Garagebox portfolio intro

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This is a company introduction of GarageBox which is micro-accelerator in Seoul, Korea run by ROA invention LAB, affiliate of ROA Consulting. There are 6 start up companies. Garagebox is very specialized in platform driven start ups and focusing on incubation vertical platform companies.

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Garagebox portfolio intro

  1. 1. GarageBox Portfolio Introduction hnpz/ /wwwgarageboxbiz/ Xl ( nrnal Huililing M-i, ›ix'0oiiri; i i. Heúrhiv gu. Seoul xnuih Mirim Rolex í'- n¡
  2. 2. ÍlJlt -il l«l. il2'». l*i lt' 7/7/1012 'r' [ i nmpani t-. xiiiin- ReAIIPlay ut I- rain 'Urllllfw iu 3 Service BEAUTYMEETS BEAUTYMEETS URL http: //www. beautymeets. com/ ” Àkfslllllll' un Viu) *iii-iv . inil (. ui: i;_li« [›ll! wuaii 'l up 'BEAUTYMIETM BEAUTYMLL l “E Hi i'm» lim-sutil' in BEAUIYMEEIS is a tree online beauty content service for women that has currently expanded into offline classes as well. Through the BEAUIYMEIS platform. Ordinary women can access authentlc beauty tips from professional malieup artists and beauty bloggers. lhe service targets women in their 20s to 30s lrom those who have just started wearing malteup to makeup gurus who want keep up with the newest malieup trends. Although most South Korean women rcgularly visit . i professional hairdresser. they rarely vislt a make-up artlst except for special occasions. the Rr-AllPlay team developed EAUTYMEEIS to (ator Í0l' this lack of access that people have to porsonalizc-d and professional malieup consultation service. the existing beauty channels on the web either laclted prolessionalisin or provided too much unnecessary content. tequiring the Viewer to spend hours shifting through long videos for something actually of value. As a solution to this problem, the lteltllPlay team came up with the idea of compact S-mínute beauty tutorials that gives women effective access to professional advice. A strong point ol dilfurentiatlon ol BEAUIYMEEIS content is that the tutorials are conducted by the fanied star malieup artists who trave over IO years of professional expertise. htoreover. only the beauty products trusted and used for years by these malieup artists are included ln the videos. BEAUTYMEUS videos are available at wwwbeautymeetsconi and can also be viewed through the Android App, Youtube and NAVER TV Cast channels. These Tutorials recorded five million views after launchíng. Mm, . (um ikiiliiiul Sample: http: //www. beautymeetscom/ tutorials/ summer-make›up-w¡th-waterprooÍ-eyeline “iàitaijoiaitiitêifaillñmiami¡i
  3. 3. llJlv -wl l"xlrllr›l›. l'l m' 8/20/20” M --l l' «slli 'Uwiillsi In 3 í r . nrp. .r~. ~. a n» msmoNsrouL AsHiom Sorvarr- FASHlONSEOUL U L URI http: //www. fashíonseouLcom/ . í 4. f b; r . ísr-; rueí _em gw. ' 'jar Jr. 'a Zvü 1 A_ a_ a , r _ _ , ã-'Ê-'áii às» em. : 3 f. : I P L Him' › lll"'-ll ¡' 1:¡ FASHIONSEOUL is an online South Korean lashion magazine providing quality news content on the fashion industry, style trends, and celebrity fashion. lhe magazine covers various domestic and foreign fashion brands, trends. fashion “Teks, runway collections. .md celebrity photo-shonts. MSHIONSEOUL was the first South Korean fashion nlagnline to distribute its content globally over Googlris search engine service. lhe content is also . ivailable over the mobile news platform Flipboard . md the ¡nterest-grouped SNS iringle. FASHIONSEOUL is also . rctively managing several SNS pages/ accounts like Facebook. twitter. and Pinterest to improve and diversity public access to its contents service. Since its launching. I-'ASHlONSEOUL has received over . i hundred million page views and its daily' traffic has reached around 300 million page views per day. lhe FASHIONSEOUL website is currently being redesigned to structure its contents into an accumulntive database where information on different Korean brands. designers. and models are each sorted into their own history timeline. FASHIONSEOUL is also planning to launch . r mobile app called SIYLELAND which will provide both domestic users and foreign tourists with information on 100 shopping districts and 25,000 shops in South Korea in . i graphic map layout. the SiYlELAND app will also ofier users with discount coupons of their prelc-rred brands and provide foreign tourists with store infomration on tax free options. SIYLEIAND app's partner brands and shops on the other hand arc- also offered a new and loisucost marketing channel.
