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Incite: Communications

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communications, CCOs, CMOs, social media, customer-centricity, big data, digital marketing, online marketing, real time marketing, internal convergence

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Incite: Communications

  1. 1. Molson CoorsDan LewisChief PublicAffairs OfficerBASFRobin RotenbergChief CommunicationsOfficerDow JonesPaula KeveChief CommunicationsOfficerChobaniNicki BriggsChief CommunicationsOfficerL’OrealMarc SpeichertChief MarketingOfficerSony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief MarketingOfficerMEET AND LEARN FROMcommunications SummitEffectiveMulti-ChannelIntegrate multiple channelsand media for morepervasive and impactfulcommunications- withoutcrippling complexityBetterListening =Better CommsGet closer to yourcustomer and stayrelevant by learningmore about themAnAuthentic,Unified VoiceOvercome a fragmentedlandscape and ensureeveryone sings from thesame hymn-sheetCOLLABORATEFOR DeeperUnderstandingWork with marketing toshare insight and builda deeper – and moreuseful – picture of yourcustomerMEASUREMENTTO GUIDESTRATEGYTrack the impact ofyour communicationswork on the bottom line– and use insight to drivefuture strategySeptember 18–19New York Cityincitemc.com/communications#incitesummitTell engaging,authentic brandstoriesInternal collaboration, better listeningand multi-channel communicationsMEET AND WORK WITH:learn
  2. 2. NOT YOUR STANDARD CONFERENCE.Why?Because we:Ban powerpoint to enhance interactionWe don’t force you to sit through extensive andirrelevant slide decksEnsure every discussion is relevant and usefulNot a platform for self-congratulation and irrelevanceFocus on sceptical debate and realityWe don’t advocate the latest developments simplybecause they’re newEngage your peers with valuable contentpermanently We don’t just pitch you for 3 monthsand disappearYOUR NEW TOOL FORBETTER COMMUNICATIONSTOUGH QUESTIONS,CHALLENGING DEBATEWhat makes us betterthan the rest?Seniority for Unrivalled Insight: With 12+ Chief Marketingand Communications Officers, you get in-depth insightfrom the people shaping strategy at some of the biggestcompanies in the world, like L’Oreal, Sony and Molson CoorsPeer-Driven to Guarantee Relevance: Every session hasbeen suggested by senior communicators - so every sessionis aligned to your needsAlways Cutting Edge: Every discussion evolves right up tothe event, meaning the rapidly-changing communicationsenvironment is reflected, not ignoredExclusively Corporate: No agencies or vendors invited.This was built by your corporate peers - for you and othercorporate peers88%of CEOs saycustomer-alignment istop corporatepriority for next5 years. So this isthe main focus ofthe entire Summit.81%of comms execs say“building uniquecustomer experiencesand personalisedcampaigns” is animportant goalfor 2013. so it’sdealt with in hoursof workshopsand discussionsthroughout ouragenda.Join theconversation: facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.incitemc.com/communicationsWelcome to InciteWhat we deliverTargeted and relevant corporate insighton the key issues for you in 2013:The Art of Storytelling: Shift fromoutmoded campaign-based Communicationsinto telling engaging and effective storiesCustomer Centricity: Get closer to yourcustomers to ensure messaging is relevant,authentic and engagingWork With Marketing: Get better at workingwith the Marketing Department to ensure a unifiedexternal voice in a fragmented communicationslandscapeMulti-Channel: Leverage the plethora ofcommunications channels effectively – for a pervasivemessage that hits your target in the right place,at the right timeMeasurement to Prove Impact: Show yourcontribution to corporate goals with upgradedmeasurement techniques to track impactTo collaborate in definingour sessions, go towww.incitemc.comWHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT
