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  1. Mark Williams GWMWater Digital Metering Managing Director
  2. GWMWater - Overview
  3. Our Digital Journey • In 2009 we were nearing completion construction of the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline converting a network of 16,000 km of channel to 9,000 km of pipeline. • With the construction of the pipeline almost, we sought to use unspent project funds to deliver smart meters to improve the water efficiency of the network. • When we built the pipeline we were the first utility to put our SCADA network in the cloud • A corporate network that was internet facing • An operating technology (OT) network that was locked down. • We started trialling digital metering technology that utilised the 3G network that acknowledged the biggest challenge after communications was power supply.
  4. Pilot using Solar and 3G network - 2009 • ETM Pacific • Maxon • Type 1 • Type 2 • Cases = IP67
  5. Rural Deployment of Digital Metering • In 2013, we were finally able to secure agreement to use the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline ‘unspent funds’ as part of a suite of investments that would allow GWMWater to ‘financially close’ the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline project. • Developed a business case and approached the market assuming the market would of a 3G / 4G technology. • At the time low powered narrow band communication technologies were emerging and being implemented at a commercial scale. • Focus in the investment decision was the selection of the most cost effective technology on a life cycle basis. • In 2014, we selected the Taggle low powered radio network as the technology for rural digital metering.
  6. Rural Deployment - 2016
  7. Network
  8. Urban application of the technology • Developed a business case to support the investment required to extend the application of the technology to urban customers. • When we conceptualised the introduction of rural digital meters we deliberately deferred the replacement of urban water meters with a view of maximising the value of visitation assuming the technology would be deployed to urban customers. • Business case premised on the deployment of the bolt on transmitters and the business case ‘line ball’ based on ten year investment.
  9. Business Case • Developed a Business Case assuming same meter installation as rural customers. • Marginally negative as an investment by GWMWater. • Overall a positive benefit cost ratio when expanded beyond GWMWater to include customer / societal benefit. • Advanced to get Treasury and regulator approval. • Unqualified support of the regulator in the 2018-2023 Water Price Review
  10. Final Business Case • When we were ready to implement, an integrated water meter became available with an assumed life of 15 years. • Integrated water meter tested and in test had improved performance particularly in relation to resilience in frost. • Assumed a replacement of the whole meter fleet and the value proposition demonstrated to be most effective for a 15 year (battery) life.
  11. Urban deployment
  12. GWMWater Customer Portal
  13. 2016 Rural Water Quality Event • Elevated Blue Green Algae event gave rise to a curtailment of supply on the Northern Mallee Pipeline. • System turned off on Friday afternoon. • Customer Charter requires customers to tolerate interruptions for up 72 hours. • Restored the system on Monday and were able to trace through the meter data time of supply from the time the meter stopped to the meter resuming. 1 3
  14. Rural Water User – Undetected Leak • Rural customer notified of potential leak • Customer doubted leak • Customer on holidays usage increased • Customer found and fixed leak. • However…there is a second leak
  15. A Major Customer Drawing on the System
  16. Urban Trace – Water Leak • Customer complained about high water bill / consumption. • Used meter data to trace consumption. • Low water use at all times except when hot water system recharging. • Were able to ascertain this was a faulty valve on the solar hot water system. 1 6
  17. Supporting an insurance claim for water damage • I was holidaying last year and installed a new irrigation system prior to leaving. • One of the irrigation units failed and water was discharging under the house for two and a half days. • From the portal inquiry I was able to establish that 75 kl of water went under the house.
  18. Customer feedback is Gold
  19. Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) 19 • 104 network hubs • 47,500 meters • hourly reads are received every 24 hours • 1,120,000 x readings per day • big data management and analysis required
  20. Supporting the technology in operation
  21. What’s Next • We are deploying the technology to better support our operations. • Sewer manhole monitoring in towns / parts of the network that are; • prone to failure, or • in environmentally sensitive areas. 21 Winifred Street
  22. Critical Alarm - Winifred St SPS MH (#166596)
  23. 1300 659 961 11 McLachlan Street, Horsham 3400

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