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Gamification for the Health of It℠ with Brian Berchtold

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Gamification for the Health of It℠ with Brian Berchtold

  1. 1. Gamification for the Health of It℠                                                Hosted  by:  HPLive   hubbubhealth.com/employers
  2. 2. Agendaì  Redrawing the employee wellness roadmapì  What we have learnedì  The science of healthy behaviorsì  The big aha: social gamificationì  Social gamification of wellnessì  Things to consider when selecting a wellness vendor hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  3. 3. hubbub health Brian Berchtold Director of Business Development hubbub health brian@hubbubhealth.com twitter: @bjbpdx ! hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  4. 4. The corporate wellness problem hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  5. 5. <50% 14% 2/31 in 3 $13,000 hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  6. 6. Redrawing the employee wellness roadmap hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  7. 7. Poll question What is your greatest challenge to getting results from your wellness program? a.  Engaging employees b.  Lack of time c.  Scattered / diverse workforce d.  Lack of senior leadership support e.  My company doesn’t have a wellness program hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  8. 8. Engagement is the number one issue What is your greatest challenge in getting results from your wellness program?   Data supplied by Healthiest Employers & HR.com research paper April 2012 hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  9. 9. engagement hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  10. 10. approach hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  11. 11. Traditional approach tell employees what to do health risk biometric email tips lunch-n-learns assessments screenings hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  12. 12. What we have learned hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  13. 13. Employees…ì  understand healthy behaviors are importantì  know what those behaviors look likeì  don’t lack motivation or an inclination to changeì  lack tools and strategies to successfully implement those changes hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  14. 14. The science of healthy behaviors hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  15. 15. The Fogg Behavior Model Setting employees up to succeed BJ Fogg, Ph.D. behavior = { trigger + ability + motivation } B.J.Fogg, Ph.D., Persuasive Technology, 2003; Mobile Persuasion: Future of Behavior Change, 2008; "B.J. Foggs Behavior Model," www.behaviormodel.org, February 2013. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  16. 16. Why it matters hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  17. 17. The Fowler/Christakis Social Network How Connections Change Behavior Nicholas Christakis, Ph.D. & James Fowler, Ph.D. Nicholas Christakis, Ph.D. & James Fowler, Ph.D., Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives, 2011. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  18. 18. Why it matters hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  19. 19. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs How Motivation Really Works Abraham Maslow, Ph.D. Abraham Maslow, Ph.D., “A Theory of Human Motivation”, Psychological Review, 1943. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  20. 20. Why it matters hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  21. 21. How do we satisfy these needs? social networking = hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  22. 22. ChallengesRewardsBadges =Levels/pointsLeaderboards hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  23. 23. + =? hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  24. 24. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  25. 25.  The Big Aha: Social Gamification hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  26. 26. Gamification is the use of game mechanics to drive engagement in a non-game activity and change behaviors for a target audience. Many types of games include game mechanics such as points, levels, challenges, leaderboards, rules and incentives that make game play enjoyable. Gamification applies these to non-game scenarios to motivate the audience to higher and more meaningful levels of engagement. Humans are “hard-wired” to enjoy games and have a natural tendency to interact more deeply in activities that are framed in a game construct. !Source: Gartner hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  27. 27. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  28. 28. Core principles engagement interaction competition collaboration awareness learning Michael Wu., Ph.D., “What is Gamification, Really?” http://lithosphere.lithium.com, February 2011. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  29. 29. Technologies Internet Social media applications Anytime/ anywhere access hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  30. 30. Social gamification of wellness hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  31. 31. The “Meatless Monday” challenge Meatless Monday Duration: 2 weeks Monday is the best day to go for a meatless diet. This is unequivocally so because both Monday and meatless begin with the letter M. Alliteration or “rhyminess,” as we 33 like to call it, trumps all other reasons (for these purposes anyway.)  players There are, however, a myriad of reasons for going meatless one day a week.  Starts Going meatless one day a week has health benefits - including reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease and Today! type 2 diabetes. Read more… hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  32. 32. hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  33. 33. Case Study South Ogden, UT 290 employees 21 branch locations   hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  34. 34. Case Studypain points ì  Flexible program (one size doesn’t fit all) ì  Available to employees in multiple locations ì  Engages employees ì  Easy to track, reward and manage hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  35. 35. Case Studyhubbub solutiongrassroots challenges social support and encourage  small accountability changes hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  36. 36. Case Study 90% 80% 82% 70% engagement average level: 4,700+ 23 challenges hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  37. 37. Things to consider whenselecting a wellness vendor hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  38. 38. Check list Easy implementation within one Rewards (financial and business day non-financial) Broad range of challenges Smartphone integration (individuals and teams) Social community and ability to Device integration participate with friends and family Focused and actionable health Easily accessible health coaching assessment Real-time aggregate reporting Support and consulting hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  39. 39. Orange paper Download the free ‘Orange paper’ at hubbubhealth.com/employers/orange-paper hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  40. 40. Summaryì  Redrawing the employee wellness roadmapì  What we have learnedì  The science of healthy behaviorsì  The big aha: social gamificationì  Social gamification of wellnessì  Things to consider when selecting a wellness vendor hubbubhealth.com/employers!
  41. 41. Questions? Thank you!hubbubhealth.com/employers brian@hubbubhealth.com