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5 Key Elements That Buyers Look for in HR Technologies

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Encouraging a buying activity involves a process comprising of certain steps, and then linking those with the user habits. If you are a product development company, we are sure you’ll agree with this. Harbinger has mastered the art of buyer journey analysis for software products and services, also known as design thinking.

In this webinar, we will share with you the core aspects of a product you must consider in your product design. As a B2B technology provider, this will help you in understanding the buyer journey for your offerings.

Key takeaways:

· Know the 5 top customer-centered approaches to help the buyers in the buying process

· Recognize the customer journey map to know where customers interact with your business

· Learn about tools like empathy mapping to realize the end goals of the users

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5 Key Elements That Buyers Look for in HR Technologies

  1. 1. 5 Key Elements That Buyers Look for in HR Technologies​ © 2020 Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  2. 2. HOUSEKEEPING 1. If you cannot hear the audio: • Ensure you have selected the right speaker for audio output. • Test your speaker to ensure it is working fine from the “Audio Settings” option on the lower left corner of your screen. • If necessary, dial in using phone. Dial-in numbers available at: https://zoom.us/u/accCHpImAk • All attendees will be on mute by default, please raise your hand if you have a query, or post it in the chat window 2. A recording shall be made available to all attendees within a few days 3. Questions can be posed through the Q&A panel • Moderators will try and attend all questions during the session • Any unanswered questions during the session shall be answered via a follow-up email
  3. 3. 5 Key Elements That Buyers Look for in HR Technologies​ © 2020 Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  4. 4. PANEL INTRODUCTION 2 Subodh Bhide Vice President - Technology Harbinger Systems Smita K. Architect - UX Harbinger Systems
  5. 5. 23 How has the HR role changed?​ 2010 2020 beyond Spreadsheets, lengthy forms, and files Sophisticated software One/two-person department Specialists for verticals Influencer or decision maker role Supporting role
  6. 6. Buyers’ Journey Problem Identification Exploration Evaluation Selection 4 Michelle (HR Manager)
  7. 7. 25 Applying Design Thinking to HR Technology Buyers​ • Excited • Overwhelmed • Anxious • Following HR Leaders • Reads thought User Review. • What will be the duration of implementation? • How will it fit into Core HR systems? • Worried about manual data exchange • How to convince C-level execs Key Findings (Michelle’s interview) • Implementation duration • Fitment with other HR products • Quick data insights • Pricing clarity
  8. 8. 26 Poll 1. Pricing model 2. Ready-made AI components 3. Data security 4. Configurability (ease of customization) What aspects do your buyers talk about the most, during your product demos and sales conversations?
  9. 9. 5 Key Elements​ 7
  10. 10. Data is Supreme Data Security Data Interoperability Auditability, Compliance and Custom Reporting Actionable Insights •Workday CSO stressed on the importance of newer Data Privacy and Security Standards for the post COVID world HR Open Standards consortium is building new standards for data exchange Today everyone is asking HR for insights 1
  11. 11. Integration is Fundamental Job boards integrate with Glassdoor for getting Employer ratings Skillsoft Percipio integrates with SuccessFactors LMS for courses Harbinger has built over 60 custom connectors to integrate diverse HR systems 2 HR use over a dozen products Several are stuck with file-based data exchange Need for real time and automated data exchange • Configure once, use many times • Fully automated • Multiple data sync options
  12. 12. Self-serve and self- help products No lengthy implementation cycles Built-in setups and workflow templates Wizard based tools Readymade Reports Access to a user community 3 Salesforce is ready out of the box Wizard-based customizations Harbinger builds products equipped with page designer and Wizards for designing Workflows
  13. 13. Pricing and Billing needs an Overhaul Per Employee Per Month is too rigid. Flexible pricing is preferred. ROI reports Add-on fees for additional components or extended usage, like more storage 4 Atlassian charges a basic fee for JIRA and applies additional fees for features ATS at times give a cost-per-hire comparison
  14. 14. App Extensions & Marketplaces Plugins on Enterprise Platform Marketplaces Facilitate in-context interaction for better Engagement and User Adherence 5 Cornerstone LMS plugin on Zoom for streaming trainings Cornerstone’s training app on Salesforce AppExchange Betterworks chatbot for Microsoft Teams for employee surveys Harbinger has built chatbots for Outlook which answer HR policy questions
  15. 15. Summary • Conventional B2B Buyer Journey needs to be visualized from a Design Thinking lens • HR buyers demand better ROI from technologies • 5 Key Elements • Data is Supreme • Integration is Fundamental • Self-serve and self-help products • Pricing and Billing needs an Overhaul • Listings on App Extensions & Marketplaces Harbinger Consultants can assess your buyers and recommend Key Elements specific to your product
  16. 16. Lalit Suhas MaheshkumarSayali Vibhuti Smita PrachiUtkarsh Strategy Technology UX Design Product Management Thank You Q&A Consulting@harbingergroup.com https://harbinger-systems.com/