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Digital Marketing Strategy by Yashmeet Monga-Mumbai city FC

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Digital Marketing Strategy by Yashmeet Monga-Mumbai city FC

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Digital Marketing Strategy by Yashmeet Monga-Mumbai city FC

  1. 1. Mumbai City FC
  2. 2. Introduction •Professional football team based out of Mumbai •Owned by Ranbir Kapoor •Rosters are Sunil Chhetri, NicolasAnelka,Diego Forlan •Home Ground is Mumbai Football Arena( Andheri ) •OfficialKit is Puma
  3. 3. 360 MarketingStrategy
  4. 4. Facebook • 575,292 Likes •#BoleTohMCFC •Regularupdates and news posts •Less number of videos and GIFs in theirposts •Festival and Birthday Posts
  5. 5. Twitter •98.6k Followers •Following65 •Content fully identical tofacebook •No platform optimized content •Less engaging content
  6. 6. Instagram •51.9k Followers •Following 35 •1223 posts •Content almost entirely identical toFacebookand Twitter
  7. 7. Website •Good UI •Varied Content •Lack of “engaging” content like Games,Videos and GIFs •No merchandise on sale withinthe
  8. 8. YouTube •1796 subscribers •Festivaland “action” content •Needs more post patchanalysisvideos •Needs more “locker room info”
  9. 9. Others Endorsementsfor mitashi outdoor ads
  10. 10. Competitor Research InternationalCompetitor Domestic Competitors
  11. 11. 575k likes 51.9k Followers 98.6k followers 1795 Subs 47.9m likes 9.2m followers 8.53m followers 612k subs 926k 193k 656k 4308 Social Media Survey
  12. 12. Target Audience PrimaryTG Secondary TG 18 to 35yrs Mumbaik ar Male earns > 11 to 14 yrs Mumbaika r Boys & Girls
  13. 13. Buyer Personae Mr.Ajinkya Shinde Aditi Mahajan 26 yrs Male Works at KPMG Earns 18l per annum 13 yrs Female Studies at kendravidyala y dependent
  14. 14. SEO
  15. 15. Continued
  16. 16. Continued
  17. 17. Continued
  18. 18. Continued
  19. 19. Mobile View
  20. 20. Top 10 Keywords
  21. 21. Moodboard - Brand Logo& Colours
  22. 22. Moodboard- Fonts
  23. 23. ContentBucket GIFs Freekicks Dribbles penalties Videos PlayerHL’s Match HL’s On this day Hl’s Creatives Upcoming games Live scores Post game Blogs The journey Historic ISL games
  24. 24. Campaign 1-#Dizzyshootout Like,Comment,Sh are the post with #Dizzyshootout and tag 2 friends to enter contest!
  25. 25. Campaign 1-#Dizzyshootout Like,Comment,Sh are the post with #Dizzyshootout and tag 2 friends to enter contest!
  26. 26. Campaign 1-#Dizzyshootout Like,Comment,Sh are the post with #Dizzyshootout and tag 2 friends to enter contest!
  27. 27. Campaign 2-#guessaway
  28. 28. Campaign 3-#trainwithyourstars Insta Live- video E-mail campaign
  29. 29. E-mailMarketing •Obtain E-Mail id’s from campaign 3 and send Tournament pics (Email1) with “subscribe to insider list” button •(Email2)if not opened: 1 week follow up with MCFC action videos and subscribe to MCFC Insider list •(Email3)if opened and subscribed: send Insider content with MCFC original merchandise and personalized merchandise on sale •(Email4)if opened and not subscribed: 1 week later follow up - you're missing out on hot team gossip! subscribe to get MCFC Insider content! •(Email5)after opened and subscribed: follow up with Insider news and MCFC action videos with option to buy merchandise on the email
  30. 30. E-mailMarketing Email 1(Tournament pics) Email 4(1w follow-up) Email 2(1w follow-up with Email 3(Insider content) Email 5(Purchase merchandise)
  31. 31. Blog Topics •F&F - Fashion & Football - how football jerseyshave changed over time - MCFCs aestheticallypleasingjersey •Iconic ISL matches - Epicturnarounds - lastminute drama
  32. 32. Blog Topics •F&F- Football and Fitness - fittestfootballersand their secrets - is football isgoodfor your health?Science backed results •#ISL Grassroots - Scouting the future of India - ISLGrassrootsand its origin story
  33. 33. Influencers •Footballparadise -Facebook- 115k likes, twitter - 21k followers,insta- 1k followers -won best blog at internationalfootballbloggingawards 2016 •Goal.com -facebook- 1.2m likes ,twitter-38.9k followers, insta-1.2m
  34. 34. Influencers •Outside of the boot - facebook-25k likes, twitter-16.5k followers,insta- 257 followers -intensive analysis anddetailedmatch stats •Beer biceps -Facebook-52k likes, youtube -166k subs, insta-32.4k followers
  35. 35. Influencers •mumbaifoodie -facebook-16k likes, twitter-7k followers,insta-244k followers -fan base strongly resonateswithtarget audience
  36. 36. Media Planning
  37. 37. Media Planning
  38. 38. Media Planning
  39. 39. Media Planning http://hdn6vvcv.dotests.com/