  3. 3. We’ve got atrack recordyou can trust...But don’tjust take ourword for it:This is a new brand from the teamthat brought you Useful SocialMedia and Ethical Corporation.With over twelve years’ experiencein putting together businesssummits, analysis and insight,we know how to deliver you theconference and the communitythat you need.USMLoved it,awesomeAmericanAirlinesGreatspeakers,greatcontent,great brandsGoddard SystemsVeryenlighteningGeneral MotorsGreatspeakers oncorporatefocusedtopicsSAPMyspendis wellworth itVerizonWirelessI was inspired by so manyof the presentationsRegions FinancialA wonderfulopportunityto connecteBayAn excellent way to gainactionable insightsYUM! BrandsLoved it,awesomeAmericanAirlinesGreatspeakers,greatcontent,great brandsGoddard SystemsVeryenlighteningGeneral MotorsGreatspeakers oncorporatefocusedtopicsSAPMyspendis wellworth itVerizonWirelessI was inspired by so manyof the presentationsRegions FinancialA wonderfulopportunityto connecteBayAn excellent way to gainactionable insightsYUM! BrandsAnd who has come along toour conferences before?andmanymore!WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENTWhat are you waiting for?Buy your ticket now at www.incitemc.com/communicationssave $400 if you book before July 12
  4. 4. We know your key problems.Incite helps you solve them.YOUR CONFERENCEof comms execssay multipledepartments needto work togetherbetter togetherfor an enhanced,unified customerexperienceCo-located withIncite:Marketing, youget 2 days of learningto work together - andextra insight from 20Chief Marketing Officersand Vice-Presidents97%of respondentsaren’t confidentthat they’remeasuringcommunicationsimpactaccuratelySo we run specificworkshops on exactlythis topic, and giveyou insight from severalcorporate leaders onimproved measurementtechniques74%of COMMUNICATORSSay their companyneeds to get moreclosely aligned totheir customersWith insight from13 C-suite executives,over 7 keynote sessionsand 6 workshops,you’ll learn all youneed to know93%of Communicationsexecutives sayit’s importantto do bettermulti-channelcommunicationsin 2013So multi-channelis the second keytheme of the Summit.You’ll get 12+ hours ofinsight and discussionto help you do yourjob better81%Want to see the full agenda?Turn the page for a basic version, and see the complete programmeat www.incitemc.com/communications
  5. 5. Not Your Standard AgendaFluid, evolving and always cutting edgefacebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.incitemc.com/communicationsYou may have noticed our agenda only features titles and speakerson the next two pages.That’s intentional. Our conference is designed to evolveright up to September 18.All sessions are Q&A-based, andyou get to define thequestions we ask.You can vote on our current questions,and submit your own for each discussion,at www.incitemc.comThis ensures that every session:1 Fits far more closely withyour priorities: Detailedresponses to core questions, not vaguepresentations2 Stays up to date: Rather thanbeing stuck with a 3-month old agenda,you know that this Summit will keeppace with such a fast moving spaceWe’re also don’t promise the world. We can’t deliverall the solutions to all the problems challengingcommunicators worldwide. Nor can anyone else.What we can do is1 Bring together the best corporatespeaker roster you’ll find this year2 Give you the opportunity to ask themyour questions3 Run robust, challenging, well-targeted debatesto get the best insight there is on allthe issues you’re dealing withThere’s more detail onlineWe’ve done months of research, andalready have our own list of core questions we’llanswer at the Summit.You can get a full detailed agenda atwww.incitemc.com/communicationsThe agenda will evolve with your feedback, so getinvolved and make this conference even morevaluable to you. Vote and submit questions atwww.incitemc.comYOUR CONFERENCEexpert speakers from these huge brands:
  6. 6. In-depth agenda available atwww.incitemc.com/communicationsdayoneC-Suite Keynotes Get ready for acustomer-centric future Evolve your corporate culture to focusbetter on the customer Sony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief Marketing Officer ChobaniNicki BriggsChief Communications Officer Make the move tocustomer-centricitywithout causing chaos Get a customer-centric internal organisationthat’s simple, not complex MetLifeClaire BurnsChief Customer Officer Dow JonesPaula KeveChief Communications Officer Arby’s innovative approachto customer engagement Content-generated share of voice, social currencyand how Russ Klein keeps Arby’s innovative Arby’s Restaurant’sRussell KleinChief Marketing Officer How to listen, so youcan talk back better