  4. 4. l company Nam(- MSQUAR( DM¡- ut ksmhllshmenl 1/¡0/2011 v a ! of leam ? members 5 J *vw v PISQUARE-PPL Data Platform I M httpz/ / Â t I l ( seu-comes 733112!! Q HEIPUIlKlÉJ 3.35 v fg, 5m me lh-scnpltor¡ PlSQUARE is a PPL Data Platform that collects and matches PPL data from various fashion advertisers who supply fashion outÍit/ accessory props to South Korean media content providers. PISQUARE then processes the data into API format that allows media content providers to give their viewers the option ol directly purchasing PPL products while watching their TV show or Korean drama. through this solution. fashion Advertisers gain a new Inarketing channel that leads directly to greater exposure and sales. From the viewefs perspective. the brand and barcode of the desired products that are wom by actors and actresses in W can be easily identified and purchased without having to sift through speculative blog posts that give differing and unreiiable claims on where the product can be bought. Due to the huge popuhrity of Korean drama like «My Love lrom the Stan in China. PISQUARE is looking to expand into the Chinese market. Various keyword searches ln Chinese online shopping mail sites regarding the main actress' outfit and fashion accessories also show a clear need for the kind of PPL database service that oniy PISQUARE can offer. à cowmu mronvxmxncm Tel 82-10-8012-0127 Email gmkim@pisquare. co. kr
  5. 5. ÍiJlr -wl l^. l.tl2'». i*1 rf S/ l-'t/ ZOM M [ l nruipan» iauimv REVIVAI. LABS . .l t. ;sm 'multar In It . x Service CONGKONG URL 'lttp: //www. congltong. net/ K ' ' ' v*. frll, il"r(vt1 frypátr-n-. ir1rl(. -›r: ›;_Ít›Plax IMWI( 'l up *conglrongi Ê¡ . ., , _m_ ¡_ p. .. 4 mar . '- 15, ~ ~ e i 15:7_ i . ' Í t. (f) fx «u LI H. :tm ("wa u! m Congttong is a *Live Event Engagernent Platform' that makes social events more interactive and lun for event participants. the (ongKong mobile app can be applied to any type of social events such as conferences. seminars. talk shows. presentations. parties. business expositions. concerts. or festivais to enhance the registration, event running and postment report generating process Difficult. inelfective or annoying parts of the event participanfs experience such as asltlng questions or taking surveys are made easy. effective, and enjoynble through the CongKongs mobile platform. From the event organizefs perspective. CongKong cuts printing costs and provide real-time automatically processed data on participam behavior Ot survey responses -vall of which can be used to improve future event planning. congKongk key function lies in creating a more simuitaneous and active communication channel between organizers and participants. For example. CongKongs real-time push ntesstges that can induce the right kind of digital and physical participation from the event participants at the right time. lhe key rslernent that diflerentiates CongKong from other live event apps is its theme of ^play'. Each of its various functions such as questioning. voting. and Facebook Lilxes are separated into distinct playcards. Participants are also given a trnique and fun experience of receiving an electronic stamp directly onto their mobile screen in order to enter the event. Inside the event. participants may also be provided with a mission card or stamp tour. Such gamllicatíon and mission-giving element ol CongKongs design makes it an active experience shaping platform rather than a mere social event tool. Ever since its appearance on tuly 17th of 20m. CongKong has bec-n