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Session 9 content marketing

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Session 9 content marketing

  1. 1. Please wait. This Session will begin at 6.30 pm In the meantime, you can use the chat button to interact with your fellow entrepreneurs from around the country When the session begins, please switch off your video to get best sound results. And use Google Chrome
  2. 2. How does this webinar work? • You can see the presentation and hear me • You can ask questions on chat – At the end of the session, I will answer all your queries – Please mention your name & city when you type your message • This is being recorded and you will get a video recording
  3. 3. Digital Marketing for Startup Session 9 Content Marketing
  4. 4. In this Session • Understand what Content Marketing is • Content Creation • Content Distribution
  5. 5. Importance of Content Marketing in building Digital Engagement Content Marketing is the Art of creating useful & valuable content that customers want & The Science of marketing that content to customers who want it. Pic courtesy:cloudpitcher.com
  6. 6. Content is growing fast- way to fast Every Day  2 Million Blog Posts are written  300 Million Photos are uploaded on Facebook  8.64 lac hours of video are uploaded on YouTube  500 Million Tweets are sent How do you make your content marketing efforts stand out ?
  7. 7. Content is always the king and is the first essential building block to build a successful digital presence. The nature of your business & your TA will define your content format
  8. 8. Importance of Content Marketing Drive your SEO page and domain rank upwards Build your company as a domain expert Drive a continuous flow of In-bound enquiries and customers
  9. 9. 4 Values that make content marketing worth its while Content is lasting and permanent on the web Published Content remains in the digital archives and are continuously consumed months & Years after its original publication Content helps improve search rankings Since Google Panda update, good quality Content is the cornerstone of successful SEO practices Content builds trust. Trust builds customers A Neilson report found that 53% of consumers said that they were more likely to buy a product after learning about it from an online article Advertising=Falsehoods, Content=Truth According to CrowdTap in a survey of 1000 people, 73% decided to buy something that a friend or family member had recommended online
  10. 10. Product Discovery Customer discovers the existence of a product or service that seems to address his problem situation Discovery usually happens through blogs, articles, news write ups & industry white papers, infographics etc The customer begins to understand the various component of the solution and how it applies to his industry. This discover is usually via client case studies, video tutorials, Webinar, Hands on Labs, and Demo Days help in giving customers a product feel The customer becomes an advocate for the product application and agrees to give out client case studies creating further content for the next customer to discover more solutions Solution Understanding Application area content articles drive deeper understanding of the product application across multiple use areas Trials Content driven invitations to attend webinars, case fora discussions help in driving product trials Advocacy The customer becomes a content source Role of Content Marketing- Customer Journey
  11. 11. What content marketing is not Content Marketing Only Blog writing Content Marketing SEO Content Marketing A nice looking Social Media Post Content Marketing Understanding what your customer wants to consume and giving it to him in the format he wants to consume in Knowing what Content Marketing is not, is half the battle towards better content marketing
  12. 12. Lets talk about what customers want-B2B  What is Digital Marketing and how you can use it  10 B2B marketplaces to peg your business with  Why traditional SEO is loosing steam after Panda & Penguin updates?  How to create your own Google AdWords account  5 ways to make your business debt free  10 growth hacking ways to make your startup grow  Awards  Case Studies  White Papers  PR/Event Speeches  3rd Party Content
  13. 13. Lets talk about what customers want-B2C  Stories that make one Laugh, Cry or Inspire  Posts that make me feel good about Me, myself or my family  What are the best places to travel in summer?  What are the best clothes to wear for Prom?  Where can I find the cheapest places to shop?  Why is Brand X better than Brand Y  How to apply Kaajal ?  How to set up Windows on your own  How to create your own mutual fund portfolio
  14. 14. Content Creation Process-1 Understand what your customers want Segment your customers into discreet sub groups for better understanding Talk to them to gain an understanding of how they view your domain or product or service and what their informational needs are Use Keyword Planner to gain a better understanding of what your customers are searching for
