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Amjath Babu "CGIAR COVID-19 Hub: Bangladesh"

Amjath Babu
Virtual Event - CGIAR COVID-19 Hub: Supporting National Responses to a Global Pandemic
Co-Organized by IFPRI and CGIAR COVID-19 Hub

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Amjath Babu "CGIAR COVID-19 Hub: Bangladesh"

  1. 1. CGIAR COVID-19 Hub: Bangladesh Priorities and intervention plan T.S Amjath Babu, Agricultural Economist-Modeling and Targeting, (CIMMYT) : t.amjath@cgiar.org Shaikh Mohammad Bokhtiar, Executive Chairman, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) Dhaka| 12/01/2021
  2. 2. CGIAR research supply and COVID-19 priorities of Bangladesh Govt. Increase crop, livestock and fish production and productivity to ensure national food security Production of diversified crop, livestock and fish production to meet the nutritional demand Building resilience to COVID- 19 and other emergencies in the food production system Employment generation in the rural areas Improved agriculture, fish and livestock product e- marketing system Encouraging women entrepreneurship and participation in agriculture IRRI—(TRB), (AGGRi) CSISA-III (CIMMYT, IRRI, IFPRI) CSISA – MEA (CIMMYT) IDEA, BAA, CGIP , GIFT (WorldFish) SUCHANA, IDEA, SPAITS (WorldFish) CSISA-III (CIMMYT, IRRI, IFPRI) CIP-OFSP, IFPRI-ANGeL CIP-DDBIO, RECSA-CIMMYT WorldFish-ECOFISH IWMI projects, CSISA-III CSISA-III (CIMMYT, IRRI, IFPRI), CSISA-MEA SUCHANA, IDEA, BANA and SPAITS (WorldFish) IRRI—AGGRi alliance and SIIL-Polder. IPFRI (ANGeL) CSISA-III , CSISA-MEA SUCHANA, IDEA, BAA and SPAITS IRRI—AGGRi alliance and SIIL- Polder.IFPRI- ANGeL CIP-DDBIO BAA and IDEA (WorldFish)
  3. 3. COVID-Hub support for resilience and recovery in Bangladesh Digital Disease monitor and hotspot locator Nutrient secure homestead app Food system monitoring dashboard Crop- weather issue monitor Fish- weather issue monitor Farmgate price monitor Planting and harvesting and monitor Poverty monitor Flood monitor Digital markets for women Cold-storage Hubs for agricultural storage Agricultural machinery and service provision- Returned migrants Biofortified crops for nutritional security Additional interventions conditional to funding availability DAE DAE DoM DAE DoF MoDM DAE and DoF DoM