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Turkish inventors, their inventions and famous products of Turkey

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five senses
comenius project(2013-2015)

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Turkish inventors, their inventions and famous products of Turkey

  1. 1. The Most Famous Turkish Inventors, their Inventions and Famous Products of Turkey five senses comenius project
  2. 2. Akşemsettin  He was born in 1389 and he died in 1459. He was the teacher of Fatih Sultan Mehmet(Mehmed the Conqueror), philosopher and a scientist. He discovered the germ before microscope was discovered. He explained germ “Ilnesses spreads person to person with very little living creatures which we can’t see” So he explained the “germ”.
  3. 3. BEHRAM KURŞUNOĞLU  Prof.Dr. Behram Kurşunoğlu was from Trabzon. He wa a genius scientist and he was called “Turkish Einstein”. He worked on Modern Quantum Theory. He was one of the famous physicist of the world.
  4. 4. Biruni  He was born in 973 and died in 1051.  He was the first man who discovered rotation of the earth around its own axis . Also he was the first scientist who talked about the existence of America, Japan and Cape of Good Hope. He had books about Maths, Geology, Geography, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Astronomy.
  5. 5. Cabir Bin Hayyan He was a prominent : a Chemist and alchemist, astronomer and astroleger, engineer, geographer, philosopher, physicist, and pharmacist and physician. He was the first discoverer of the idea of atom bomb. And he explained “the atomic fission” 1200 years ago.
  6. 6. CAHİT ARF  Cahit Arf was born in 1910 and died in 1997. He is famous for algebra around the world. In mathmatics, the Arf invariant of a nonsingular quadratic form over a field of characteristic 2 was defined by Turkish mathematician Cahit Arf .
  7. 7. CEZERİ  He was the firt Turk who made the automatic devices. He was an engineer and scientist. He was the founder of cybernetics and made the earliest robots. He made machines which worked by the help of water and machanical aquipments. Water device
  8. 8. Fatih Sultan Mehmet (Mehmed the Conqueror) He was an inventor as well as a Sultan of Ottaman Empire. When he conquered Istanbul, he invented the mortar. The mortar called “Şahi” was the first mortar in the history.
  9. 9. Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil  Mahmut Gazi Yaşargil is a Turkish medical scientist and neurosurgeon. He was born in 1925. He is the founder of microneurosurgery. Yaşargil treated epilepsy and brain tumors with instruments of his own design.
  10. 10. HAREZMİ He was the Turkish mathmatician, astronomer and geographer who wrote a book about algebra at the first time. He was the founder of algebra. The word “algebra(cebir)” was used in his book (El Kitab’ül Muhtasar Fi Hisab’il Cebri ve’l Mukabele ) at the first time. Also he was the first mathmatician who discovered “zero” and used x unknown quantity. Today, programming language of the computers are written consedering algorithmic method of Harezmi.
  11. 11. HEZARFEN AHMET ÇELEBİ  He was the first man who could fly with the wings which he improved. He lived in 17th century during Ottoman Age. He flew from Galata tower to Üsküdar. He flew over the Bosphorus. He was the pioner of gliding.
  12. 12. MİMAR SİNAN He was the great architect who has architectural mystery which still can not be solved. He had a practical intelligent so he put the biggest cupolas on the four columns. He discovered the rail system which is used for buildings to make them steady. Selimiye Mosque is the mastership of Mimar Sinan.
  13. 13. Piri Reis He was the admiral of Ottoman Naval Force and world wide known geographer and cartographer. He drew the first world map which is nearly same as the maps nowadays. He was famous for the map which shows the America with details.
  14. 14. Surviving fragment of the first World Map of Piri Reis (1513) Surviving fragment of the second World Map of Piri Reis (1528)
  15. 15. And we are glad that you are in Turkey when we introduce the famous products of our country. We have an oppurtunity to serve these famous products to you when you are here. These are the products:
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  23. 23. Thank you 