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Session 10 email marketing

  1. Please wait. This Session will begin at 6.30 pm In the meantime, you can use the chat button to interact with your fellow entrepreneurs from around the country When the session begins, please switch off your video to get best sound results. And use Google Chrome
  2. How does this webinar work? • You can see the presentation and hear me • You can ask questions on chat – At the end of the session, I will answer all your queries – Please mention your name & city when you type your message • This is being recorded and you will get a video recording
  3. Digital Marketing for Startup Session 10 Email Marketing
  4. In this Session • Importance of email marketing • Factors influencing effective email marketing • Best practices of email marketing
  5. If you want to grow your business, you need to invest in Email Marketing
  6. This is not email marketing !!
  7. Nor is this email marketing! Spamming me 3 times a day!
  8. Nor is receiving an email that looks like this!
  9. Email Marketing Components
  10. Database • Permission Based – Create a plan to continuously convert traffic on your site into email subs. – You can expect better results • Non-Permission based – Rented/Extracted database of email prospects – Your results will be poorer Focus on building databases of prospects & supplement that with 3rd party database
  11. Building your own prospect database 1. Website registration data 2. Convert your website traffic through lead capture devices by offering something of value to your customer that will make him give you their details. 3. Your customer sales data 4. Your prospective sales contact data with whom you are already in correspondence
  12. Invest in an email campaign software • Mail Chimp • Zoho • Constant Contact • NetCore An email campaign software will help you create campaigns and make life easier You can integrate it with your website to set up some terrific auto-responders that can boost your conversions
  13. Develop a content communication plan • What are you going to communicate? • To whom will you communicate what? • When will you communicate this? • Create a communication calendar • Create content based on the user segment – First time visitor – Regular – Customer – Prospect • Automate this with the email campaign mgt software
  14. Segment and Analyze your Data • Segment your email list into sub-groups. Remember one size does not fit all ! • You can segment them by various parameters depending on your business – Active customers – Active prospects – Blog Readers/newsletter subs – People who have previously taken up an offer – Website registrants – Shopping cart abandoners – Etc etc • Your email marketing communication plan should be tailored for each sub-segment • Analyze your email campaign data to see how people have reacted – Open Rates – Click Through Rates – Unsubscribes
  15. Some key aspects of Good Email Practices
  16. Personalization • Personalizing your email to the sender can increase your response rates significantly – Personalize the “To “ – Personalize in the subject line • “Dear______, I thought you might like this blog” – Keep your email conversation tone personal and friendly – Insert personalization into the body text • Person’s name • Company name • Anything he /she has bought/read/used from you before.
  17. Subject Line • The right subject line can impact your Open Rates significantly. • Here is a nice tool to test out your subject lines – – • Avoid starting your email with words like Free, Win- they are likely to get put into spam by the email filter. • Good Subject Lines invoke one of the following: – Self Interest – Curiosity – Offer – Urgency/Scarcity – Humanity – News – Social Proof – Story
  18. Using these words in your subject line could trigger the anti-spam filter at your recipient end
  19. Text or HTML? Text Only Email outscores HTML emailers hands down! • Your sexy HTML design may not look as good on all email client email browsers • Gmail/Outlook/Lotus/Yahoo/Webmail/etc • Email filters block images many times • Outlook definitely blocks all images • Unless your email is responsive- you wont show up well enough on mobile phones • People access email on phone, reading a short text emails with hyperlinks and scrolling down is more user friendly. Save Time.Save Money Get better results with Text only
  20. Call To Action • What is it that you want the reader to do? • Have a clear call to action in your email message – Read something – Visit a page – Fill up a form – Respond with a yes • Embed the CTA across the message body • Add a postscript with the CTA • Track the CTA in your analytics
  21. Email Tracking • Open Rates – No of people who opened your email over the number of people who the email was sent out to – Subject lines influence open rates, hence track what kind of subject lines have worked best for your business • Click Through Rates – No of people who clicked on a link in your email over the number of people who opened it. – Your message content, language, personalization influence your CTR, hence keep track of this • Bounce Rate – No of emails that were never delivered- Quality of database issue • Analyze by Device – How is the data looking by device access? Is there any insights you can get to see? • Time of access – What time are people usually opening it? It will give you a good indication of when to broadcast your email • Un-subscribe rates – Are people un-subscribing? It will give you an insight of whether your content is being found valuable or not.
  22. In the next session • We look at Website conversion techniques • Next class ? Can we do this on Thursday this week ? i.e the 21st?
  23. Question Time Join Facebook- Digital Marketing Mentoring Group