Emailvision - Webinar Multicanal para comunicação digital

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Webinar realizado para conceituar estratégias de comunicação multicanal no marketing digital.

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  • EMV HostWelcome Guests and introduce yourself and what you do at Emailvision, looking forward to the next hour together, etc.Let them know about what will be covered in today’s webinar (without reading the agenda!)And that questions can be asked via the QA Panel, which will be addressed at the end of the webinarA recording of this webinar will be available
  • SCRIPT:So let’s get on with these five different ways you can extend digital marketing.
  • Aqui explicamos a possibilidade de Cross Channel
  • SCRIPT:So let’s get on with these five different ways you can extend digital marketing.
  • Discurso sobre compartilhar, falar, ouvir
  • Falar sobre entender o cliente... O que ele quer, seus anseios e suas necessidades. Entender qual é o papel de cada fã ou seguidor
  • SCRIPT:So let’s get on with these five different ways you can extend digital marketing.
  • SCRIPT:And how’s the Internet being used on those devices? What’s happening to Internet usage? Certainly, very interesting to see that email remains a really big use of the Internet. It hasn’t been shrinking; it’s been growing along with all the other activities on the Internet that have been growing as well. The smartphone is has turned email into an always on 24/7 channel with more frequent inbox checking. This is a graph from the same Ipsos MORI poll. Obviously, you can see that orange line in there, which is a social networking, it has a big bump in around 2009, 2010. As social networking really hit mainstream, and it’s now kind of levelled to the same growth rate of some of the other activities. But the big take home here is that email really is the most-used social channel. Even if you look at Facebook, it has a billion users, but that doesn’t rival email. As after all, email has got three billion users, so that’s three billion email addresses out there. And, it’s the biggest social network around.
  • SCRIPT:So let’s get on with these five different ways you can extend digital marketing.
  • SCRIPT:Here is an example from ASOS. In the footer of every single one of their emails they have a little link to connect to the form so you can give feedback about their emails. I know that Tesco has something very similar, they have Rate this email in the header of every email. Of course, you need a landing page and to be mobile compliant, given that 50% of your audience are going to read your email on their mobile. This isn’t just limited to getting feedback on your email, but you could be asking for feedback in more general terms from your customers. Doing some primary marketing research, quickly and easily. In fact, I’m just doing a survey with one of my consulting clients and we’re doing a very specific survey to new customers, people who just purchased for the first time. We’re going to send out an email to those people shortly after their purchase is complete. We want to try and understand exactly what moved them from not having purchased before to purchasing. What was important to them in that purchase decision, what were their reasons, motivations? What did they like about the product or the brand, the process, the experience that made them purchase from us for the first time? Clearly, that survey is going to be about collecting some primary research so we can work out how to move more people who haven’t purchased to being a first-time purchaser, and getting them on that ladder of being our customer.  It’s very different running a landing page for purposes of segmentation and targeting when we’re really trying to get a coverage across all our customers and information we can use for segmentation process. Here it’s running a landing page with a short survey to get primary research so you can make some decisions about how you should be communicating, how you should be messaging.
  • SCRIPT:This is a nice simple architecture design for any landing page with a form on it. It’s a good template to follow. We’re going to start off with a headline, which is going to state the benefit of continuing with this landing page and this particular form. That headline should also be in tune with how the traffic gets to this page, how you’re driving traffic to this page from an email, what the call to action was and your text around that link in email. This headline should also be in tune with that same message so people can know when they land on the same page, they’re in the right place and everything is happening the way they expect it to. The headline is just a few words. The next part of the landing page is going to be two or three sentences, just to elaborate on that headline and to explain it into a little bit more detail. Obviously, you might have two or three things you want to say about what’s good about completing this form, and you can’t do all that in a headline. Let me get to the actual form fields and surveys. And as ever, don’t ask for too much; ask for less data and you’ll get high conversion rates. If getting the maximum number of people to complete this form is key to what you’re trying to achieve, then reduce the amount that you’re asking for. In the case of sensitive data, explain why it is you’re asking for that data. If you’re asking for date of birth, or other sensitive information, people want to understand why they have to give it to you. If they understand the reason why they should give it to you, they’re much more inclined to do it. Finally of course, at the end, you’re going to have the big button with the call to action to complete the form, and, at that point, reminding people why they should do that as part of the call to action.
  • SCRIPT:So let’s get on with these five different ways you can extend digital marketing.
  • SCRIPT:Increasingly, we’ve seen the offline world now joining up with the online world. The high street and bricks-and-mortars are taking quite a bashing; there have been a lot of high street failures and big names have been going under in the high street and they’re struggling to survive. However, the high street is really starting to wake up and looking how to adopt digital marketing. And this is, again, being enabled by Smartphone devices primarily, because people do have the Internet travelling with them inside those physical places, and it starts to make sense to have a digital connection at that point.  And here’s an example from a restaurant, Bella Italia, where we see they’re using a prize draw Win £250 by going to Bella Italia So, go online, fill in their survey, the incentive there is £250 prize draw.
  • SCRIPT:And of course, the point is what you ask when you get there. You obviously ask your normal feedback questions. Again you need landing pages that are going to work on your mobile device. But, more importantly, you want to make sure to ask for email marketing permission. That whole ‘bringing people from offline to online world’ is not just to get feedback, which is valuable for any company, but at the same time you’re getting feedback, don’t miss your opportunity to ask for email marketing permission. And always, always make sure you state benefits why people should sign up to your list. Here we’ve got from Bella Italia: Would you like to join the Bella Italia mailing list? Could have been a stronger call to action, they could have explained the benefit of being on the mailing list. Often nobody wishes to join a mailing list – people want to join the benefit of being on a mailing list.
  • 11% of Europeans have scanned an outdoor QR here we’ve got another example of offline form. This is from something local to me in London, the Green Man. I thought I’d just feature this today because they have actually made quite a nice call to action there. They’ve stated complete survey on your Smartphone, so they’re very much suggesting that you complete your survey on your mobile device. They’re setting the expectation that you can use your mobile device to complete this survey, not that you have to worry about trying to do it and find it won’t work, and use desktop and so on.  They’re also using QR codes, so in theory you’ve got a nice experience, you can scan the QR code, you can hit a landing page with a survey form, and again you obviously need mobile compliant survey landing pages there. We’re going to show you in a minute the tool that will do that for you. And in terms of QR codes, for me personally, the jury’s still out, as to whether they’re going to live or die. There was a recent survey: 11% of Europeans have scanned an outdoor QR ad, but whether it’s really going to make mainstream, I’m not sure yet. So make sure if you’re using QR codes, you also give a an easy to use URL
  • I think this is the new tagline.
  • Emailvision - Webinar Multicanal para comunicação digital

