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Tesla Interstellar

  2. 2. NEW EARTH TESLA ACADEMY http://www.newearthnation.org/institute/academies/tesla/
  4. 4. HISTORICAL TESLA LABORATORY Colorado Springs, USA (1899)
  5. 5. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Tesla began building Wardenclyffe in 1900 with $150,000 invested by J.P. Morgan. The laboratory building was designed by Gilded Age architect to the rich-and-famous Stanford White, which in and of itself is more than sufficient grounds for historic landmark status. He built a 187-foot power tower, but it was never fully realized and in 1917 was dynamited by the government, afraid it was being used by German spies.
  6. 6. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org 3D: Leo Blanchette Tesla Tower in Shoreham Long Island (1901 - 1917) meant to be the "World Wireless" Broadcasting system
  7. 7. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org 3D: Nikola Stojanovic The laboratory was a brick building about 100 feet square and as tall as a two-story building. It was completed in a few months, and the concrete footings for a huge tower were laid 250 feet south of the building. Tesla had ordered a couple of 100 horsepower steam engines and they were installed in the power plant in November of 1901. A 200-kilowatt Westinghouse Alternator (above) was installed later. The laboratory building was divided into four parts: the boiler room, the engine and dynamo room, a workshop containing eight metal lathes, and a laboratory.
  8. 8. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org 3D: Nikola Stojanovic The nearby laboratory of red brick, with arched windows and a tall chimney, held tools, generators, a machine shop, electrical transformers, glass-blowing equipment, a library and an office. Tesla’s Laboratory at Wardenclyffe
  9. 9. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org 3D: Nikola Stojanovic http://www.teslascience.org
  10. 10. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org 3D: Nikola Stojanovic
  11. 11. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter Wardenclyffe Tower Station
  12. 12. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org The closed circuit system consists of a large Tesla coil transmitter, an ionized path connecting the transmitter to the upper atmosphere, the upper atmosphere, a second ionized path connecting the upper atmosphere back down to a receiving location, and the receiver itself. The circuit back to the transmitter is completed through the Earth.
  13. 13. WIRELESS ENERGY TRANSMISSION Wireless energy transfer also known as wireless energy transmission is the process that takes place in any system where electromagnetic energy is transmitted from a power source (such as a Tesla coil) to an electrical load, without interconnecting wires. Wireless transmission is employed in cases where interconnecting wires are inconvenient, hazardous, or impossible. Though the physics can be similar (pending on the type of wave used), there is a distinction from electromagnetic transmission for the purpose of transferring information (radio), where the amount of power transmitted is only important when it affects the integrity of the signal. Intel wireless electricity Nikola Tesla Apparatus for transmission of electrical energy
  14. 14. RESONANCE Resonance is an induced vibration in an object and means to sound and resound, like an echo. Acoustic resonance is the tendency of an acoustic system to absorb more energy when it is forced or driven at a frequency that matches one of its own natural frequencies of vibration (its resonance frequency) than it does at other frequencies. A sound wave is created as a result of an object vibrating. All objects have a natural frequency or group of frequencies at which they like to vibrate. Some objects vibrate or ring at a single natural frequency, while others have many "modes" of vibration and can vibrate at any or all of those modes of vibration. A flute or radio antenna tends to vibrate at a single frequency. STANDING WAVE SOUND RESONANCE IN RESONANT CAVITY
  15. 15. ACTION AT A DISTANCE The electric energy transmitted by means of electrostatic induction can be utilized by a receiving device, such as a wireless lamp. Tesla demonstrated the illumination of wireless lamps by energy that was coupled to them through an alternating electric field. Schematic of the solid stateTesla coil high voltage/high frequency generator
  16. 16. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org HANGAR SPACE AVIATION SCHOOL Distrito Federal, Brasil THE NIKOLA TESLA INSTITUTE LABORATORY
  17. 17. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org THE NIKOLA TESLA INSTITUTE LABORATORY
  18. 18. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org THE NIKOLA TESLA INSTITUTE LABORATORY
  19. 19. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org TESLA 3000 – TRANSMISSOR DE ENERGIA AMPLIFICADOR THE NIKOLA TESLA INSTITUTE LABORATORY
  20. 20. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org EARTH RESONANCE PROJECT TESLA.ORG.BR TESLA.ORG.BR
  21. 21. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org TESLA MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER PROTOTYPE 250kVA EARTH RESONANCE PROJECT
  22. 22. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Earth’s ring of antiprotons as seen by PAMELA satellite, launched in 2006 to study the nature of high-energy particles from the Sun and from beyond our Solar System so called cosmic rays. Charged particles called cosmic rays constantly rain in from space, creating a spray of new particles - including antiparticles - when they collide with particles in the atmosphere. Many of these become trapped inside the Van Allen radiation belts, two doughnut-shaped zones around the planet where charged particles spiral around the Earth's magnetic field lines. The most abundant source of antiprotons comes from an area known as the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), which is a region of space where the Van Allen Radiation Belts are the closest to our surface. Passing through SAA, the satellites finds thousands of times more antiprotons than are supposed to come from normal particle decays or, for that matter, anywhere else. Antimatter in the Earth's radiation belts might one day be useful for fuelling spacecraft. Future rockets could be powered by the reaction between matter and antimatter, a reaction that produces energy even more efficiently than nuclear fusion in the sun's core. This is the most abundant source of antiprotons near the Earth. One day a spacecraft could launch then refuel in the inner radiation belt before travelling further. ANTIMATTER ORBITING EARTH
  23. 23. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br Our forecasts on the development and use of resonance waveguide methods of electric power transmission can be summarized as the following: • Air transmission facilities will be substituted by underground waveguide systems. • Electrical machines-robots with active labour bodies will operate at agricultural plantations. • A global solar energy system generating electric power, hydrogen fuel and heat for every person on Earth will be created. • Liquid fuel and gas will be generated from the biomass of agricultural plantations. • Spacecrafts will be launched from Earth using electrical jet propulsion. They will have a ratio of payload mass to launching mass 80 - 90% instead of today's 5%. • Power supply of aircrafts in space and transmission of electric power to mobile objects on Earth will be made by wireless methods • Resonance methods will be used for medical treatment of people and animals, extermination of weeds (instead of pesticides), drinking water and waste disinfection, creation of new especially pure materials (first of all, solar silicon), and hydrogen production.
