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#ibmbpsse18 - The journey to AI - Mikko Hörkkö, Elinar

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The journey to AI and new opportunities, Mikko Hörkkö, Elinar

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#ibmbpsse18 - The journey to AI - Mikko Hörkkö, Elinar

  2. 2. 2 • An effective system integrator for IBM Analytics products in Finland, Sweden and Norway • Enterprice content management with analytics and artificial intelligence • Personnel: >30 • Turnover 2017: 3,9 M€ • Founded 1994 • IBM Gold Business Partner
  3. 3. ELINAR helps knowledge-intensive organizations turn their data into business value.
  4. 4. ELINAR AI MINER • AI Miner got into finals at IBMWatson Build Challenge 2017 • Hundreds of participants globally - 160 from Europe • AI Miner was chosen among the top three solutions!
  5. 5. 5 OUR AI BASED OFFERINGS • AI Miner is worlds most accurate and flexible way to understand and extract critical business information from Unstructured Data • Base AI Miner integrates with any back-end system and business process using industry standard REST interface • Elinar has two additionalValue Add offerings: • Regulatory Tech offering where we combine IBM StoredIQ with AI Miner for industry leading Compliance Solution • Analytics Offering that combines IBMWatson Explorer with AI Miner to provide Advanced AI Deep Understanding for Complex and Large Scale Analytical Problems
  6. 6. 6 IBM WATSON BUILD • Additional push from idea to innovation • Support to make a attractive business case • Support to create a selling presentation • Support to build a world class sales pitch • All marketing channels open • Additional airtime in marketing events and seminars • Stronger partner network
  7. 7. Winner of 2017 Global Award for Excellence in Case Management for Blueprint Genetics BPM.com and WfMC
  8. 8. 8