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Harvard Dropbox Case Study - Hoshedar Batliwalla

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A Harvard case study analysis on Dropbox and their success factors.

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Harvard Dropbox Case Study - Hoshedar Batliwalla

  1. 1. Dropbox “It Just Works” By Hoshedar Batliwalla & Blake Gonsalves Team 12
  2. 2. Founded in April 2007 by Drew Houston & Arash Ferdowski. Official launch in 2008 By 2010 a total capital of $257.2 million is raised Dropbox hires 6 MIT computer science majors but not any business managers An analytics engineer was hired to improve analytics and optimize customer acquisition efforts
  3. 3. Dropbox had 4 million users in April 2010 with 2.8 million direct referral invites It implies a $ 10-15 million revenue run by mid 2010, which proves profitable It is commendable that they have a $240 million revenue with only 70 staff members in 2011 Houston raised $257.2 million capital from investors
  4. 4. STRENGTHS •Easy installation process •Accessible on Dropbox.com, Apple, Play Store, BlackBerry world •File Organization •File Sharing •Allows access to deleted files •Simple design structure •Affordable WEAKNESSES •Slow software upgrade •Smaller space available for free version •File sync happens with internet connection only •Cannot be associated with other network sites •Only one product – file sync •File communication with others is a tedious process OPPORTUNITIES •People need easy access to saved files •Provides a back up service •People are attracted to freebies •People spend a lot of their time online THREATS •Other companies are becoming major competitors •People like saving data on social networking sites •Easy target for hackers
  5. 5. They choose a Freeium strategy by offering a small amount of storage for free in the hopes of turning those users into paying customers Dropbox worked to make sure that they are fast, simple, safe & accessible Freebies like additional storage if connected with social media sites. Word of mouth and viral marketing as opposed to paid advertising
  6. 6. Conduct surveys with their current user database and see the feasibility of this solution No, adapt to the customer needs, follow the competitors foot steps and create versions for small and medium businesses