    1. 1. The Global SaaS Leader in Relationship MarketingMelhores práticas multicanal:criando um approach coordenadoentre as campanhas de emailmarketing e sociais15 de maio de 2013, 10:30 BRT
    2. 2. Ricardo FraustoPresales Manager na Emailvision• Formado em Publicidade e Propaganda pelaRede Laureate – Anhembi Morumbi• Pós-Graduando em Gestão de Negócios eMarketing pela ESPM• Palestrante no Fórum Ecommerce Brasil• Palestrante no Etail Brasil• Realização de Webinars pela Emailvision• Responsável pelo grupoProfissional do E-mail Marketing Brasil
    3. 3. Agenda● Boas vindas● O que é uma ação Multicanal de MarketingDigital?● Social, E-mail e Web atuando juntos● Exemplo de campanha
    4. 4. O que é uma ação Multicanalde Marketing Digital?
    5. 5. Comunicação Digital termo multicanal classifica qualquer ação que sejarealizada por múltiplos meios.Lojas físicas que vendem no ambiente online são multicanaisde vendas.Multicanal para comunicação digital são os meios utilizadospara se chegar no público de interesse.Esses meios podem ser:Social, Mobile, Web ou E-mail
    6. 6. Social
    7. 7. O papel das Redes Sociais no Marketing
    8. 8. SocialComo Aproveitar Esse
    9. 9. Relevância no SocialOuça seu públicoEle lhe informa o que querEngaje seu públicoEstimule a conversa para poderencontrar argumentos de engajamentoMensure os resultadosUma ação social só é relevante segerar likes, compartilhamentos e entradasde novos fãs ou
    10. 10. E-mail Marketing
    11. 11. O Papel do E-mail Marketingno Marketing
    12. 12. E-mail MarketingComo Aproveitar Esse agora mesmo
    13. 13. Relevância no E-mail MarketingAbertura Clique ConversãoChegar na caixa de entradaTer um assunto relevanteImpulsionar o cliqueTer uma oferta atraenteSer personalizadoCall to actionDiminuir a distância do click to buySer derecionado para a páginacorretaTer uma oferta ou vantagem
    14. 14. Email = #1 Uso da InternetFonte: Ipsos MORIUSO DA
    15. 15. Landing Pages
    16. 16. O Papel das Landing Pagesno Marketing
    17. 17. Landing PagesComo Aproveitar Esse Potencial?
    18. 18. Landing PagesComo Aproveitar Esse Potencial?Cabeçalho:Comunique os benefíciosElabore a razão para preencherCampos do formulário:- Não queira saber muito- Explique porque os dados são solicitadosCall to Action:Encorage para que o formulário seja
    19. 19. Landing PagesComo Aproveitar Esse Potencial? o botãoForma Padrão Personalizando MelhoriaRegistre-se agora! Participe 69%Enviar Consiga acesso instantâneo 103%Clique Aqui Obtenha acesso grátis 201%
    20. 20. Relevância nas Landing PagesVisitas Abandonos
    21. 21. Unindo Canais DigitaisSUAEMPRESAE-mail
    22. 22. de dia dos NamoradosPeríodo: 15/05/2013 à 12/06/2013Objetivo Principal: Aumentar o volume de conversões e qualificar dados dos clientes presentes na baseMeta Realizado Meta Realizado Meta RealizadoAlcance 15.000 Visitas 10.000 Aberturas 100.000Likes 500 Formulários Enviados 5.000 Cliques 10.000Compartilhamentos 150 Válidos 4.800 Conversões 1.000Social Web E-mail Marketing
    23. 23. Executando - SocialEstá na hora de declarar o seu amor, e ainda concorrer a prêmios exclusivos da nossa loja virtual.Veja como:
    24. 24. Executando -
    25. 25. Executando – E-mail
    26. 26. Landing Page –
    27. 27. E-mail MarketingConfirmação de
    28. 28. Landing Page –
    29. 29. E-mail MarketingPara o
    30. 30.
    31. 31. ExtrasOutros Exemplos deEstratégia Multicanal
    32. 32. Extra – Offline +
    33. 33. Extra – Offline + OnlineVocê gostaria de juntar-se à lista de mailing da Bella Italia para assegurar-se de que vocêsabe tudo sobre nossas últimas ofertas e notícias?Baseado em sua mais recente visita, por favor informe os seguintes aspectos de suaexperiência numa escala de 1-10, onde 1 é pobre e 10 é
    34. 34. Extra – Offline +
    35. 35. The Global SaaS Leader in Relationship MarketingPerguntas & Respostas
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