  24. 24. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br The closed circuit system consists of a large Tesla Magnifying transmitter, an ionized path connecting the transmitter to the upper atmosphere, the upper atmosphere, a second ionized path connecting the upper atmosphere back down to a receiving location, and the receiver itself. The circuit back to the transmitter is completed through the Earth.
  25. 25. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.tewslwawen.inesrtgitiuat.octoesmla..borrg
  26. 26. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br Wireless Energy Transmission using Laser Beams and the conductive layer of the Ionosphere Lasers 6 and 16 by fast electrons, one of which is installed in the vicinity of one electromagnetic wave generator and the second energy from the receiver 9 , create conducting channels 5 and 15 between the conductive layer 18 in the ionosphere and the oscillator 1 and receiver energy 9 mounted on the Earth 19. Conducting channel 5 is created by photoionization of air in the rays of lasers and providing to the 4 channels of high voltage transformers Tesla 3 and 12 at the oscillator 1 and a power receiver 9. Laser power of 100 kW , the power generator of electromagnetic waves 11 MW - 10,000 MW. High voltage transformers Tesla 3,125-50 million volts . As a result, ionization and breakdown electric conductor 5 and the channel 12 there is a high concentration of electrons and ions and under the action of the Coulomb forces occurs and the movement of electric charges electromagnetic energy from the generator 1 to a receiver 9, along the line formed by the two conducting channels 5 and 15 and the conductive ionospheric layer 18 between the channels. Electrical energy flows through the conductive channels 5 and 15 to the high voltage Tesla coil 12 and then through a rectifier 10 to the receiver of energy 9. The frequency of electromagnetic waves is selected in the range of 1 to 500 kHz, the power transmission conditions of a resonant mode using the LC resonance circuit 13 3 and the capacitance and inductance Tesla transformer 3 and 12, and the conducting channels 5 and 15 and 18 of the conductive layer of the ionosphere .
  27. 27. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br
  28. 28. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org
  29. 29. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br The Teramobile system is the first mobile laser yielding 5 terawatts (TW) and 100 fs pulses, with 350 mJ pulse energy. Since the self-guided laser pulse ionizes the air on its path, the filaments are conducting. The filaments are therefore virtual wires that could be used for lightning triggering. The Teramobile laser permits to trigger and guide high-voltage (1 MV) discharges along filamentation in air, reducing the breakdown voltage by 30 %. High-voltage lightning : without laser guiding High-voltage lightning : with laser guiding
  30. 30. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br Rheinmetall 50kW high-energy laser Range: 7 km
  31. 31. Tesla Energy Global Cooperative http://www.teslaenergia.com.br Laser power beaming is the wireless transfer of energy (heat or electricity) from one location to another, using laser light. The basic concept is the same as solar power, where the sun shines on a photovoltaic cell that converts the sunlight to energy. Here, a photovoltaic cell converts the laser light to energy. Power can be transmitted through air or space, or through optical fibers, as communications signals are sent today, and it can be sent potentially as far as the Moon.
  32. 32. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org
  33. 33. TESLA WAVES TRANSMITTER PROTOTYPE Goran Marjanovic, Cedomir Mraz (2011) FASTER THAN LIGHT WAVES Nikola Tesla, October 16th, 1927.; in "WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS TRANSMISSION OF ENERGY" : "...The mode of propagation of the currents from my transmitter through the terrestrial globe is most extraordinary considering the spread of the electrification of the surface. The wave starts with a theoretically infinite speed, slowing down first very quickly and afterward at a lesser rate until the distance is about six thousand miles, when it proceeds with the speed of light. From there on it again increases in speed, slowly at first, and then more rapidly, reaching the antipode with approximately infinite velocity. The law of motion can be expressed by stating that the waves on the terrestrial surface sweep in equal intervals of time over equal areas, but it must be understood that the current penetrates deep into the earth and the effects produced on the receivers are the same as if the whole flow was confined to the earth's axis joining the transmitter with the antipode. The mean surface speed is thus about 471 200 kilometers per second - fifty-seven per cent. greater than that of the so-called Hertz waves - which should propagate with the velocity of light if they exist. The same constant was found by the noted American astronomer, Capt. J. T. T. See, in his mathematical investigations, for the smallest particles of the ether which he fittingly designated as "etherons"…
  34. 34. TESLA’S WORLD SYSTEM OF WIRELESS ENERGY TRANSFER WARDENCLYFFE MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER “I have constructed and patented a form of apparatus which, with a moderate elevation of a few hundred feet, can break the air stratum down. You will then see something like an aurora borealis across the sky, and the energy will go to the distant place." Nikola Tesla On His Work With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, Telephony, and Transmission of Power (1916) Tesla determined that the time required for a transmitted pulse or wave train to travel from the transmitter to the antipode and back again is . 08484 seconds. This equates to a fundamental earth resonance frequency of 11.786892 Hz. He believed that by incorporating a portion of the earth as part of a powerful earth-resonance Tesla coil transmitter an electrical disturbance could be impressed upon the earth and detected, “at great distance, or even all over the surface of the globe."
  35. 35. ATMOSPHERIC CONDUCTION METHOD The closed circuit system consists of a large Tesla coil transmitter, an ionized path connecting the transmitter to the upper atmosphere, the upper atmosphere, a second ionized path connecting the upper atmosphere back down to a receiving location, and the receiver itself. The circuit back to the transmitter is completed through the earth. The upper atmosphere, like any low-pressure gas, is not an ohmic conductor, but will conduct electricity if broken down; i.e., ionized. The portion of the upper atmosphere between the transmitter and the receiver would then conduct current like a neon tube of planetary proportions. It would require a certain amount of energy to maintain the electrical discharge through it. The MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTER is an advanced version of Tesla coil transmitter. It is a high power harmonic oscillator that Nikola Tesla patented for global wireless transmission of electrical energy.
