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Heart and voluntary

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Voluntary and Heart muscles

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Heart and voluntary

  1. 1. Muscular System
  2. 2. There are four characteristics associated with muscle tissue:  Excitability - Tissue can receive & respond to stimulation  Contractility - Tissue can shorten & thicken  Extensibility - Tissue can lengthen  Elasticity - After contracting or lengthening, tissue always wants to return to its resting state Functions
  3. 3. The characteristics of muscle tissue enable it to perform some important functions, including:  Movement – both voluntary & involuntary  Maintaining posture  Supporting soft tissues within body cavities  Maintaining body temperature Functions
  4. 4. The Muscular System  Muscles are responsible for all types of body movement – they contract or shorten and are the machine of the body  Three basic muscle types are found in the body, what are they?
  5. 5. 3 Types of Muscle  The human body is comprised of 324 muscles  Muscle makes up 30-35% (in women) and 42-47% (in men) of body mass Cardiac Smooth Skeletal
  6. 6. Cardiac Muscle Characteristics  Has striations  Usually has a single nucleus  Joined to another muscle cell at an intercalated disc  Involuntary  Found only in the heart  Steady pace!
  7. 7. Smooth Muscle Characteristics  Has no striations  Spindle-shaped cells  Single nucleus  Involuntary – no conscious control  Found mainly in the walls of hollow organs  Slow, sustained and tireless
  8. 8. Skeletal Muscle Characteristics  Most are attached by tendons to bones  Cells are multinucleate  Striated – have visible banding  Voluntary – subject to conscious control  Cells are surrounded and bundled by connective tissue = great force, but tires easily
  9. 9. Characteristics of Muscles  Muscle cells are elongated (muscle cell = muscle fiber)  Contraction of muscles is due to the movement of microfilaments  All muscles share some terminology Prefix myo refers to muscle Prefix mys refers to muscle Prefix sarco refers to flesh