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Digital Marketing VS. Social Media Marketing

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This presentation brings the basics back as it tries to differentiate Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing in the context of business development and sales generation. It features simplistic definitions that help SMEs fully understand how their company can benefit from these emerging marketing platforms.

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Digital Marketing VS. Social Media Marketing

  2. 2. IN A NUTSHELL. .. The difference between Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing . lj§ l l I l. can be likened to the difference between Marketing Strategy & Marketing Tactics
  3. 3. .. .covers the full extent of business development initiatives that are executed on electronic media.
  4. 4. IN CONTEMPORARY TIMES. .. The Internet is the channel or technology that is most closely associated with Digital Marketing. Which is why it got the nickname of: ONLINE MARKETING (Technically, however, it also includes the usage of mobile phones, electronic billboards, and digital TV. )
  5. 5. DIGITAL MARKETING is often used. .. -3° For purposes of: /is? ) Brand Imaging Sales Generation Product Visibility Service Promotion «ms, . if: Company Introduction
  6. 6. It provides a holistic and all—encompassing pproach, covering activities like: —. . Z Website Optimization Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing Email Marketing Paid Online Advertisers VVVVV
  7. 7. And, last but not the least. .. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING
  8. 8. S0.. . Digital Marketing is your STRATEGY to online success. While Social Media Marketing is one of the TACTICS you can use to reach that end.
  9. 9. SOC I/ l‘. L i“i EDI/ in " AP. I . ..forms a small but significant part of Digital Marketing. It is about giving your online campaign a life of its own by leveraging on the power of social networks.
  10. 10. It is commonly used to. .. Gain traction for your website AND Drive people towards your other online content.
  11. 11. ii - r. >:. r Either way, it's supposed to get people who matter to your business TALKING — preferably in an organic manner.
  12. 12. There is a WORLD of platforms for your Social Media efforts: f Facebook Twitter Irii: Linkedin @ Pinterest Youtube
  13. 13. But you have to know. .. It's notjust about followers and likes!
  14. 14. Digital Marketing is a complete SCIENCE! i +_ _ _ A successful digital marketing program MUST have a roadmap — a written plan defining specific goals, action plans, content calendar, and performance indicators.
  15. 15. At Verz Design, we possess the expertise to develop and execute your Digital Marketing Strategy. / YES Social Media Marketing activities like Facebook Page Management will be included. / MORE IMPORTANTLY You will have smart, stunning, and engaging content to share!
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  17. 17. I Q 65436568 in Maria Rica Lotik - gs @theSGbaroness m rica@verzdesign. com @ www. verzdesign. com I