  36. 36. The spherical Earth-ionosphere cavity is created by the conductive surface of the earth and the outer boundary of the ionosphere, separated by non-conducting air. Electromagnetic impulses are generated by electrical discharges such as lightning, the main excitation source, and spread laterally into the cavity. Lightning discharges have a "high-frequency component", involving frequencies between 1 kHz and 30 kHz. This produces electromagnetic waves in the very low frequency (VLF) and extremely low frequency (ELF) ranges. The Schumann resonances occurring over an eight-hour period can be clearly seen at approximately 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, and 45 Hz. THE IONOSPHERE AND EARTH RESONANCE
  37. 37. ELECTRIC EARTH AND THE ATMOSPHERE Upper-atmospheric lightning refer to a family of short-lived electrical-breakdown phenomena that occur well above the altitudes of normal lightning and storm clouds. Sprites are most likely a form of lightning discharge which develops at high altitudes (30-95 km) in a substantial quasi-electrostatic field originating from a large parent discharge in the cloud below. Predominantly red in color, they usually last no more than a few milliseconds and do not appear to contact the cloud directly. Elves are diffuse regions of luminosity which occur high above energetic CG discharges of positive or negative polarity. Elves most likely result when an energetic electromagnetic pulse (EMP) propagates into the ionosphere.
  38. 38. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org A dielectric-barrier-discharge (DBD) plasma is used to induce a flow close to a surface for flow control. The DBD plasma actuator consists of two electrodes separated by a dielectric barrier. When a high voltage alternating current is applied, the air close to the exposed electrode is ionized. On the surface the ions collide with the surrounding neutral air particles so as to transfer their momentum to the air. Therefore, the plasma actuator can be thought of as imposing a localized body force to the surrounding air. AERODYNAMIC CONTROL WITH PLASMA ACTUATORS
  39. 39. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org DIELECTRIC-BARRIER-DISCHARGE (DBD) PLASMA The main advantage of this process is that it directly converts electric energy into kinetic energy without involving moving mechanical parts. Secondly, its response time is very short and enables real-time control at high frequency. DBD plasma actuators are also light, small, and have little power consumption. Because of these desirable characteristics, in June 2009 the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics named DBD plasma actuators one of the “Top ten emerging aerospace technologies”. The main disadvantage of DBD plasma actuators is the low efficiency of energy conversion they currently achieve.
  40. 40. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org These pictures show perfectly the Spiral Currents disc-shaped Aerodynes. The establishment of a stable spiral distribution of the current is obtained by an original method, based on the concept of disc-shaped MHD aerodynes introduced by Jean-Pierre PETIT in 1975, in 2 papers released in the “Comptes Rendus de l’Académie des Sciences de Paris”
  41. 41. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org TOROIDAL PLASMA VORTEX GENERATION
  42. 42. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Electric discharge blown by magnetic pressure Supersonic MHD flow control experiment in wind tunnel, combining magnetic confinement, non-thermal microwave ionization, and induction acceleration around a disk-shaped model. Picture of HF discharges. The sharp edge of this disk-shaped model made of an electrically conducting material makes radial HF discharges looking like “truncated light rays”. The wingless electromagnetic air vehicle (WEAV), with electrodes lining its surface.
  43. 43. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Tesla's Flying Machine represents the culmination of Tesla's life long research and is the demonstration that his Dynamic Theory of Gravity is correct. There are different speculations around the development of such a craft. A typical example of misinformation is that around his VTOL patent. Tesla patented this aerodynamic aircraft ("method of aerial transportation") in Jan 3, 1928 - much later than his original concept and as such was in no way connnected to it. Through his collected articles and lectures, there are references to the development of an "ideal" flying machine ("My Inventions" and "Tesla's Flying Machine"). This machine first appears similar to the modern day lifters propulsion system, but some propose that Tesla's device differes because it is comprised of both the high voltage "carrier exchange blocking" frequencies and high voltage direct current brush "propellant". In brief, what is referred commonly to nowadays as a "UFO" is in fact a Tesla flying machine.
