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Do You Need a Web App or a Native App?

  1. Do You Need a Web App or a Native App?
  2. We’re in a time and place where lots of businesses feel they need to develop a mobile application. There are two types: web apps and native apps. Let’s take a look at their key differences and review the benefits that these apps can bring to your business.
  3. A native app is developed for a mobile device – phone, tablet or both, and can be directly downloaded onto the device from the App Store or Google Play. There’s no functionality limit to native apps as they use the device’s technology. NATIVE APPS
  4. A web app accesses the internet via your mobile device’s web browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome. Many airports use web apps to provide users with a device-friendly interface with shortcuts to arrivals and departures, transport etc. Web browsers on your device are web apps. WEB APPS
  5. DEVELOPING YOUR APP For native apps, each mobile platform uses a different language to run. iOS uses Objective-C, Android uses Java and Windows uses C++. To work with all operating systems, you need 3 separate apps. The development process for a web app involves the same languages that websites use: JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3. Native apps may take longer to develop, but they run faster and use less data and battery life. A web app is faster to create, but runs slower.
  6. FUNCTIONALITY When a native app is developed it’s easy to ensure that it’s compatible with the device’s hardware and standard features. With a web app, there is a limit to how many device functions and features it can use. But there are lots of apps that don’t rely on any other function of your phone other than an internet browser.
  7. BUDGETING FOR YOUR APP A native app requires active updates to fix problems, announce new features and maintain security. Web apps just need internet access to update. Native apps can end-up more costly, because each version of its device-specific software needs to be maintained. Web apps all use the same programming language, regardless of the device.