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Things To Check Before Buying A House

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What should you do before purchasing real estate? Learn from the property investment experts about what you should check before buying a new house

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Things To Check Before Buying A House

  1. 1. fl Things To Check BEFORE BUYING A HOUSE
  2. 2. ARE YOU USING YOUR HEAD? or that of you" r mary res dance, IE or emotionally ased on your own opinion use it's near your p 0. Ihink logically, I‘ Buying a property b parents’ or just beca not the best way to g
  3. 3. IS THE PROPERTY VALUE ACCURATE? Getting a copy of the property report can give you a better idea of the property price and ensures that you don't get confused by clever marketing. LOCATION MARKET AGE CONDITION IMPROVEMENTS NEIGHBORHOOD
  4. 4. IS THERE ROOM g TO GROW? You should assess the local economic factors of the area to get an idea of how well the property will appreciate.
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  6. 6. DOES IT I-‘IT YOUR PROPERTY INVESTMENT STRATEGY? II Investors should n’t buy a property unless it fits your long term goals. Depending on where you're at in the property investing cycle, the right property can get you to your goals faster.
  7. 7. M. _U Q S/ DU IJEIED A H . OJ“lE _'_. QAi'l3’ Ask yourself if you're prepared to make the purchase. Home loan hopefuls find out exactly how much they can borrow first so they can make a better decision in the end.
  8. 8. X/ HAT SHOULD I DO BEFORE Figuring out the right property for your next purchase can be a difificult exercise but if you ask yourself these questions before buying. you are more likely to make a better investment decision.
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