  44. 44. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Vortex, which is created in the central part of the device, absorbs heat from air, which traverses through turbine blades by means of heat-exchanger. The heat-exchanger is actually a usual centrifugal pump. Vortex absorbs that minimal part of heat, which is necessary to keep rotation. The engine starts the operation at turbine untwisting and at slight water injection, which comes from below. Probably, after the mode of tornado is reached, there is no need in water and only air serves as actuating fluid. During operating of the engine, pressure is decreased in the center and increased at the periphery of it. Rank's effect works in full here. More precisely, its work is even more pronounced than in "Rank's tubes" (since in Rank's tubes swirled air is thrown outside instantly and rather uneconormcally, and in the given case there is "accumulation" of the effect at circular meridian rotation). The cooled from below heat-exchanger-turbine is heated from above by compressed air. The rejection of this cooled air causes usual reactive thrust. http://evg-ars.narod.ru
  45. 45. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Swirling air obtains a considerable electric potential, which is positive in the center and negative at the periphery. In spite of its simplicity, this tornado model (as well as the very tornado) is an excellent electrostatic generator (the theory of appearance of such electric potential has the best representation in materials on Searl's generator). In natural tornado the millions Volt value is obtained that results in the constant appearance of lightnings in "tornado eye" and in its "trunk". Thus in the presence of such high voltage there is air electrization in the body of tornado. And as is well known, like charges repel each other! (Positively charged air molecules, which are devoid of electrons, repel each other). In such a way, due to electrostatic forces there is a rise of gas pressure! This expansion causes the additional impulse for the upward motion of air. http://evg-ars.narod.ru
  46. 46. BALL LIGHTNING http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org
  47. 47. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Ball lightning normally appears during thundery weather as a free-floating globe of glowing gas, usually spherical or toroidal, that can enter buildings in a variety of ways. It sometimes squeezes through spaces much smaller than its diameter and occasionally passes through closed windows which it may or may not damage. Nikola Tesla with Balls of Light “Not to stagger on being shown through the laboratory of Nikola Tesla requires the possession of an uncommonly sturdy mind. No person can escape a feeling of giddiness when permitted to pass into this miracle-factory and contemplate for a moment the amazing feats which this young man can accomplish by the mere turning of a hand. Fancy yourself seated in a large, well- lighted room, with mountains of curious-looking machinery on all sides. A tall, thin young man walks up to you, and by merely snapping his fingers creates instantaneously a ball of leaping red flame, and holds it calmly in his hands. As you gaze you are surprised to see it does not burn his fingers. He lets it fall upon his clothing, on his hair, into your lap, and, finally, puts the ball of flame into a wooden box. You are amazed to see that nowhere does the flame leave the slightest trace, and you rub your eyes to make sure you are not asleep. The odd flame having been extinguished as miraculously as it appeared...” From “The New Wizard of the West” - By Chauncy Montgomery M'Govern From Pearson's Magazine, May 1899
  48. 48. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Ball lightning has been observed in close proximity to atmospheric vortices such as tornadoes and weaker vortices. In some events it is difficult for eyewitnesses to differentiate between the two phenomena. Excluding a chance association, two causal possibilities present themselves. • The first is that the vortex is somehow manufacturing ball lightning and its nature is, as yet, unknown. • The second option is that ball lightning is a burning vortex in a continuum ranging from a small-scale (centimeters) to a large-scale (meters) vortex. Unusual luminosity is sometimes observed in vortices and this provides a clue to the ball lightning problem. Although one past suggestion used the electrical discharge hypothesis as a mechanism to illuminate a vortex, there is another possibility. The hypothesis is that gaseous combustion within the confines of vortex breakdown could account for ball lightning and other unexplained atmospheric lights. Lab generated plasma vortex Natural plasma vortex
  49. 49. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org The image was made aboard a helicopter on Aug. 19 , 1972 at 11h local time. The observers' attention was drawn by "whitish shining spots in the direction of mountain Belukha summits". Disk and oval shapes, so distinctly visible on the photo, were not observed visually. An estimate of the objects made using topographic charts of the region, gives more than 1,5 km. NATURAL SELF-LUMINOUS FORMATIONS
  50. 50. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org Vacuum domain (VD) is a non-homogenous, local modification of the physical vacuum where the electrodynamics and the gravidynamics are coupled; whereas outside there is no such coupling at all. Vacuum domains possess a set of specific features which include penetration through any kind of matter, where the VD's introduce the electric, magnetic, gravitational, spin fields and the distributed angular momentum. Inside the VDs penetrating gravispin waves (gravitons) are transformed into the electromagnetic waves (photons) To all the Earth shells from magnetosphere to mantle the VDs bring electric circuits and discharges, magnetic variations and pulses, mechanical stresses and changes in the velocity and intensity of chemical reactions in atmosphere, heliosphere and lithosphere: all these phenomena being unexplainable by classic theories. BALL LIGHTNING TOROID MODEL
  51. 51. A geomagnetic storm is a temporary disturbance of the Earth's, caused by a solar wind shock wave which interacts with the Earth's magnetic field. The increase in the solar wind pressure initially compresses the magnetosphere and the solar wind magnetic field will interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and transfer an increased amount of energy into the magnetosphere. Both interactions cause an increase in movement of plasma through the magnetosphere and an increase in electric current in the magnetosphere and ionosphere. ELECTRIC EARTH AND THE MAGNETOSPHERE
  52. 52. BRAZIL AND THE SOUTH ATLANTIC ANOMALY The South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) is an area where the Earth's inner radiation belt comes closest to the Earth's surface. This leads to an increased flux of energetic particles in this region and exposes orbiting satellites to higher than usual levels of radiation. The effect is caused by the non-concentricity of the Earth and its magnetic dipole, and the SAA is the near-Earth region where the Earth's magnetic field is weakest. Van Allen radiation belt
  53. 53. Robert K. Golka research events at Leadville, Colorado in testing Cavity energy transmission. The experiments at the Climax Mine in 1988-1989. The objectives of Golka’s “Project Tesla” were divided into three areas of investigation. 1. Demonstration that the Schumann Cavity can be resonated with an open air, vertical dipole antenna; 2. Measurement of power insertion losses; 3. Measurement of power retrieval losses, locally and at a distance. A full size, 51 foot diameter, air core, radio frequency resonating coil and a unique 130 foot tower, insulated 30 feet above ground, have beenconstructed and are operational at an elevation of approximately 11,000 feet. This system was originally built by Robert Golka in 1973-1974 and used until 1982 by the United States Air Force at Wendover AFB in Wendover,Utah. 150 Feet Tower At Climax Mine Leadville COLORADO http://www.tb3.com/tesla/golka/ THE RESONANT MINES
  54. 54. SOLAR ION WINDS AND EARTH’S MAGNETOSPHERE A planetary magnetosphere is the region surrounding a planet within which its own magnetic field dominates the behavior of electrically charged particles. The Earth's magnetosphere is carved out of the solar wind, when the solar wind encounters the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field is close to being dipolar, although the magnetic field lines in the magnetotail are stretched out of the dipole shape by electrical currents flowing across the tail. The plasma in the plasmasphere region corotates with the Earth. The magnetic field accompanying the solar wind merges with that of a planet and stretches it out to produce a long, turbulent magnetotail, or wake, on the downwind side of the planet. In the magnetotail, the solar-wind-driven flow brings the plasma to the equatorial plane, where it is concentrated in the plasma sheet.
