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2011-2012 SYLLABUS                                                     Semester One – Part 1 (August 8th – October 5th)   ...
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6th Grade LA Curr. Calendar

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6th Grade LA Curr. Calendar

  1. 1. 2011-2012 SYLLABUS Semester One – Part 1 (August 8th – October 5th) Writing Reading ConventionsUse sensory details and concrete language to Identify and analyze sensory details and figurative Use nouns (abstract, common, proper, collective,develop plot, setting, and character (vivid verbs, language (3)* plural, possessive)(47)*descriptive adjectives, and varied sentencestructures) (74)*Use a range of strategies (suspense, figurative Identify and analyze the elements of setting, Use prepositional phrases (preposition, object oflanguage, dialogue, expanded vocabulary, characterization, plot, and resolution of the preposition, and any of its modifiers) (53)*movement, gestures, expressions) (75)* conflict of a story or play (7)*Produce narrative (fictional, personal) to engage Identify and analyze internal and external conflict Use quotation marks to punctuate dialogue (61)readers by establishing and developing a plot, (8)*setting, and point of view that are appropriate tothe story (varied beginnings, standard plot line,cohesive devices) (73)*Reorganize sentences in a paragraph to achieve Identify and analyze character conflicts Use apostrophes to form plurals of letters, numbersclarity (CRCT)* (characters vs. nature, characters vs. society) (9)* and signs, in place of omitted numbers or letters, and in plural and shared possessives (60)Determine appropriate topic sentences and Identify and analyze antagonist/protagonist (10)*supporting sentences/details (CRCT)* Apply knowledge of the concept that theme (implied or stated) refers to the message about life and the world that the author wants us to understand (6)*Use logical (including spatial) order to convey Follow multi-step instructions to complete orinformation (65) create a simple product (23)Produce technical writing (friendly letters, thank- Apply knowledge or logical (including spatial)you notes, formula poems, instructions) that uses order and classification as organizationalthe appropriate elements and correct format (80) structures and transitions as an organization pattern (21) Distinguish between first- and third- point of view narration (12) Distinguish between 1st & 3rd person point of view narration. (3rd person limited) (3rd person omniscient) Identify and analyze the author’s use of dialogue and description (4) Relate a literary work to historical events of the period (5)The above AKS with an * will be on the Semester 1/Common Assessment 1, September 9th. These will be taught between August 8th – September 9th, 2011.The AKS without the * will be taught between September 12th – October 5th. The Interim Assessment will be on October 6th & October 7th, 2011.