Use proximity to your customer to deliverbetter marketing Jockey InternationalDustin CohnChief Marketing Officer HertzBob StuartChief Marketing Officer Ericsson/Coinstar/SabaNora DenzelNon-Executive DirectorWORKSHOPS From campaignsto engaging stories Telling stories is more engaging thantraditional campaigns. Shift your focus PfizerAnnaMaria DeSalvaVice-President, Polictyy, ExternalAffairs and Communications(Medical and RD) LenovoJeff ShaferVice-President,Global Communications Right time, right placecommunications Talk when and where your stakeholderis listening Wells FargoAlan EliasSenior Vice-President, Head ofWholesale Bank Communications McDonald’sHeather OldaniHead of Communications The next stepin targettedcommunications How corporations can talk toindividuals DiageoMichelle KleinVice-President,Smirnoff Global Marketing,Communications and Digital Going ‘Glocal’ Another new buzzword, or an essentialpart of your communications strategy? LenovoJeff ShaferVice-President,Global Communicationsfacebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.incitemc.com/communicationsYOUR CONFERENCE
  7. 7. WORKSHOPS On the defensive Tactics to spot and avert corporate crises Caesar’s EntertainmentJan JonesVice-President, Governmentand Communications SprintDoug DuvallVice-President, Corporate Communications Cardinal HealthcareJill LaNouetteVice-President, Public Affairs Rework internal workflowsfor built-in customer-centricity Practical steps to work better with otherdepartments CitigroupBen EylerVice-President, Marketingand Communications ComcastChris HelleExecutive Director, BrandMarketing and Strategy Get friendly withthe right people Effective advocacy: get influencers onside PfizerSherry PudloskiVice-President, External Communications Prove your worth Measurement to show your jobmakes a difference Yum! BrandsAmy SherwoodVice-President, Public Relationsand Consumer Affairs Improved data collection =Better customer understanding Marshal multiple data sources for betterdecision-making RicohSandra ZorattiVice-President, Marketing Hewlett PackardRob WaitVice-President, MarketingGet in-depth with our agenda:Find out more about each topic, and vote on thekey questions to ask our speakers atwww.incitemc.com/communicationsfacebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.incitemc.com/communicationsC-Suite Keynotes How Marc Speicherthas evolved the L’Orealapproach to customerengagement A look at the changes the CMO has madeto ensure L’Oreal stats on the cutting edge L’OrealMarc SpeichertChief Marketing Officer Build uniquecustomer experiences Manage complexity to integrate many channels intoone effective, personalised customer experience Sears/K-MartJennifer DominiquiniChief Marketing Officer -Seasonal and Outdoor Living Restaurant.comChristopher KrohnPresident and ChiefMarketing Officer Less silos =more success Break down internal barriers and geteveryone singing from the same hymn sheet BASFRobin RotenbergChief Communications Officer Molson CoorsDan LewisChief Public Affairs OfficerdaytwoYOUR CONFERENCE
  8. 8. AN UNRIVALLEDCOLLECTION OFCORPORATE EXPERTSYou won’t find another event with100% corporate speakers from40+ large brands.And you won’t find 13 C-suitecommunications and marketing executivesin one room anywhere else.This is the best opportunity to getinsight direct from the leading playersin corporate communications.COLLABORATIONBUILT INEvery issue coveredcomes from the feedbackof 300+ executive peers- and as a member ofthe community you voteon how much time eachissue gets.Every session - keynoteor workshop - has nopowerpoint. Our speakersanswer tough questions.And you can suggestand vote on thequestions to ask.We don’t just run this event.We build a community.And that means that everyweek we put together keystats, facts and analysis oncorporate communicationsbest practice. That’s basedon feedback from thecommunity - and you.AN EVOLVING,DYNAMICEVENTFact one: Communicationsis changing fast.Fact two: Once aconference launches, thesessions covered don’tchange. For months.Our sessions change. Everyquestion asked to our speakerfaculty will evolve and changeright up to the conference.And you get to spearheadthat evolution. Suggest aquestion and vote on existingones at www.incitemc.comTOUGH, SCEPTICALDISCUSSIONNo back slapping. No blue skyfuturology. This is a meeting of