  55. 55. IONOSPHERIC MODIFICATION Tesla clearly specified the Earth as being one of the conducting media involved in ground and air system technology. The specified medium is the atmosphere above 8 km elevation. While not an ohmic conductor, in this region of the troposphere and upwards, the density or pressure is sufficiently reduced to so that, according to Tesla’s theory, the atmosphere’s insulating properties can be easily impaired, allowing an electric current to flow. His theory further states that the conducting region is developed through the process of atmospheric ionization, in which the affected portions thereof are changed to plasma. The presence of the magnetic fields developed by Tesla’s helical resonator suggests that an embedded magnetic field and flux linkage is also involved. Flux linkage with Earth’s natural magnetic field is also a possibility, especially in the case of an earth resonance transmission system. The upper troposphere between the magnifying transmitter and the receiver is available for a conductor by inducing the plasma state within that region. This is the “aurora” effect described by Tesla in the 1916 interview. "I have constructed and patented a form of apparatus which, with a moderate elevation of a few hundred feet, can break the air stratum down. You will then see something like an aurora borealis across the sky, and the energy will go to the distant place."
  56. 56. IONOSPHERIC AND WEATHER MODIFICATION Nikola Tesla published an article about "The Wonder World to be Created by Electricity" in Manufacturer's Record (September 9, 1915), wherein he claimed that "The time is very near when we shall have the precipitation of the moisture of the atmosphere under complete control, and then it will be possible to draw unlimited quantities of water from the oceans, develop any desired amount of energy, and completely transform the globe by irrigation and intensive farming. A greater achievement of man through the medium of electricity can hardly be imagined". TESLA WARDENCLYFFE TOWER The end result is a flow of true conduction currents between the two elevated terminals by a path up to and through the troposphere, and back down to the other facility. EFFECTS OF PAIRED TESLA MAGNIFYING TRANSMITTORS
  57. 57. ATMOSPHERIC IONIZATION The method of atmospheric ionization to modify weather was first patented by William Haight in 1925 (British Patent # 251,689). He actually constructed two electrical rain-making towers in California. Haight claimed that the earth contains a positive charge of static electricity and the atmosphere has a negatively-charged region. Between the two is an insulating region of dry air that prevents the positive and the negative charges from combining to produce a lower temperature that would cause clouds to condense and rain to fall. By discharging high frequency alternating current into the insulating layer, electrical contact is established between the positive and negative layers. The temperature drops in the clouds, causing them to condense and rain. Haight's British Patent # 251,689 The electric current through the Earth is balanced by an equivalent electrical displacement through the space above it. This displacement can be achieved by means of electrical conduction through the atmosphere without violating any of the known laws of physics. With energy transmission by true electrical conduction, a very high voltage on the order of 15 million volts is needed on both of the elevated terminals to break down the insulating air around and above. The ionization of the atmosphere directly above the elevated terminals is facilitated by a vertical ionizing beam of ultraviolet radiation that leads to the formation of what might be called a plasma high-voltage electrical transmission line.
  58. 58. IONOSPHERIC MODIFICATION It is in fact possible to influence tropospheric rivers by electromagnetic means. The US military certainly has been investigating weather modification since the 1950s. Capt. Howard Orville publicly stated in 1958 that the intent was "to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather through electronic beams to ionize and de-ionize the atmosphere". Active experiments in the magnetosphere include some intended to be primarily diagnostic (barium release, electron guns) and others designed to perturb the system to generate instabilities (VLF or ULF wave injection from ground stations, ionospheric heating).
  59. 59. EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE PARTICLE ACCELERATOR A fleet of NASA and European Space Agency space-weather probes observed an immense jet of electrically charged particles in the solar wind between the Sun and Earth. The jet, at least 200 times as wide as the Earth, was powered by clashing magnetic fields in a process called "magnetic reconnection". These jets are the result of natural particle accelerators dwarfing anything built on Earth. The newly discovered interplanetary jets are far larger than those occurring within Earth's magnetic shield. The new observation is the first direct measurement indicating magnetic reconnection can happen on immense scales.
  60. 60. EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE PARTICLE ACCELERATOR The solar wind is a dilute stream of electrically charged (ionized) gas that blows continually from the Sun. Because the solar wind is electrically charged, it carries solar magnetic fields with it. The solar wind arising from different places on the Sun carries magnetic fields pointing in different directions. Magnetic reconnection in the solar wind takes place when "sheets" of oppositely directed magnetic fields get pressed together. In doing so, the sheets connect to form an X-shaped cross-section that is then annihilated, or broken, to form a new magnetic line geometry.
  61. 61. The Magnetosphere-Ionosphere system works like a circuit, with the Magnetosphere providing the energy and the Ionosphere providing the resistance. The Magnetosphere and Ionosphere are connected by Field Aligned Currents. Birkeland currents are a set of currents which flow along geomagnetic field line connecting the Earth’s magnetosphere to the Earth's high latitude ionosphere. They are a specific class of magnetic field-aligned currents. In the high latitude ionosphere, the Birkeland currents close through the region of the auroral electrojet, which flows perpendicular to the local magnetic field in the ionosphere. The Birkeland currents occur in two pairs of field-lined current sheets. One pair extends from noon through the dusk sector to the midnight sector THEMIS satellites have found evidence of magnetic flux ropes connecting Earth's upper atmosphere directly to the Sun.
  62. 62. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org CONJUGATE POINT EQUATORIAL EXPERIMENTS Equatorial Spread F (ESF), is a phenomena that produces large turbulent like variations of electron density at F region heights. ESF occurs in association with the plasma depleted flux tubes, widely known as plasma bubbles which develop at the dusk hours into vertically extended formations extending to 1500 km over the magnetic equator and thousands of kilometers into the low latitude ionosphere on either side. IONOSPHERIC LAYERS
  63. 63. Altitude (Km) 90 - 80 - 70 - 60 - 50 - 40 - 30 - PLASMA, ANGELS AND TRANSIENT LUMINOUS EVENTS Amplification of electric field by a pocket of enhanced ionization Transient Luminous Events are the optical signature of energetic processes in the upper atmosphere, of which sprites are the best known. Sprites are short-lived (a few ms), large luminous discharges that appear in the altitude range ~40 to 90 km above large thunderstorms. Sprites arise from the quasi-electrostatic (QE) field resulting from removal of a significant amount of charge in a large lightning stroke.
