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IDCEE 2011. How it was

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IDCEE 2011. How it was

  1. 1. IDCEE 2011:Internet Technologiesand InnovationsOctober 25-26, 2011Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. 2. IDCEE MISSIONIDCEE is an international conference aimed to become the main platform for the development of internet entrepreneurship in the CEE region with the focus on CIS countries.
  3. 3. Conference FoundersViktoriya Tigipko Denis DovgopolyDirector of TA Venture S. A. GrowthUp Incubator President
  4. 4. ResultsIDCEE 2011 took place in Kiev for the second time, but already got into the TOP 5 of the European conferences on Internet technologies.The conference successfully proved to be a greatnetworking hub for more than 2000 participants from 35 countries,more than 50 outstanding speakers, and 150 startups.
  5. 5. Our participantsThe IDCEE audience is a good mixture of opinion leaders from Ukrainian, Russian and European startup scene, promising internet entrepreneurs, innovators, together with venture capitalists and industry journalists.
  6. 6. CountriesMore than 2000 participants came from 35 countries .60% from Ukraine, 25% - Russia, 15% - the CEE region, Western Europe, Canada, the USA and many others.
  7. 7. Our speakersMore than 50 outstanding speakers (world famous experts, venture capitalists and visionaries) were involved in 19 keynotes and 11 panel discussions. The IDCEE program included the presentations of such industry visionaries as Esther Dyson (angel investor, philanthropist, famous for investment in Flickr, del.icio.us, XCOR Aerospace), Stefan Glaenzer (famous for his investment in Last.fm, co-founder of White Bear Yard) together with successful entrepreneurs Constantin Bisanz (founder of brands4friends sold to eBay for ? 150 million), Andrej Nabergoj (ex Outfit7, his Iddiction raised $3.5 million) and many others.
  8. 8. Our speakers about IDCEE"This is my second year attending this event and I found that the quality of startups, speakers, content and attendees improved exponentially. This reflects not only great job that organizers did but its also a reflection of the significant improvements that are happening in this region in all areas of venture capital." Igor Taber, Investment Director at Intel Capital CIS"IDCEE has become a leading event in the CIS region and in my view, one of the best tech events in Europe. It is a unique opportunity to meet a large part of the Ukrainian and Russian investor ecosystem and to approach hundreds of startups and entrepreneurs. This event is a great platform where ideas meet capital. Being one of the most active investors in the region, at Mangrove we see IDCEE as a tribute to startup dynamism in the region." David Waroquier, Principal at Mangrove Capital Partners"Loved the conference, it was great! And I really enjoyed being a part of your program: I think it was a great success (really - I was very impressed; good speakers, great entrepreneurs at the booths, great attendance, and you took good care of the speakers)." Steve Keil, CEO of Xentio"Thank you very much for your hospitality and congrats for the great conference you have built! The atmosphere was full of energy (participants, music at the beginning, stylish black & colours, super motivated speakers, mega dedicated staff)." Florian Schweitzer, Owner at b-to-v Partners AG
  9. 9. IDCEE 2011 startups150 startups from 15 countries (the CEE region, Western Europe and the USA) participated in Startup Alley. 12 best startup teams were selected to pitch their projects to investors.
  10. 10. The Startup Contest Winners#1 Mixgar from Hungary. Mixgar helps bar visitors influence music using a mobile app. The bars pay Mixgar for the service, or let sponsors support them.#2 Quoteroller from Belarus offers a cloud-based proposal development and presentation tool for SMEs. Luring clients with a sleek online proposals templates, the company offers other services such as invoicing and document management.#3 Speaktoit is Siri (personal assistant) for Android developed by a Russian team. The company has 230 000 users, with number of downloads exploded with the announcement of Siri. As the company knows what application its clients are using, it gets paid for contextual ads.
  11. 11. IDCEE eventsBesides the conference and startup contest, IDCEE 2011 also included:• Forbes dinner;• PinchukArtCentre networking event;• Presentations in Ukrainian universities.
  12. 12. IDCEE TeamA hardworking team of 90 professionals (organizers, coordinators, experts, communicators, IT specialists, volunteers and contractors) made IDCEE 2011 happen. And it was really great!
  13. 13. IDCEE 2012 is coming!IDCEE 2012 is the great place to enhance your business with its inspirational speakers, the best startups, insightful workshops and marvelous networking opportunities.