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imaginary: Serious Games and Gamification

Milan based Imaginary are one of the longest established and most respected European Serious Games companies. Since its formation in 2004, Imaginary has built an enviable reputation for its multi-disciplinary specialisation in the rapidly growing serious games and gamification market place. Imaginary has been a pioneering and innovative company playing a key role in European Research.
The key strengths of its multi-disciplinary team are creativity and innovation backed by solid technical competence and an understanding of the commercial potential of serious games and gamification in its 3 main chosen development areas – eHealth and Care, Training and Education, Smart Cities and Communities where the transformational impact of these technologies and applications is now widely acknowledged.

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imaginary: Serious Games and Gamification

  1. 1. Serious Games and Gamification for eHealth and Care, Training and Education, Smart Cities and Communities Winter 2015 - 2016
  2. 2. About imaginary Founded in 2004, imaginary's multi-disciplinary team has been developing innovative but practical solutions in areas such as simulations, serious games and digital interactive technologies that collect and communicate data, share knowledge, change behaviour, raise awareness, train, assess and empower staff to provide competitive advantage and build a sustainable future.
  3. 3. The world around us Energy efficiency, green mobility and economic growth in urban environments need to be fostered. Society is ageing and costs of care for the elderly are increasing. Training and education need to be more motivating, inclusive, social and easily connected to real life situations. The latest generation of “digital natives” demand engagement and interactivity in every aspect of their lives.
  4. 4. In such a demanding environment, imaginary’s multi-disciplinary team produce applications which engage and empower all generations of users. Our value proposition imaginary develop solutions that address the challenges of the attention economy through the innovative use of immersive technologies, simulations, serious games and the latest gamification strategies[ ]
  5. 5. The benefits of simulations and Serious Games Engagement and interactivity Versatility of design Rich experiences Spontaneous action Immediate feedback Support for reflection Immediate use of knowledge gained
  6. 6. Interaction technologies Omni Virtuix© Kinect Leapmotion© Web Mobile Oculus Rift©
  7. 7. eHealth and care Smart cities and communities Application areas The solutions described in the examples that follow can be developed for and/or re-used in many different application areas. Education and training
  8. 8. RehAbility: physical and cognitive rehabilitation eHEALTH and CARE A series of games integrated into a virtual environment allows patients affected e.g. by stroke or multiple sclerosis to do physical and cognitive rehabilitation exercises at home. The medical staff will choose and set up those exercises that are most appropriate for each specific case, according to the progress of the whole rehabilitation process. A reporting area stores details and results of every session. WATCH THE VIDEO
  9. 9. A new children-friendly version is informing clinical evaluation. RehAbility KID: children’s version eHEALTH and CARE
  10. 10. A set of applications for the tablet/PC which, through various motivational techniques, supports senior citizens to maintain a healthy lifestyle by a constructive interaction between mind, body and social engagement. Agegym: a suite for active ageing www.doremi-fp7.eu This product was built through: eHEALTH and CARE
  11. 11. Fit4Life: healthy lifestyle for teenagers www.pegasof4f.eu This product was built through A mobile social game designed specifically for teenagers to sensitize them and modify their lifestyle habits by encouraging physical movement and healthy nutrition to avoid obesity and resulting health problems. eHEALTH and CARE
  12. 12. This serious game is targeted at people affected by autistic spectrum disorders and their families. Through 3 different scenarios: an office, a minimarket and a gardening centre, the virtual working environment offers users the opportunity to prepare themselves for job interviews, and so acquire the necessary know-how to deal with critical situations in the workplace. iSpectrum: social interactions for people affected by Autism WATCH THE VIDEO Trainers said: it was really useful. It affected users emotions and their learning process. ASD users said: it showed me important aspects of ‘how an office works in reality’. TRAINING
  13. 13. An interactive, gamified 3D hospital where, following an proven learning methology, a surgeon can interact with game-based medical content, navigate environments, access e-learning lessons and learn interactively with peers. Smart e-HOSPITAL: the innovative way to design e-learning TRAINING
  14. 14. CLinIC and Think Better Care: immersive training for nurses and carers Set in a 3D virtual Hospital and in a 3D virtual Care Home these 2 games aim to train nurses and carers to cope with complex dialogues and stressful situations. A virtual tutor accompanies the user during the whole game experience, giving feedback and helping to manage specific situations WATCH THE VIDEO 60% of the healthcare staff who tested the game evaluated it as a positive method to experience new working situations they could encounter. 3D Virtual Care Home scenario 3D Virtual Hospital scenario TRAINING
  15. 15. Set in a 3D virtual hospital which was damaged by an earthquake, this game is designed to offer training for emergency volunteers dealing with stressful situations and applying procedural knowledge. A virtual tutor accompanies the user during the whole game experience, giving feedback and helping to manage specific situations in a better way. Rescue League: managing emergency situations 70% of the volunteers who tested the game stated it helped them to better understand the working procedures they have to follow. TRAINING
  16. 16. Designed for self-regulated learning this simulation targets multiculturalism and increases awareness of cultural differences in 3 business scenarios: job interview, business dinner, appointment at the airport. Through an integrated social network users are encouraged to share their experiences with each other. ImREAL: educating to multiculturalism 1, 2WATCH THE VIDEO TRAINING
  17. 17. Hazards and risks can be reduced by training engineers in a virtual construction site. The game unfolds using ordinary activities and unexpected, urgent accidents in a farm under renovation. YARD IN PROGRESS: safety construction site EDUCATION
  18. 18. Like Factory is a game explaining Von Neumann’s computer architecture starting from very common and well known operations such as «liking» a post in Facebook. Like Factory: technology for everyone EDUCATION
  19. 19. e-VITA forward to the past: from storytelling to games These 4 games give the younger generation the chance to virtually experience life in 20th century Europe captured through the stories and memories of people who lived before the European Union was established. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO PLAY About 100 users plus a panel of experts demonstrated the overall applicability and the effectiveness of the e-VITA serious games for intergenerational learning. EDUCATION
  20. 20. SmartSociety is a gamified city environment bringing together different local and touristic services that citizens can use and contribute to actively. The first gamified service is SmartShare, the new app for car pooling. SmartSociety: a suite for a smarter society WATCH THE VIDEO www.smart-society-project.eu virtual gamified city environment This product was built through: SMART CITIES and COMMUNITIES Smart Share app
  21. 21. A mobile game designed to raise citizen awareness of green mobility. The game is based on a mechanism of rewards and shared experience: virtual missions make you explore and move in the real world alone or with the help of other users. ECO-DEALERS: move in green WATCH THE VIDEO SMART CITIES and COMMUNITIES
  22. 22. Some of our customers
  23. 23. Contacts imaginary_italy www.i-maginary.it imaginarysrl Via Mauro Macchi, 50 20124 Milano PH. +39 02 89458.576 FAX +39 02 89458.695 info@i-maginary.it