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Bungalows in benaulim

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Bungalows in benaulim http://www.ashirwaadholidayaptsgoa.com/

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Bungalows in benaulim

  1. 1. Benaulim BeachBenaulim Beach, Benaulim Beach tours, Visit Benaulim Beach of Goa, Travel to Benaulim Beach, Beachesand Lakes of GoaLocation : 7-km West Of Margao, South GoaNearby Attraction: Colva & Varca BeachesThe Beach at Benaulim is very quiet and pleasant. The best thing about Benaulim is that it is stillunexplored by the domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. The evenings are pretty crowdedon weekends. It gets fairly crowded with Indian visitors.General InformationThe Church of St John the Baptist is situated on a hill beyond the village and is worth to visit. On thearrival of the monsoon, Feast of St John the Baptist (Sao Joao) is celebrated as a thanksgiving. A SleepyVillage Only a decade ago, this fishing and rice-farming village, scattered around the coconut groves andpaddy fields between the main Colva-Mobor Road and the dunes, had barely made it onto thebackpackers map. Now, the shady lane leading through it is studded with guesthouses and souvenirstalls while the paddy fields on the outskirts are gradually disappearing under a rash of gigantic luxuryresorts and time-share apartment blocks. For the time being, however, this remains a peaceful andwelcoming place to unwind. Either side of the sand blown beachfront, the gently shelving sandsshimmer away almost to the horizon, litered with photogenic wooden fishing boats that providewelcome shade if the walk from the palm trees to the sea gets too much. Hawkers, itinerant masseursand fruit wallahs appear from time to time, but one can easily escape them by heading south towardsneighbouring Varca, where tourism has thus far made little impact. Moreover, the sea is safe forswimming, being generally jellyfish-free, while the village itself boasts a few serviceable bars andrestaurants, several telephone booths and a couple of stores.Eating OutBenaulims proximity to Margao market, along with the presence of its Christian Fishing Community,means its restaurants serve the most succulent, competitively priced seafood in Goa. The most popularplaces to eat are the shack cafes in the beachfront area, where Johncys catches most of the passingcustom. However, onell find better food at lower prices in the smaller terrace restaurants further alongthe beach and scattered around the village. Arguably the best of bunch is the Palm Groves CongenialGarden Restaurant, and there is a string of lookalike café-bars, which dot the lane leading to it. For freshseafood, though, the Hawaii Shack is hard to beat.How To Get ThereAir : The Dabolim airport is 29 kms away from Panaji and 70 kms from Benaulim.Rail : The nearest Railway station is at Karmali, 11 kms from Panaji and Panaji is 40 kms from 41 kms.
  2. 2. Road : Buses can be taken from Colva and Margao. The Bull Fights From early October to late May, from4 pm onwards, one can enjoy bull fights at Benaulim. With the Konkani music playing, the bullfights areusually take place in an old rice field with no fences or barricades just outside the village.Useful InformationRanged around this busy junction are two well stocked general stores, a couple of café bars, a bank,pharmacy, laundry and the taxi and auto rickshaw rank, from where one can pick up transport to thebeach 2-km west.Bikes On RentSigns offering bicycles and motorbikes for rent are dotted along the lane leading to the sea rates arestandard, descending in proportion to the length of time one keeps the vehicle.ExchangeThe nearest place to change money is one of the banks in Margao. Benaulims Bank Of Baroda onlyhandles visa card encashments; the LAmour Beach Resort also has a Foreign Exchange Counter forguests.Airline BookingsInternational and domestic flights can be booked or reconfirmed at meeting point travel, in the centre ofthe village, which also does deluxe bus, train and catamaran ticketing for cities elsewhere in IndiaSource: http://www.onlytravelguide.com/goa/beaches/benaulim-beach.phpWhere can I find accommodation near Benaulim beach?For <a href="http://www.ashirwaadholidayaptsgoa.com/">villas for rent in benaulim</a>, <ahref="http://www.ashirwaadholidayaptsgoa.com/">luxury villas benaulim</a>, <ahref="http://www.ashirwaadholidayaptsgoa.com/">luxury villas for rent in benaulim</a> go to ourwebsite.