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Jornada #FemTic (intervención de Aurelio Ruiz de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

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Intervención de Aurelio Ruiz en la Jornada #FemTIC, dentro de las actividades Els Juliols a la Lehmann de Ideograma.
21 de julio. Segunda de las actividades de apps4citizens con el título: «Feminizando las TIC: ¿cómo potenciar la inclusión de mujeres en la creación de tecnología en Barcelona?».

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Jornada #FemTic (intervención de Aurelio Ruiz de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra)

  1. 1. How can we attract and retain girls and women in STEM? Aurelio Ruiz
  2. 2. Women & Engineering - is it important?
  3. 3. Motivation
  4. 4. Motivation - Training in Engineering (UC3M, EPFL, TUM) - Promotion of BSc and MSc programs in ICT at DTIC-UPF
  5. 5. Motivation
  6. 6. Motivation Inspiring the next generation of female engineers | Debbie Sterling | TEDxPSU https://youtu.be/FEeTLopLkEo
  7. 7. Action-driven approach
  8. 8. Action-driven approach https://www.upf.edu/web/mdm-dtic/gender-and-ict - Different actions for different target populations - A transversal issue - stereotypes. - Under-representation seems higher than real due to additional lack of visibility - Positive message. Yes, there are!
  9. 9. Girl-only events > 1.000 participants (incl. families) > 80 volunteers
  10. 10. Girl-only events Formal evaluation and details: Ruiz-Garcia A; Subirats L; Freire A. Lessons learned in promoting new technologies and engineering in girls through a girls hackathon and mentoring. Edulearn16. 8th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies; 2016 July 4-6; Barcelona, Spain. http://hdl.handle.net/10230/27002 ● Effect in families (mothers AND fathers) - identification of “activity for my daughter” when labelled as “Girl-” ● The world is already extremely labelled (explicitly or implicitly) with activities for boys / girls Informal feedback: ● “I am surprised that teachers were beautiful” (7-year girl) ● “Where can I find more activities for girls and technology?” - mother
  11. 11. Girl-only events Needed, but with limitations: ● Extra resources needed. Only sustainable if an explicit commitment is done ● They tried, they liked… what’s next for them?
  12. 12. Women-only action Speed-mentoring session MENTOS: mentoring program for female UPF engineering students http://mentos.upf.edu/ Women in Music Information Retrieval PyladiesBCN…
  13. 13. Women-only action
  14. 14. Action-driven approach - gender perspective in ALL actions
  15. 15. Gender-balanced events https://www.upf.edu/web/mdm-dtic/american-space Gender parity guaranteed in registration. Effect: - Tickets for boys quickly disappear - Tickets for girls are slowly taken - “Push” to relax the gender requirement to respond to demand - But we always get parity
  16. 16. Gender-balanced events Needed, but with limitations: ● Need to make the message explicit and impact beyond the specific course ● What about all those girls (and boys) who are not interested in technology (but are influencers)
  17. 17. Action-driven approach - gender perspective in actions targeting girls AND boys
  18. 18. Actions for girls AND boys From presentation by Pallabi Sengupta, DTIC PhD seminars https://www.upf.edu/web/mdm-dtic/talks-and-networks
  19. 19. Actions for girls AND boys ● Mothers overestimate the capacities of babies if they are boys, underestimate them if they are girls ● Ability and brilliance (boys, later men) vs hard-work (girls, later women)
  20. 20. Actions for girls AND boys ● Unconscious bias ● Stereotype threat ● Imagine an engineer ● 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering http://www.engineeringchallenges.org/challenges.aspx
  21. 21. Actions for girls AND boys Future professionals, parents… and current drivers of influence https://portal.upf.edu/web/mdm-dtic/wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas Organiza: Patrocinan: Platino: Plata: Colaboran:Oro:
  22. 22. Actions for girls AND boys Inspirational models https://portal.upf.edu/web/mdm-dtic/wisibilizalas @wisibilizalas
  23. 23. Actions for girls AND boys Future professionals, parents… and current drivers of influence
  24. 24. Actions for girls AND boys BCN - focus on data science New degrees - new opportunities Gender perspective since its inception
  25. 25. Conclusions?