mindsto find the best answers out there to thecritical questions you face. We ask thetough questions - volunteered by you- to the best corporate experts out there.We get you results you can use.THE BEST USEOF YOUR TIMEThis is a one-stop shop forstrategic communicators.You get in-depth insight onthe top issues you’ll faceall year. You take two daysout of the office, but youare equipped with strategicinsight, best practice,benchmarks and casestudies to supercharge yourcommunications strategyfor the other 363.PRACTICALOPPORTUNITIESTO WORK WITHPEERSNo sitting and listening.Co-located withIncite:Marketing, you getmultiple opportunities toactively work with peers tofind solutions. In-depth QAsessions. Lively discussion.Small-scale, dynamic workinggroups. You come here towork. Not just listen.We’reThe BestOptionFor YouWhat are you waiting for?Buy your ticket now at www.incitemc.com/communicationssave $400 if you book before July 12What You Get
  9. 9. The incite communityis your newbest friendWe incite debate on core Communications issues.• We ask tough questions of those best placed to answer them.• We give you a voice.• We leverage the community to spot trends and get results.Incite is not a conference. Incite is a community.We facilitate debate between senior Marketing andCommunications executives. We act as a strident editorof debate, and we ensure the conversation istargeted, robust, and usefulFind out more at www.incitemc.com1Stats and trends fromhundreds of peers.In your inbox. Weekly.Give us your feedback and we pullhundreds of submissions togetherto find stats, facts and trends - andshare it with you. Exclusive, usefulinsight. Every week.2Got a tough question?Get answers from hundredsof peers with experience.We’ll ask our thousands-strongcommunity your question. Andget you the answers you need.Collaborate with peersthrough InciteGo to www.incitemc.com for moreWhat You Gettry us out!Download ourbriefing on the stateof marketing andcommunications in 2013IncIte The Marketing CommunicationsCommunityTough questions, insightful answersJoin the conversation atfacebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.inciteMC.comHow willmarketing andcommunicationsevolve in 2013?Relive our webinaron multi-channelbest practiceGet both of these resourcesat www.incitemc.com3Set the agenda forour exclusive industrysummit:Build our dynamic summit withus - and get significant discountsfor your help. And a betterconference for you.4Insider Perks:Benefit from exclusive discountsand be the first to receive ourindustry leading content.TicketPriceFull Price$1795Purchase by July 12$1395SAVE$400August 9$1645SAVE$150CALL +1 800 814 34 59EMAIL register@incitemc.comONLINE www.incitemc.com/communicationsREGISTER YOURPLACE NOWThe Incite Summit18 – 19 September 2013The New Yorker Hotel, NYCALL PASSESINCLUDEAccess to allsessions, lunchesand drinksreception
  10. 10. facebook.com/InciteMC@InciteMCwww.incitemc.com/communicationsPLUS:Double the insight: Access to insight from 20+ senior marketing executivesDouble the networking: Get to meet and forge relationships with peersfrom the Marketing function - and work directly with them in our working groupsDouble the discussion: Sit in on our Incite:Marketing sessions to equiptools to work better with peers back in the officeDOUBLE THE VALUE.Your pass gets you all accessto Incite:Marketing too!confirmed to contributeSPEAKERSSony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief Marketing OfficerAflacMichael ZunaChief Marketing OfficerSearsJennifer DominiquiniChief Marketing Officer(Seasonal Outdoor Living)L’OrealMarc SpeichertChief Marketing OfficerArby’sRussell KleinChief Marketing OfficerRestaurant.comChristopher KrohnChief Marketing OfficerMetLifeClaire BurnsChief Customer OfficerJockey InternationalDustin CohnChief Marketing OfficerWeight WatchersCheryl CallanSenior Vice-President,MarketingDiageoMichelle KleinVice-President, GlobalMarketing (Smirnoff)Coca ColaBrad TaylorVice-President, CustomerMarketingBarnes NobleSasha NorkinVice-President, Digitaland Channel MarketingHome DepotFred NeilVice-President, MarketingCitigroupBen EylerVice-President, Marketingand CommunicationsHewlett PackardRob WaitVice-President, Marketingat a glance: Insight on the issues we’ll be discussingAGENDAThe Customer-Centric FutureChange yourcorporate culture tofocus better