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Only connect? Emerging ICT options and opportunities for farmers

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Wrap up presentation by Chris Addison (euforic) at the CTA Session at the World Conference on Agricultural Information and IT - Atsugi, August 2008

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Only connect? Emerging ICT options and opportunities for farmers

  1. 1. Only connect IAALD Atsugi, Japan, August 2008 C Addison [email_address]
  2. 2. The environment Low cost PCs Mobile Phones Smart Phones Free Hosting Servers Software Web2 Appropriate Applications Power, cost, connection, Store and forward Local access Policy Business Users Wifi, satellite
  3. 3. Africa: Connect Africa Mobile unit delivering services Zinc air cells Satelite network Public pay phone Farmers adopt their own approaches Service operator feedback/ Assesment Demand to determine cell market Business services marketing, e-govt Technology Intervention Approach
  4. 4. Caribbean: RADIO TV PHONE Agritalk Mobile and VOIP Facility community knowledge network 16 islands Farmers Calls 5$/mth SMS free DeRegulation to allow VOIP use Technology Intervention Approach Internet access 20$ mth Computer Internet Mobile VOIP Plug in phones for VOIP
  5. 5. Pacific: ICT options for agriculture HF Radio Batteries solar panels Video and TV Audio tapes Internet over HF Radio TV and Tape Info Satellite Training to staff who left Information analysis Social and cultural concerns Technology Intervention Approach Radio broadcasting Mobile phones Info disseminated to be based on identified needs language
  6. 6. Constraints <ul><li>Information infrastructure </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Access and costs </li></ul></ul>Need for content Needs based (language, relevance, media,match Knowledge sharing (culture, language) Policy regulation Legislation Risk management Sustainability ICT Literacy
  7. 7. Approach Participation Role of public private partnerships Collective management Lobbying and advocacy Policy and regulation People before technology Listen to farmers Community leadership Ownership
  8. 8. Benefits Representation 0.6% rise in GDP if increase Addressing Social isolation Farming knowledge Access to resources Transport phones save fuel Access to markets