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Praseed Prasad on DSPs and relevance to marketers at ad:tech Bangalore

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Praseed Prasad on DSPs and relevance to marketers at ad:tech Bangalore

  1. 1. DSPs and relevance to marketers ad:tech Bangalore Sep 27th 2012 Praseed Prasad
  2. 2. What is a DSP? A DSP, as the name implies, is a 1. Demand Side Platform. Collect Data 2. It means applying data and technology in Profile Userorder to improve the value and performanceof media inventory that is bought, using data 3. that is collected from ad servers of past Deliver Adcampaign management or simply acquiring from third party.
  3. 3. Fastest growing medium – 2000 Cr of AdvertisingSource: GroupM TYNY • 30% of Digital advertising is bought for performance and not brand building. If we include search, then it is close to 80%
  4. 4. What do marketers want? Better Better Targeting Performance
  5. 5. Not new to media.. Finer Targeting Mass and More expensive therefore cheaper
  6. 6. Yes, digital media is complex..
  7. 7. Audience targeting : A combination of bothdata and inventory Data Audience Inventory 90210 (313) Data + Media Media Exchange Data Exchange + Creative + Rules Smarter Smarter Reach Right Results Target
  8. 8. Today’s model Homepage Commercial messages reach Homepage users randomly
  9. 9. Audience clusters are beyond demographics
  10. 10. Advertising is audience based, notplacement driven
  11. 11. Benefit to marketers• Wastage minimization = Better ROI• Better utilization and leverage of data assets• Real time dynamic budget allocation• Behavioral optimization across inventory• Transparency and better control 11
  12. 12. What’s required  A mindshift Old world New world Placement centric approach Audience centric approach Media planning Audience planning Standardised messages Individualised messages Labour intensive Technology-driven
  13. 13. Will the old world survive? 13
  14. 14. 2 pieces of advice.. precisionperformance The more clicks collected the better the prediction for a target 1. Invest in Data group with higher performance results number of clicks Probability to Click Cookie 1 10% CTR Cookie 2 9,9%2. Don’t chase Reach; get … …effectiveness Cookie 3 5,1% … … Cookie x 0,1% Reach
  15. 15. Questions..