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AI – hur långt har vi kommit? – Oskar Malmström, IBM #ibmbpsse18

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AI – hur långt har vi kommit? av Oskar Malmström, IBM. Presentationen hölls på IBM Business Partner Summit 2018.

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AI – hur långt har vi kommit? – Oskar Malmström, IBM #ibmbpsse18

  1. 1. Stay relevant • Agile • Innovative • Rapid prototyping • Fail fast
  2. 2. of the world’s data was created in the last two years. of the worlds data is unstructured. 90% 80% 2010 2020 Sensors & Devices Text Enterprise Data Images/ Multimedia 44 Zettabytes Gap Traditional We are here 2018 We face an overwhelming wave of data in every industry
  3. 3. IBM Watson Give solutions the full power of cognitive using Watson’s building blocks for speech, vision and data. • Answer your customers' most pressing questions • Quickly extract key information from all documents • Reveal insights, patterns and relationships across data Listening Reason Speech LearningVision
  4. 4. AI
  5. 5. IT IS NOT MAN VS. MACHINE. IT IS MAN AND MACHINE. Humans excel at: Cognitive Systems excel at:
  6. 6. “The new AI tool, which is called True Agreement, is at present focused on Swedish shareholder agreements and has been trained to identify the type of document, find key clauses and then provide advice on aspects of those clauses as they are surfaced by IBM Watson’s natural language processing capability.” * https://www.artificiallawyer.com/2017/10/20/ibm-watson-partners-with-maqs-lindahl-vq-to-build-legal-ai-tool/
  7. 7. Stay relevant • Agile • Innovative • Rapid prototyping • Fail fast