  64. 64. THUNDERSTORMS AND ANTIMATTER Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes are bursts of gamma rays in the Earth's atmosphere. TGFs have been recorded to last 0.2 to 3.5 milliseconds, and have energies of up to 20 MeV. They are caused by electric fields produced above thunderstorms. The antimatter, which has the same properties of their matter 'twin' except with the opposite electric charge, is thought to be created when an avalanche of electrons are thrown up by a thunderstorm’s strong electromagnetic field. When these electrons strike other atoms in the atmosphere they release a burst of gamma rays. Travelling near the nuclei of other atoms causes the gamma rays to transform into an electron/positron pair (a positron is an electron’s antimatter counterpart, with positive instead of negative charge).
  65. 65. EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE MODIFICATION A scheme is proposed which would modify the magnetosphere by injecting plasma near the equator beyond the plasmapause and initiating wave-particle instabilities. Injection of plasma into this region is also a naturally occurring phenomenon produced by the cross-tail electric fields which are associated with geomagnetic activity.
  66. 66. The propagation of whistlers produced by a lightning flash along the magnetic field lines, leads to reflection by the ionosphere at the opposite hemisphere, and this travel time is manifested in the detected delay of the next lightning signal arriving from a specific location. The constructive interference between waves (generated by an intra-cloud discharge) reflected from the ground and the ionosphere, leads to creation of localized peaks of electron densities between 75 and 85 km. A whistler is the signature of the electromagnetic wave emitted by a lightning flash after it has traversed the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere is a "dispersive" medium, meaning that different frequencies will propagate through it at different group-velocities, the lower frequencies will arrive later in time than the higher frequencies. A magnetospheric duct is a magnetic-field aligned region of enhanced ionization in the magnetosphere which can efficiently guide ELF and VLF waves. ELECTRON MIRRORING THE ELECTRON MIRROR
  67. 67. Preseismic anomalous states in the atmosphere and ionosphere, as well as those in the near-Earth (telluric) currents and ultralowfrequency electromagnetic variations have been reported as occurring prior to earthquakes. SEISMO ELECTROMAGNETICS LITHOSPHERE-ATMOSPHERE-IONOSPHERE COUPLING The observation of anomalous pulses of electromagnetic emissions in the frequency interval between a few Hz and some tens of kHz as well as the changes of the density of the charged particles registered by satellites are basis of investigation of the Lithosphere Ionosphere Coupling. A light or glow in the sky sometimes heralds a big earthquake. On on the day of the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, there were 23 reported sightings of a white, blue, or orange light extending some 200 meters in the air and spreading 1 to 8 kilometers across the ground. These anoumalous states include disturbances of the atmospheric electric field, anomalous geomagnetic pulsations, and anomalous disturbances in the ionosphere and the magnetosphere.
  68. 68. Inner-core anisotropy and hemisphericity Acoustic anisotropy of the Earth’s inner core has a peculiar feature: elastic waves travel faster in the polar direction than in the equatorial directions. This type of anisotropy suggests some coupling between the outer and inner cores. The Earth’s interior is composed of four layers: the crust, mantle, outer core and inner core. The crust is the outermost skin, 5 to 10 km thick, and is composed of rocks of many types. The mantle extends from just below the crust down to 2900 km deep, and is composed of silicates. The core occupies the innermost part of the Earth, and its major component is iron. In the molten outer core, the geomagnetic field is generated through magnetohydrodynamic dynamo action. The inner core is a sphere of solid iron, and has a radius of about 1200 km. EARTH ACOUSTICS
  69. 69. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org EARTH RESONANCE Nikola Tesla’s transmitting and receiving antennas and the standing waves along the Earth globe (Unpublished material from the Nikola Tesla Museum, Belgrade) A. Marincic (ART OF TRANSMITTING ELECTRICAL ENERGY THROUGH THE NATURAL MEDIUMS) Patent 787,412.
  70. 70. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org EARTH RESONANCE A transmitting circuit is shown connected to earth and to an antenna. The transmitter being in action, two effects are produced: Hertz waves pass thru the air, and a current traverses the earth. The former propagate with the speed of light and their energy is unrecoverable in the circuit. The latter proceeds with the speed varying as the cosecant of the angle which a radius drawn from any point under consideration forms with the axis of symmetry of the waves. At the origin the speed is infinite but gradually diminishes until a quadrant is traversed, when the velocity is that of light. From there on it again increases, becoming infinite at the antipole. Theoretically the energy of this current is recoverable in its entirety, in properly attuned receivers.
  71. 71. http://www.facebook.com/NikolaTeslaInstitute http://www.institutotesla.org SIMULATION OF THE GLOBAL WIRELESS ENERGY TRANSFER FIELD (HFSS)
  72. 72. There exists also a connection between ionospheric disturbances and the discrete structure of the Earth's core. SEISMO ELECTROMAGNETICS
  73. 73. GLOBAL SEISMICITY Seismic waves are waves of energy that travel through the earth, and are a result of an earthquake, explosion, or a volcano that imparts low-frequency acoustic energy. The propagation velocity of the waves depends on density and elasticity of the medium. Velocity tends to increase with depth, and ranges from approximately 2 to 8 km/s in the Earth's crust up to 13 km/s in the deep mantle. There are two types of seismic waves, body waves and surface waves. Body waves travel through the interior of the Earth. They follow raypaths refracted by the varying density and stiffness of the Earth's interior. The density and stiffness, in turn, vary according to temperature, composition, and phase. This effect is similar to the refraction of light waves. Primary waves (P-waves) are compressional waves that are longitudinal in nature. P waves are pressure waves that are the initial set of waves produced by an earthquake. SEISMIC WAVES Secondary waves (S-waves) are shear waves that are transverse in nature. These waves typically follow P waves during an earthquake and displace the ground perpendicular to the direction of propagation. S waves can travel only through solids, as fluids do not support shear stresses. S waves are slower than P waves.
