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Male Child Abuse: Malcolm Underhill Speaks to Chris Anderson of Male Survivor

Malcolm Underhill, partner and child abuse solicitor in IBB Solicitors speaks to Chris Anderson, Executive Director of MaleSurvivor.org.

The topics discussed included :

(i) the work of Male Survivor in supporting victims of male physical and sexual abuse,
(ii) the reluctance of male victims to discuss abuse
(iii) the process of sharing, healing and recovering from abuse
(iv) the issues surrounding the reporting of abuse to the police and authorities in the UK and USA
(v) Issues surrounding compensation for physical and sexual abuse (child abuse)
(vi) The International Conference on Male Abuse (Sexual Victimisation) Oct 2014

Healing Weekends of Recovery

Male Survivor International Conference Oct/Nov 2014

Legal Advice on Child Abuse and Compensation Claims in the UK

For more information on the Weekends of Healing, survivor resources please visit malesurvivor.org. For legal advice on male abuse and compensation in the UK please speak to one of our child abuse solicitors on 01895 207835 or 01895 207 295 email PI@ibblaw.co.uk and one of our team will be able to help you. Alternatively please visit http://www.ibblaw.co.uk/service/personal-injury-and-clinical-negligence/child-abuse

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