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Digital Marketing Success ain't Unobtanium: Lessons from Avatar, the movie

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Digital Marketing Success ain't Unobtanium: Lessons from Avatar, the movie

  1. Digital Marketing Success ain’t Unobtanium: Lessons from , the movie
  2. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #1 Brands that are handicapped by small marketing budgets and cannot afford to invest in traditional marketing, need not despair. Digital Marketing opens up a whole new world of possibilities and lets Brands find their feet online.
  3. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #2 Brands that struggle for good ROI in traditional marketing, can find spectacular success online if they play their game well.
  4. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #3 Brands that take the leap online have to remember that they have killer competition there too. However, the key to succeeding online is peace and not war.
  5. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #4 Brands have to find a good mix of their offline (product, intrinsic) and online (personality, extrinsic) strengths to be successful in the digital world.
  6. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #5 Document the steps involved in your Brand’s Digital Marketing initiatives. They will come in handy later.
  7. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #6 Never underestimate the power of the underdog in your team. He just might be the only one that gets social media. Brand Managers, look within your teams before you seek out!
  8. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #7 Once you find an enthusiastic young chap that gets social media, educate him about the business imperatives. Otherwise, he’ll just end up having a whole lot of fun at your expense!
  9. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #8 Every step you take online is closely monitored. Tread carefully.
  10. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #9 Be genuine. It will show through and win over the skeptics.
  11. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #10 Brands online have to experiment without fear of failure.
  12. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #11 Give Respect. Take Respect. Learn all along the way.
  13. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #12 Brands that befriend people online with selfish motives are in for trouble. Until and unless people agree to give you what you want, do not take it away from them.
  14. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #13 When Marketing Online, choose media vehicles that bond with your customers. Just because everyone else is doing fancy campaigns on facebook, doesn’t mean that your Brand can be successful there.
  15. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #14 The Social Media guy in your team alone cannot drive positive word- of-mouth online. If the Brand is screwing up on other fronts, he can only apologize for your behavior and hope you make amends.
  16. DIGITAL MARKETING LESSON #15 If you truly want to win hearts and minds, dazzle them.