  74. 74. Gr avity anomalies and the structure o f the Earth Gravity anomaly maps show how much the Earth’s actual gravity field differs from the gravity field of a uniform, featureless Earth surface. The anomalies highlight variations in the strength of the gravitational force over the surface of the Earth. Gravity anomalies are due to unusual concentrations of mass in a region. The presence of mountain ranges will usually cause the gravitational force to be more than it would be on a featureless planet — positive gravity anomaly. Conversely, the presence of ocean trenches or even the depression of the landmass that was caused by the presence of glaciers millennia ago can cause negative gravity anomalies.
  75. 75. VOLCANIC LIGHTNING Extremely large volcanic eruptions, which eject gases and material high into the atmosphere, can trigger lightning. Such spectacular displays occur when electrical discharges are generated by friction between particles and gases in an expanding eruption cloud. Volcanic lightning most often occurs during eruptions which have large ash clouds. A variety of types of lightning bolts are produced by such conditions including bolts of different widths traveling in different directions, including ball lightning and small separate sparks.
  77. 77. STAR GATE EARTH ENERGY Almost all energy and potential energy on earth is derived from the Sun. Each second, the sun releases more power than humans could ever hope to use, but sometimes a little extra energy is released in an event known as a solar flare. Solar flares affect all levels of the Earth’s atmosphere, and the radiation they produce can wreak havoc on electronic communications and other human activities. Without the protection of the atmosphere, the proton storms generated by these flares would be deadly to anyone who encountered them. The amount of energy released in a solar flare can be as high as 6 x 1025 Joules of energy, more than all the fossil fuels that exist on Earth, and have ever existed on Earth, combined.
  78. 78. Japan’s massive Sendai earthquake, which weighed in at 9.0 on the Richter scale opened up a 400 km long gash in the ocean floor, releasing a surface energy of 1.9×1017 joules on March 11th 2011. The total energy released underground was about 205,000 times that on the surface. This energy is equivalent to about 9.32 teratons of TNT, or approximately 600 million Hiroshima bombs, or about 80 years of global energy usage, estimated to be 4.74×1020 joules for the year of 2008. That’s arguably more energy than what all of mankind has ever used so far. A solar storm hitting the Earth
  79. 79. STAR GATE EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE PLASMA COMPRESSION A plasmoid is a coherent structure of plasma and magnetic fields. Plasmoids have been proposed to explain natural phenomena such as ball lightning, magnetic bubbles in the magnetosphere, and object in the solar atmosphere. Plasmoids appear as plasma cylinders elongated in the direction of the magnetic field, possessing a measurable magnetic moment, translational speed, a transverse electric field, and size. Plasmoids can interact with each other, seemingly by reflecting off one another. Their orbits can also be made to curve toward one another. Plasmoids can be made to spiral to a stop if projected into a gas at about 10−3 mm Hg pressure. Plasmoids can be made to smash each other into fragments, and they undergo fission and possess spin. A plasmoid has an internal pressure stemming from both the gas pressure of the plasma and the magnetic pressure of the field. To maintain an approximately static plasmoid radius, this pressure must be balanced an external confining pressure. In a field-free vacuum, for example, a plasmoid will rapidly expand and dissipate.
  80. 80. Magnetic fields can confine a plasma, because the ions and electrons of which it consists will follow helical paths around the magnetic field lines. The plasma is composed of electrically charged particles, electrons and ions. Such electrically charged particles have the natural property of following magnetic field lines. The field lines may be imagined as strings along and around which charged particles move. Some of these magnetic field lines intersect the solid materials of the confinement vessel at some location. Charged plasma particles that happen to be on such field lines are therefore guided into collisions with the first wall and deposit their energy onto the plasma-facing material. In plasma physics, such a terminal field line is called “open”. Open field lines are found at the edge of the plasma close to the walls. In contrast, deeper inside the JET torus, the field lines run around the “doughnut” in never-ending loops, without ever encountering any solid material. They form so called “closed” field lines. In an idealized scenario, plasma particles are safe from collisions with the first wall as long as they are guided along these closed field lines. However, there are processes that force plasma particles to leak out from the confined volume, which is the volume entirely filled by closed field lines: particles diffuse across the magnetic field. Particles may leave the confined volume simply due to the fact that their orbit around each field line has a finite radius. Furthermore they can “jump” from one guiding field line to another due to collisions with other plasma particle. PLASMA CONFINEMENT
  81. 81. Robert Hirsch proposed a new way of building a fusor without the ion guns or multipactor electrodes. Instead the system was constructed as two similar spherical electrodes, one inside the other, all inside a larger container filled with a dilute fuel gas. In this system the guns were no longer needed, and corona discharge around the outer electrodes was enough to provide a source of ions. Once ionized, the gas would be drawn towards the inner (negatively charged) electrode, which they would pass by and into the central reaction area. Eddy Current Model of Ball Lightning Calculations show that high-energy ball lightning may consist of a ball of plasma containing a large circular electric current arising as an eddy current generated by lightning. Synthetic ball lightning might serve as a method of plasma confinement for purposes of nuclear fusion. The most typical plasma configurations are fibers through which an electric current circulates (pinch). We find them in the channels within lightnings, in solar protuberances and in distant nebulae and in the nuclei of galaxies. As spherical structures are characteristic for gravitational interactions so are cylindrical structures characteristic for plasmas. The axial current generates an azimuthal magnetic field. This field compresses the pinch due to the gradient of magnetic pressure and against it reacts the gradient of material pressure and radiation. The presence of fibrous structures in the Universe regularly signifies the presence of ionized matter and magnetic fields.
