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Digital marketing overview slp session 1 module

  1. Please wait. This Session will begin at 6.30 pm In the meantime, you can use the chat button to interact with your fellow SLPians from around the country
  2. Digital Marketing for Startup SLP Exclusive Session
  3. How does this webinar work? • You can see the presentation and hear me • You can ask questions on chat – At the end of the session, I will answer all your queries – Please mention your name & city when you type your message • This is being recorded and you will get a video recording
  4. Graduate in marketing from XIMB 25 years in marketing, last 16 years in Digital Marketing Rajesh Menon
  5. CEO in 2003 Acquired in 2005 Turned entrepreneur In 2006 Sold the business in 2015 Digital Content
  6. About this training program • How-To-Do Oriented • You will have assignments which you will do for your startup – You can share the details with me and use me to check it and make suggestions • Facebook Closed Group – Digital Marketing Mentoring Group – Do Join it.
  7. Session Schedule • 12 Sessions in all • 1 ½ hour, followed by Q&A’s • Held twice a week • Only for SLP Fellows
  8. In this Session • Importance of Digital for Startups • Discoverability of Startups • Customer Acquisition Techniques • Digital Marketing Mix
  9. Growth of Digital Marketing
  10. Google shows the way
  11. Make Yourself Discoverable
  12. Making a startup discoverable 1. They could have found you 2. They could read about you 3. They could have heard about you 4. They could have heard others say things about you 5. They could be listening to you 6. They could be watchng you
  13. What can you make discoverable about your startup?
  14. Make Yourself a Super Hero
  15. Knowledge Man Opinion Man
  16. Or you could just plain be idiotic, crazy, stupid and get a ton of publicity Publicity Man
  17. You = Your Startup
  18. Make yourself discoverable on relevant platforms
  19. Make Your Product Benefit Discoverable
  20. Don’t make the discovery journey as difficult as in the movie!
  21. Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak
  22. Do your users have the control to make your product discoverable ?
  23. How easy is it for your prospect to find out about your startup?
  24. What is the value your product benefits bring to their lives?
  25. Translate those benefits into valuable content
  26. In a nutshell + Will make your digital marketing efforts pay off
  27. Lets stop to take at look at where we are today Vis-à-vis our competition
  28. The digital environment • You’re fighting for attention with someone else- Always! – If you win the fight, you gain. • You’re also fighting against status quo • The battle is on-going. 24 x 7 – You cant stop to take a breadth • Your armory consists of 3 things- – Data| Content |Presence The good news is that you can win the battle
  29. Being Discovered is key to effective Digital Marketing
  30. Building blocks of digital Marketing Content Presence Distribution
  31. Content is always the king and is the first essential building block to build a successful digital presence. Content = Communication The nature of your business & your TA will define your content format
  32. Distribute your content Paid SMM SEM Email Marketing Affiliate marketing Unpaid Blogs Referral Links Share Email Forums
  33. Key inputs for your content • Create content that your audience would want to read, listen or watch • Populate the content across all your digital presence • Keep your content fresh and engaging • Think customer-not manufacturer The content that you create needs to give a better time-value equation to your customer than what your competition does
  34. Building your Digital Presence Good content is essential but it will be of no use without a correspondingly good digital presence.
  35. Where are they coming from Your Target Audience Where can you find them 1. Who is your target audience. 2. Where is your target audience coming from? 3. Where can you find your target audience? These answers will greatly influence your choice of digital channels
  36. Where is your audience coming from? Organic Searches Referral Direct Social Media Others Understand your traffic with google analytics Understand your competitors traffic with 1. 2. 3. 4. SEMRush All these tools are free or free upto certain extent and will help you make more informative decisions of where to be present.
  37. Creating your online presence When you have figured out what to do it’s time to understand how to do.
  38. Get the basics in place first • Speed • Responsiveness • SEO • SERP
  39. How good is your site for mobile in the scale of 1-100 How good is your site for desktop in the scale of 1-100 Errors that need to be checked to improve your score Lets do a speed test on your website Analyze your site performance:
  40. Get deeper insights about your website at Indicates time taken for your page to load in any device How heavy is your page Compare your site with others Your average page speed score Compare yourself with your competition
  41. Analyze your site responsiveness console/mobile-friendly How mobile friendly is your website?
  42. Detect on-page SEO errors easily 1. No sitemap 2. Missing Alt Image tags 3. No robots.txt 4. SPF records 5. And a few more What is the SEO status of your website? Your minimum SEO score should be 75/100
  43. You can get into in depths of SEO and get details of your and your competitor website by simply downloading a free plugin to your chrome browser “ Open SEO Stats” from google web store. Free Plugin Discover SEO Stats of your & others Discover traffic stats, page rank in search engines & more
  44. Before the next session 1V73AauVdIeR8zJIwHUGA/viewform?usp=sf_link Please fill out this survey after analyzing your website
  45. In the next session 27th October- 6.30 pm On-Page SEO Open your Google AdWords Account Note: Do not select AdWords Express Account
  46. Question Time Please mention your name, city and batch when you ask your question
  47. Thanks. Next session Join Facebook- Digital Marketing Mentoring Group