment mode inclusion in app Shipment tracking Notifications about courier delivery/receive Customer support chat board all the time Online Chef with Multi Service In the on-demand mobile app, one must register him/herself with Chef Multi- Service mobile app with a specific description of concern service you require. It's exclusively useful for students, workers, and others to get handmade food by a cook. A service includes cooking along with washing containers and without, and either cooking or dishwashing separately. Now, a user must install the app and register mobile number inside with a name and click on the search button for interest services and get a list of service providers. Features: Profile of service providers Food Categories Veg/Non-Veg Online payment gateway Reviews and quality of service Complaint box On-demand Grocery Service App From matchbox to a needle, instant food packets to regular food items are quickly order from on-demand service mobile app. With affordable prices, the
  3. 3. customers get grocery at home with discount offers sometimes. If a parcel received any damage, then the service provider will receive back with responsibility and deliver the item soon. There would not be an extra charge for grocery home delivery either if you return damage item or received back. A benefit to shop online grocery reduces useless spending on impulse purchases. Register your name, mobile number with address Get a list of grocery providers Geo-Location tracking while delivery Payment through Checque and Online Invoice available in-app and email Hire an Online Event Manager App Almost responsibilities to manage catering, decoration, DJ Party, Haldi-sangeet, pre-wedding, photography-videography, and spreading invitations will manage by event managers. It reduces the maximum stress of the entire family for managing all the things. They can enjoy all the functions with full of energy without any tension. You need to select the event manager from the given list and do further process to continue with them. You can see a glimpse of earlier events managed by the event managers and their team. Register with email Hire Event manager Chat with the manager Receive an estimation of the entire program with details in PDF List of service provides by event manages Bill payment via Cheque and Online Online Fitness Expert Service App It's about getting a different kind of health services from an expert. Yoga, Gym, Zumba, Aerobics, are the way to keep your mind and body fit. There are trainers who advise you and train you with the best way to practice it and get benefit from any of the fitness exercises you choose. You can hire a trainer at home with your choice of Fitness exercise. Install fitness expert app choose your expert Register your name with mobile number
  4. 4. Make payment to hire Select time and days to perform an exercise at home Feedback at the end of service Conclusion You can develop your own business using the on-demand service mobile app idea. You must take a step with strong thought and implement a kind of service you better know to deliver. A smartphone has come up with lots of uniqueness to be utilized for multiple purposes. It's been worth beneficial for businesses to grow up with the fabulous dimension use of smartphone apps. The on-demand service providing apps motivates those start-ups to lead their business skills in the market. iMOBDEV has always supported those employers who came up with creative ideas like on-demand service mobile app, and both have created reality and achieve success. Want to share your on-demand mobile app idea with us? Contact Us. Happy Business!