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06 representation and frozen

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06 representation and frozen

  1. 1. To revisit how to analyse representation To apply analytical skills to Frozen and conduct a debate
  2. 2. Representation • What is it? • A re-presentation of a person/ group/ place etc… Your job is to identify how that representation has been constructed and what impact this representation could potentially have on an audience. You may also consider how this representation will draw in audiences.
  3. 3. Starter: Representation Recap Watch the following trailer and make notes on how children have been represented. Make additional notes on how the others have been represented. How has this representation been constructed? Consider technical aspects/ costume/ language/ actions etc… How are these representations used to draw in audiences? What are the ideological implications of this representation?
  4. 4. Representation of Women in Frozen Positive Left half of the room Negative Right half of the room Paper Debate You have 20 minutes to come up with an argument demonstrating this point of view You should use the links provided at the end of the PPT and your own opinion to help when making notes/points You may want to distribute the work amongst your group Remember you are going to have to counter argue any comments made from the other side You should refer to specific scenes in your analysis. End • Think about context (what do we already know about the representation of women…) • How has this representation been constructed in Frozen? • Why is this representation positive/negative/ambiguous? • What are the implications of having such representations?
  5. 5. Conduct your debate • Move into groups of 4 (2 positive/2 negative) • Write the question in the middle of the paper: Are women in Frozen given a positive representation? • First, add your own arguments, using a different colour for each side of the debate • Then, counter other people’s arguments • Photograph your paper debate and add it to your slides.
  6. 6. Write a paragraph answering the following question Explore the different ways in which women are represented in Frozen. • You need to show both sides of the argument regardless of your personal opinion • Use the correct terminology associated with representation • Link to relevant theories • Link to audience • Consider the construction of the representation • For better grades you may want to consider: – character roles – stereotypical, conventional or challenging representations – theoretical perspectives
  7. 7. What other representations could you discuss by looking at Frozen? Males • Hans/Kristoff • Do they fulfil any of Propp’s character types? • Do their roles change over the course of the film? • How are they challenging/ conforming to representations of gender? Age • Duke of Weselton/Children • What representation of different age groups do we get? • How is this representation constructed?
  8. 8. Representation Links • http://thesociologistsdojo.blogspot.co.uk/201 3/12/gender-representation-in-disneys- frozen.html • http://amandadecadenet.com/conversation- starters/review-frozen-gender-stereotypes- alive-well/ • http://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2 013/nov/28/frozen-disney-female-body-image