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A Game for Building Trust and Communication Skills

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first presented at UXPA Boston 2015
revised play guide available for download: https://goo.gl/JKCGCl

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A Game for Building Trust and Communication Skills

  1. 1. a game for building trust and communication skills Tina Chou @iamtinac
  2. 2. Team Building Activity: •  make something tangible •  use your hands •  play! (also a great icebreaker)
  3. 3. What do you need? •  45 minutes •  6-8 people •  a flat surface, preferably a table •  a copy of Instructures (~$20 on Amazon)
  4. 4. Keep: •  building blocks •  blueprints
  5. 5. Rules: Copying is allowed… at your own risk.
  6. 6. The first team that thinks they have built the structure stops the clock. All construction is halted. The other team inspects. if (built == blueprint) { score++; } else { score--; }
  7. 7. Start with a warm-up round. No pressure.
  8. 8. Chaos
  9. 9. Order
  10. 10. like design pattern libraries Develop a Common Language
  11. 11. like prototyping Constant Feedback & Iteration “move it upright… the other way(s)!”
  12. 12. explain your vision to people who cannot see it Communicate with Different People
  13. 13. enable your team to succeed without touching anything Everyone Practices Being Hands Off
  14. 14. be open to taking on new roles when the need arises Roles Can Change, Be a Team Player defined vs. flexible
  15. 15. continuous improvement Optimize for Efficiency Are these the best names? •  pole •  column •  stick •  long thing
  16. 16. does the language still work? Scale for More Complexity
  17. 17. blocks can be tilted?? Handle New Paradigm Shifts
  18. 18. CHALLENGE ROUND Work With New Constraints The foreman can’t see what their team is building while giving the instructions. Communication is a two-way street!
  19. 19. Revised play guide available for download: https://goo.gl/JKCGCl How does it end? •  first to win 3 rounds in a row •  first to reach 12 points •  when you run out of time •  …up to you!
  20. 20. Reflect: •  How did you develop your team process? •  What improvements did you make? •  How do you think this relates to the “real world”?
  21. 21. To Summarize: •  Communication is a team sport. •  Feedback and iteration is essential to success. •  Trust your team. Working with people should be fun!
  22. 22. Try it and share! uxteamgames@gmail.com Tina Chou @iamtinac slideshare.net/iamtinac