successfully implemented by the Korea Creative Content Agency (COEX expositions), Korea Broadcasting System (offline ti concerts), ,xsvmrrr Center. and Christian Broadcasting System ('15 Minutes. Time that Changes the Vorid talks). arm. - i1- : Hvnulvusi hltp: //youtu. be/6li5llgeq-Y (demo site: 'CBS t5 Minutes, time that Changes the Vorlrfl http: //youtu. be/ lvYYVlllF_Ii (demo site: Online Ad ! Marketing Awards Ceremony, South Korea) http: // youtu. be/5lViuujhXlA (demo site: 'KBS tT Concert) i frnñríjgiaitgiitiolii raiar, ;siri-aiii 51'. ;
  6. 6. wruquuv. 7'. m: SSÍGN Url» 'í . LHWJ ' rw' 8/7/2011¡ »J h -rIr'r, 'rrH'rr. S Svmrv SSINE - URI httpz/ /ssigmnet/ BBB3 . . 'É' . 'V u' M. l) ' 1 __ , J.¡__TPUL_ É v1.1_ um. w' M w *. ~ -.1- 'v war r r Ssign is . r nrobilc- petition platform fur global. natiomside. or small local mrrrpaigns umtcd by its user tommunity around various social, cultural, economic and political issues. With Ssign. anwnc (nn easily (rente and gain support for his or hr-r own local potition and bring . rbout social change. Ssign takes the hassln- out of ÍIWÍÍÍÚEIIÍ street petitions that require pnrtidpnnts to satrifito . r significant . trnount of tínu- . Ind onnrgy in filling out long personal inlurrnation Ímms for each pctition. With Ssigrfs mobile . rpplirutíon. pctítíou parlitipanls do no! hmm lo rucntur thv required pr-rsonnl information . md mn simply gran( thr-ir vloctronir signaturn to a mnrpaign causo of tha-ir (hoirv. Ssign trst-rs mn also (hoosn . r partirular tarrrpaigu Illowtltcrll that they want to support lrorn a community gcnumtcd Hst o¡ Ioml campaign; rather than Iron¡ lhr: limited Lhoircs found on the streets. Once the usc-r signs on to a pctition. hr- or she sill receiw automatic updates on the cum-nt stage or status of the (ampaign IHOWHWHÍ on Ihoir Ssigu rwwsfeed. Ihis function allows pr-tition signr-rs lo (ontinuotrsly tmrk lhr- progress of thr-ir ¡Jreh-rred rampaigr¡ ruovemunts mthor than being (ut oH Írom it . ts soon .15 they gmnt their signdlurc. Users (an also post and sahrc their rcgistcrud or supported (arnpaign mou-menu on SNS with Ihuir friends.
  7. 7. l-rmi-. iiu, 7'. iur- SÍDIO. " rui» 'lwlal 'i il ' ri' bf7/20l5 "' . .t ii_gili'w, 'iiiil~ir~. g Stdíoj-j Su u_ r; lnfographic Resume hair'. ill-Hill' : w l , SIDIO. H's inlographic resume uvercomes the restrairtts ol the original text-based resume in terms ol its various luuctions. mode ol expression. and practicability. lho inlographic design ol the resume allows the employor to master the job applicanfs information in one glance. generating a more ellective and time-running job . rppllcation process. lhe purpose ol SlD|0.H's inlographic resume is not only to translorrn . rpplicant data into a visual lormat but to construct a clear. convrr 'able sto mc-ssane out ol all the individual elements. SIDIOJl is also aimin to dos¡ vn a c-neration tool that l 'Y o t; any joh . ipplirant can easily use regarcllr-ss ol his or her work experience or type ol occupation. lhis idea of an automatically generated lnlographi( resume ls gainíng considerable . ittention in the job search market. Sl0I0.ll's inlographic solution is being implc-mented in various ways by public and private institutions in South Korea today. Solar. it has been strrresslul in terms ol practirability' and user satislacllon scores. SIDIDM ls also planning to lile . r Patent Application to protect its unique service value. à¡ “qorqrrzrnrrirrrrisanyrioié; íràl. =táb-i: l=r>r 13 . :a'ii'rÍ-slll'3:lflli'rtéIlÍtlYÍ-_1i ; 'rn