  15. 15. Content Creation Process-2 Develop your Content Asset Portfolio Write out your primary talking points. Build extensions and variations of these talking points to extend your content talking points Plan your Content Consumption Format Calanderize your content- what gets published when. VideoArticlesGraphic Infographic Case study White Paper Presentations InfomercialsNewsletter Webinars Webcasts Podcasts
  16. 16. Content Creation Process-3 Repurpo se your content to suit the consump tion medium s you have chosen Different mediums need to have tailor made content best suited for that medium. Article 10 Must See American Family Tourist spots Graphic Stunning Visuals of different holiday spots with a strong emotive ‘what’s your best holiday shot? Newsletter 10 Family Vacations - customer blogs Video 4 minute videos of each tourist destination Infographic Way around 10 must see American Tourist Spots Infomercial Video Blogs of Tourist Bloggers on shopping in each of these 10 spots Webcast Live Holiday in USA ! Lets take an example of Content Asset Creation across formats for a “Travel & Holiday Firm”
  17. 17. Blogging helps you get onto page 1 of Google Search
  18. 18. You can’t go wrong with • How To’s • Top , Best • 4-5-6-7-10 Things • Listicles • Free • Personal Experiences • Insights Stick to long form content only + ensure there are visuals to break the reading monotony
  19. 19. Marketing of content • If you don’t market your content , you’re unlikely to create much impact. • This is essential during the initial phase to get your content consumed by the right audience. • Creating content and not marketing is like making a TVC and then not broadcasting it.
  20. 20. Marketing of Content Paid Advertising Paid Influencers Paid Content Promotion Shares Re-posts Reviews Mentions Promote shares and engagement with new customers with paid promotion Websites Social Media Platforms Email/Newsletters Blog sites/ Company Personnel social platforms Branded Content will improve SEO leading to higher outreach to organic searches Gain more exposure with new audiences through paid promotion of owned media including paid influencer and paid blogging Leverage Paid, Owned & Earned media effectively to gain maximum exposure
  21. 21. Content Marketing- Content Distribution Channels Social Media Platforms LinkedIn CEO Social Platform Facebook Twitter Other social channels Content Curation Platforms Digg Reddit Discuss Delicious Mashable Blog/Directory platforms Ontoplist Bloglisting.net Blog Directory submission Discussion Forums Quora Reddit LinkedIn groups Community Forums Blogger Marketing Reach out to other blogging sites that cater to your target audience and seek out opportunities to have a relationship with them Others The choice of distribution channel must be governed by your business needs & resource availability
  22. 22. Key aspects to bear in mind for content distribution • Distribute regularly across all your key platforms. • Identify key content on your site that your prospects are consuming – run re-marketing campaigns targeting relevant content to them. • Set up content conversion pop ups on your site to drive people to consume your content • Set up a regular email marketing calendar based on your content plan Content Marketing is like working out. You wont see immediate results but the ultimate payoff is beautiful
  23. 23. Measuring your content marketing effectiveness Tracking Content Marketing ROI should be based on your business objectives and measured vis-à-vis other marketing actions
  24. 24. Setting Effectiveness Metrics Business Objective Content Marketing Objective Return on Investment Sales Leads Traffic Awareness Loyalty Leads Traffic Engagement Likes Comments Shares Inquiries Measured over Time
  25. 25. In the next session • We look at Email Marketing • Next class will be on Monday the 18th
  26. 26. Question Time Join Facebook- Digital Marketing Mentoring Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2072644232986996/

Notas do Editor

  • Language is no barrier in creating content of value. Take the example of this unique India YouTube Channel called Kya Kaise. It addresses simple consumer need of knowledge and provides it in the medium of their choice and in the language of their choice.

    Take a look at the number of views some of these content has got- ½ a million views on How to Open a Facebook Account!
  • So what makes a good blog-
    A great catch headline
    Telling a story
    Be precise, unless of course you are writing for the B2B audience when you can go into depth. Remember most users skim the article, so you must remember to capture the key essense of your blog in your headlines.
    Make it visual- add graphs or images