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How to make your word press blog secure

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How to make your word press blog secure

  1. 1. HOW TO MAKE YOUR Tips for protecting your WORDPRESS BLOG Wordpress site from malicious codes and SECURE hackers
  2. 2. ALWAYS UPDATE WORDPRESS AND THE PLUGINS Hackers use the weak points of WordPress.That is the reason it is continously developed.
  3. 3. SET UP FTP CONNECTION FOR ONLY ONE TIME Always set up an FTP connection for only onetime, then delete the details both from the FTP client and Cpanel.
  4. 4. REGULARLY CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS Use longer and complicated passwords
  5. 5. REMOVE UNNECESSARY THINGSRemove the plugins, codes and files that you do not need any more
  6. 6. CHECK YOUR SITE REGULARLY Scan your site regularly by using online tools such as:www.sucuri.netunmaskparasites.com
  7. 7. USE GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLSIt helps to be informed whenever some sort of problem there is with your site.
  8. 8. BACKUP REGULARLYThis is the most important step. If you don’t have backup of your site, you can lose it!
  9. 9. KEEP YOUR PC CLEAN AND PROTECTEDUse trusted and powerful firewall and anti -virus software on your PC.
  10. 10. USE THE BEST SERVICE TO CLEAN YOUR SITEIf your site is hacked or infected use the best service! CLICK HERE TO GET MORE INFO