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Bath lift

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Bath lift

  1. 1. The Different Types Of Bath Lifts - Bath Lift_____________________________________________________________________________________By Roge Aan - http://www.homeaccessstore.com/Bath lifts are an inexpensive alternative to walk-in baths. They are designed to help people get in andout of the bathtub safely. They gently lower the body into the tub and after the person enjoys a relaxingbath, bath lift gently They raise them to the top.There are so many types of bath lifts in the market, That it is a difficult choice for the buyer. However, itHelps Certainly knowing what is available, helping one decides what They Want. Different ones cater todifferent needs.Portable bath lifts have a seat That Fits in to the bath and moves up and down. You need to slide fromthe side of the bath into the seat and it lowers you deep into the tub in a gentle manner. You will bathewhile sitting on the seat and eleven oclock you are done, you just flick a lever and it will bring you backup. Most of These lifts use rechargeable batteries. This is for people who can get onto the seat and off
  2. 2. the seat from the side of the bath And This Involves lifting the legs over the bath rim.Inflatable bath liftsare nothing but air shaped seat cushions and are very light. They can be inflated or deflated DependingOn Whether you want to be lowered into the tub or lifted up. A compressor is used to pump air into thecushion. This Provides the comfort of letting go right down to the bottom of the tub. Suckers are used tosecure the cushion to the bottom. These are lightweight and portable. They are battery operatedGenerally, although doing lot the option to be operated from the mains.Because they are so light, They do not afford as much support as other lifts and are not good forsomeone who has difficulty with balance. Strength of upper arm muscles is needed to get in and out.Reclining ones have a reclining mechanism That Allows you to relax in a reclining position while having abath. Along with the normal function of raising and lowering into the tub, it has an additional feature ofbeing Able to choose the Desired position of recline, for extreme relaxation and comfort.Water powered bath lifts make bathing easy and convenient for people who find it Difficult getting inand out of the tub. This uses household water pressure to lift for operation and not electricity orbatteries. It needs approximately as little as 20 PSI of water pressure and have the capacity or lifting aweight of up to 200 lbs. It Occupies less space and is lightweight. These lifts connect to the regular tuband shower fixtures. Some of Them Come With rotating seats to enable transfer easily.Childrens bath lifts carers assist in raising and lowering small children and infants into a bath. They areoperated by low air pressure and are portable and simple to use. They have an adjustable backrest andseat. They Come With an option for side rails, body belt, and leg straps as well, for safety. A backrest, apadded headrest, and a padded seat all Ensure a comfortable bath for a child.
  3. 3. There are several other types of custom-built lifts lifts like the special need, que use hydraulic power tolift an completely individually and place them in the bath or full length lifts for People that need to laydown in the tub. The Jacuzzi modeled lifts are great to use in huge baths.There is no dearth of options available and new ones keep entering the market everyday to helpThousands of People that need these bath lifts to regain the lost happiness.So… What’s Next ?To learn more about bath lift, Click Here: http://www.homeaccessstore.com/