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Cost and time efficient dynamic learning def

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Four practical options to enhance learner interaction in blended classes, cost efficient use of content, and ensuring teachers are used for their knowledge expertise by using flipped lectures.

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Cost and time efficient dynamic learning def

  1. 1. Cost & time efficient learning? Four easy options & an enigma Inge de Waard
  2. 2. Common goal & challenges • Recognized Educational Leader in Renewable & Sustainable Energy • Ensure cost efficient and evidence-based innovative learning • Increase Active, Authentic learning across SELECT program (famous engineers: http://students.egfi- k12.org/famous-engineers/ )
  3. 3. Four easy options & an enigma • Using Open Educational Resources (in- & outside EIT – InnoEnergy) • Flipped lectures: optimized use of teacher know-how • Activating students: making learning visible & increase critical skills • Using Authentic Infrastructure imagery and details • Enigma?
  4. 4. Using Open Educational Resources: inside EIT – InnoEnergy
  5. 5. Granular Content Hierarchy Learning elements: distributed across CC Learning block Learning module Course MOOC SPOC Mini-Master Learning Objective X Learning objective 1: Learning activity 1.1 Learning activity 1.2 Learning objective 2: Learning activity 2.1 Learning activity 2.2 … Learning objective 3: Learning activity 3.1 Learning activity 3.2 … Learning objective X: Learning activity X.1 Learning activity X.2 … Module: meaningful learning segment mostContextleast most Reusability least Add metadata: target population learner, courseProduction metadata All assured production and content quality standards
  6. 6. OER Examples • InnoEnergy’s Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on entrepreneurship in renewable energy: http://ise.innoenergy.com/en/web/entrepreneurship-in-renewable- energy-executive-certificate • MOOC (Coursera) Innovation & Entrepreneurship – from basics to Open Innovation - Martin Vendel, starts 3 July – Certificate 44 $ without certificate free - https://www.coursera.org/learn/open- innovation-entrepreneurship/lecture/oK6BP/course-introduction • You know this better than I do! You are the content experts, the curation specialists.
  7. 7. MOOCs as OER Coursera, EdX, Iversity, Fun, xuetangx, FutureLearn… 7
  8. 8. OER by curation • Content curation through student crowdsourcing • Browsing courses as part of Continued Professional Development - field expert (connect with role models)
  9. 9. Creating (O)ER within InnoEnergy • Recording lecture or talking head (scripting & timing !): webcam, Jing, Camtasia, PPT, Articulate, hangout, or simply free using https://screencast-o-matic.com/ … • Recording with a green screen (e.g. Martin Vendel, additional visual context) • More on video narration and scripting here (Google drive and CommUnity)
  10. 10. Flipped lecture: optimized use of teacher know-how • For reoccurring complex content • Deep-learning and guided support • Content prior to lecture (baseline, pre-meeting reflection & understanding, focused added value in lecture) • Teacher know-how par excellence! • Ingrid & Andreas!
  11. 11. Activating students: making learning visible & increase critical skills Learner-centered – easy steps • Small whiteboards or papers • Online tools: Mentimeter or Poll- everywhere • Peer reviews (PoY)
  12. 12. Small whiteboards/papers • Easy & low tech • Demand attention & ignite reflection • Teaching assistant needed for remote student groups
  13. 13. Q - Which option do you prefer? (paper) • OER • Flipped lectures • Activating students • Enigma? • Using a crocodile? • Other?
  14. 14. Mentimeter or Poll-everywhere (plug-in) Open and closed •Open and closed (MCQ) answers to questions 1 Ensure understanding •More personal: establishing prior knowledge, ensure understanding, ask personal interest… 2 Visible learning •Make learning visible to you the teacher, add reflective action, demand attention 3 G/local •Across locations with slide number + online polling 4
  15. 15. Peer reviews – student critical evaluation enhancement • Content + rubric (= grading scale) with priority elements to be evaluated • Create additional reflection on own work, ensure balanced, meaningful feedback, increase evaluation skills • Teacher set-up, student action • Possible on LMS’s? Otherwise: cut into small discussions per rubric.
  16. 16. 360° infrastructure insights • Example picture • Embed authentic infrastructure or engineering sites • Simple to costly solutions (Theta S to 5 camera recording crew outsourced production) • Stills or movie (twitter example picture, YouTube example movie) • Teacher or spatial intelligent learner with equipment during field visit
  17. 17. Real life timing….
  18. 18. What would you like to embed in your SELECT course (open question) Results https://www.mentimeter.com/s/79f4bfa4ab8597e3e0b9e610482250e9/c67243a79aca Twitter: Can anyone reply w elearning option on this slide (testing mentimeter from other locations, including twitter) https://www.menti.com/0090c5 Plugin needed: https://www.mentimeter.com/app/powerpoint
  19. 19. Enigma Where was this picture taken?
  20. 20. Common goal & challenges • Recognized Educational Leader in Renewable & Sustainable Energy • Ensure cost efficient and evidence-based innovative learning • Increase Active, Authentic learning across SELECT program We are building the Famous Engineers of the Future!
  21. 21. Recognised Educational Leader in Renewable & Sustainable Energy Offer Offer the most up- to-date content for all levels (Continued Professional Development) Personalize Personalize learning tracks depending on prior knowledge (nugget repository, target approaches, challenge driven Ed) Develop Develop all necessary skills (Coaching based on GC Index, innovative thinking, societal awareness)
  22. 22. Ensure cost efficient and evidence-based innovative learning Reusing material (OER, content across courses based on granularity) Reusing Knowing how to quickly curate new content (learners crowdsourcing content, personal learning environment support) Knowing
  23. 23. Increase Active, Authentic learning across SELECT program Challenge-driven education: Project of the Year, active learning and tackling challenges with innovation 1 Learn from authentic problems and environments (360° camera, contextualise assignments) 2 Cost-effective teaching (teacher reward, time efficiency, focus on surplus from teacher input) 3
  24. 24. What we will take on • Ensuring optimisation between repository and local LMS • Compare & secure smooth location to location conferencing tools • Gather your ideas, comments and feedback & USE them • Follow granular content hierarchy across courses
  25. 25. Shout out loud … 25 E-mail: ingedewaard (at) gmail.com Blog: ignatiawebs.blogspot.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ignatia Publications: http://www.ingedewaard.net/pubconsulpres.htm Presentations: http://www.slideshare.net/ignatia linkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/ingedewaard