  82. 82. A selected region of plasma which lies within the earth's ionosphere is altered to increase the density thereof whereby a relatively stable layer of relatively dense plasma is maintained within region. Electromagnetic radiation is transmitted at the outset essentially parallel to field line 11 via an antenna as a right hand circularly polarized wave and at a frequency capable of exciting electron cyclotron resonance in plasma 12 at the particular altitude of plasma 12. This causes heating of the particles (electrons, ions, neutrals, and particulates) and ionization of the uncharged particles adjacent line 11, all of which are absorbed into plasma 12 to increase the density thereof. While continuing to transmit electromagnetic radiation 20 from antenna 15, a second electromagnetic radiation beam 31, which is at a defined frequency different from the radiation from antenna 15, is transmitted from one or more second sources via antenna 32 into layer 30 and is absorbed into a portion of layer 30.The electromagnetic radiation wave from antenna 32 is amplitude modulated to match a known mode of oscillation in layer 30. This creates a resonance in layer 30 which excites a new plasma wave 33 which also has a frequency of f and which then propogates through the ionosphere. Method and apparatus for altering a region in the Earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere US Patent No. 4,686,605
  83. 83. STAR GATE EARTH MAGNETOSPHERE PLASMA VORTICES When Earth's magnetic field is aligned opposite to that of the solar wind, gaping holes can allow the energized particles to pour in and collect in an outer region of the magnetosphere called the boundary layer. At the magnetopause, the interaction of fast streaming solar wind plasma and stagnant plasma in the magnetosphere creates vortices. The swirls of electrified gas are nearly 40,000 kilometers in diameter. It takes roughly 10 minutes for a vortex to form and collapse, and they are created continuously.
  84. 84. Method for accelerating a plasmoid region in the Earth's magnetotail
  85. 85. Stability of a plane plasma is affected in a field of constant external gravitational force. There are some kinds of MHD instabilities can be classified as gravitational instabilities, i.e., flute instability, Rayleigh-Taylor instability, interchange instability Rayleigh-Taylor instability occurs when a heavy fluid is placed over a light one; the role of the heavy fluid is played by the plasma, and the role of the light one, by the magnetic field. The development of the flute instability in a plasma can be ascribed to interchange of the flux tubes filled with plasma. The magnetic field strength and the shape of the lines of force remain constant, but the plasma volume and pressure in the tubes change.The energy accumulated in the plasma-magnetic field system changes accordingly. Instability may appear, caused by the interchange of the flux tubes for different magnetic field configurations. Gravitational collapse is the inward fall of a body due to the influence of its own gravity. In any stable body, this gravitational force is counterbalanced by the internal pressure of the body, in the opposite direction to the force of gravity (gravity being generally orientated to the center of mass). If the inwards pointing gravitational force, however, is stronger than the total combination of the outward pointing forces, the equilibrium becomes unbalanced and a collapse occurs until the internal pressure increases above that of the gravitational force and equilibrium attained. GRAVITATIONAL INSTABILITY IN A PLASMA IN A MAGNETIC FIELD
  86. 86. The plasma universe consists of swirling streams of electrons and ions flowing in filaments. Where pairs of these spaghettilike structures interact, the particle gain kinetic energy and at narrow 'pinch' regions produce the entire range of galaxy types as well as the full spectrum of cosmic electromagnetic radiation. Galaxies lie 'like pearl beads on a necklace' along filaments. The bulk of the filaments are invisible from a distance, much like the Birkeland currents that circle the Earth but are invisible. Electric Currents and Transmission Lines in Space
  88. 88. From 10 to 20 ly 36 Ophiuchi 3?* 40 (Omicron2) Eridani 3 (Keid)* 61 Cygni 2* 70 Ophiuchi 2?* 82 Eridani* Altair CD-46 11540 / Gl 674 CD-49 13515 / Gl 832 Delta Pavonis* DENIS 1048-39 DX Cancri Epsilon Eridani* Epsilon Indi* Eta Cassiopeiae 2 (Achird)* EV Lacertae EZ Aquarii 3 Gliese 229 Gl 570 / HR 5568 ABC* Gliese 876 / Ross 780 Groombridge 34 AB Groombridge 1618 J. Herschel 5173 AB* Kapteyn's Star Lacaille 8760 / AX Mic Lacaille 9352 LHS 1565 / GJ 1061 (LP 944-20) Luyten's Star Procyon 2 Ross 128 Ross 248 Sigma Draconis (Alsafi)* Struve 2398 AB Tau Ceti* Teegarden's Star (UGPS 0722-05) Van Maanen's Star Wolf 424 AB Wolf 1055 AB / VB's Star Stars within 10 ly Alpha Centauri 3* Barnard's Star Lalande 21185 Luyten 726-8 AB Ross 154 Sirius 2 Wolf 359
  89. 89. Boris Petrovic is a Whole Earth System Scientist and Noospheric Philosopher. engineer of tele automation systems, and a researcher into Tesla’s “World system”, Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and magnetic reconnection. Boris is an associate of The Serbian “Nikola Tesla” Society in Belgrade, the Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia, and founding member of the Noosphere Forum. Through cooperation with the International Scientific Research Institute for Cosmic Anthropo-Ecology in Novosibirsk and the Foundation of the Law of Time in Oregon he works on the study of cosmic consciousness, access to intensified consciousness and altered states, including non-linear time and telepathy. Boris’ research of Tesla’s wireless energy transfer, in the laboratory of the Nikola Tesla Institute in Brasília, uncovers the potential energy field of “instantaneous locality” that underlies our reality, and facilitates communication with Earth’s cosmic neighborhood.
  90. 90. Partners The Tesla Science Foundation in Philadelphia, US http://teslasciencefoundation.org Center for Cosmology Studies "Nikola Tesla", Belgrade, Serbia http://www.teslainstitut.rs The Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand http://www.einsteinandtesla.com Фонд Возрождения Технологий Николы Тесла (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine) http://www.teslatech.com.ua The Institute of new cosmology and the science of time, Serbia http://www.n01a.org The Noosphere Forum http://www.noosphereforum.org