on thecustomerMoving Customer-Centric WithoutCausing ChaosGet a customer-centricinternal organisationthat’s simple, notcomplexHow To Listen,So You Can TalkBack BetterGet more usefulinsight about yourcustomers, anduse it to do betterCommunicationsBuild UniqueCustomer ExperiencesManage a complexCommunicationslandscape and integratemany channels to buildone effective stakehold-er experienceLess Silos =More SuccessBreak down internalbarriers and geteveryone singing fromthe same hymn sheetData DrivenCreativityLet what youlearn help you dobetter marketingcampaignsKeeping ItSuper-RelevantSegment andtarget yourcustomer-based- and get morerelevant to everyone of themHit ThemWhen They’reListeningChoose the rightchannels, and usethem at the righttime for betterengagementThink Fast, ActFasterUse real-timeinsight for quick-decision makingand responsivemarketingDefine YourImpact On TheBottom LineHow new datasources giveyou moredetail on howeffective yourmarketing isWork BetterWith YourCheerleadersSpot importantbrand advocatesand get themonsideSolomo ForCompetitiveAdvantagePointlessportmanteauor the new wayto beat thecompetition?What are you waiting for?Get access to your Incite:Communications Summit AND all this additionalinsight by buying a ticket at www.incitemc.com/communications
  11. 11. Built by the Community.100 per cent Relevant:Unrivalled peer-directed agenda- build from direct feedbackfrom 300+ executives. Youcan be confident we cover allthe issues you need to knowaboutAn event that evolveswith the market-andis always cutting edge:We don’t stop developingwhen our marketing starts.Every session will evolve andchange to deal with currentissues - right up to September 18Challenging, robust,tough-and relevant-discussion:This isn’t an excuse forback slapping. It’s two daysof challenging discussion withyour peers to find solutionsto your problemsActive collaborationfor practicalresults:Co-located with Incite:Marketing, you’ll have opportu-nities to work directly with peersfrom other departments to buildstrategic solutions to core issuesWHAT YOU GETSeptember 18–19New York Cityincitemc.com/communicationsWHO YOU LEARN FROMCOCA COLABrad TaylorVice-President,Customer MarketingYum BrandsAmy SherwoodVice-President, Public Relationsand Consumer AffairsPFIZERAnnaMaria DeSalvaVice-President, Global Commu-nications (Medical and RD)HERTZBob StuartChief Marketing OfficerWeight WatchersCheryl CallanSenior Vice-President,MarketingSearsJennifer DominiquiniChief Marketing Officer(Seasonal and Outdoor Living)SharpRobert Scaglioneformer Chief MarketingOfficerDOW JONESPaula KeveChief CommunicationsOfficerArby’sRuss KleinChief Marketing OfficerLENOVOJeff ShaferVice-President, GlobalCommunicationsBASFRobin RotenbergChief CommunicationsOfficerSony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief Marketing OfficerHewlett PackardRob WaitVice-President, MarketingCardinal HealthcareJill LaNouetteVice-President,Public AffairsCAESAR’S ENTERTAINMENTJan JonesSeniorVice-President,Communi-cations Government RelationsDiageoMichelle KleinVice-President GlobalMarketing (Smirnoff)RICOHSandra ZorattiVice-President, MarketingCitigroupBen EylerVice-President, Marketingand CommunicationsWells FargoAlan EliasSenior Vice-President, Head ofWholesaleBankCommunicationsL’OrealMarc SpeichertChief Marketing OfficerChobaniNicki BriggsChief CommunicationsOfficerMcDonald’sHeather OldaniHead of USCommunicationsHOME DEPOTFred NeilVice-President, MarketingRestaurant.comChristopher KrohnChief Marketing OfficerMOLSON COORSDan LewisChief Public Affairs OfficerMetLifeClaire BurnsChief Customer OfficerBarnes and NobleSasha NorkinVice-President, Digitaland Channel MarketingEricsson/CoinstarNora DenzelNon-Executive DirectorPFIZERSherry PudloskiVice-President, WorldwideCommunicationsSprintDoug DuvallVice-President, CorporateCommunicationsAflacMichael ZunaChief Marketing OfficerWhole FoodsBill TolanyHead of IntegratedMarketingSiemensJim WhaleySenior Vice-President, Mar-keting and CommunicationsComcastChris HelleExecutive Director, BrandMarketing and StrategyJockey InternationalDustin CohnChief Marketing Officercommunications SummitTell engaging, authenticbrand storiesInternal collaboration, better listeningand multi-channel communicationsGet your pass before July 12 to save $400 Sign up at www.incitemc.com/communications#incitesummit