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  2. Hoho Ride HOHO Ride mission is to provide a reliable and friendly taxi service to the community using state-of-the-art technology to ensure smooth and smart travel, with the emphasis on safety for all. Business Link experts have applauded HOHO Ride "refreshing and unique approach", our rates are competitive but we never cut corners on operational methods and we take as many environmentally-friendly options as possible. HOHO Ride is a trusted community marketplace that connects drivers with empty seats to co-travelers looking for a ride. HOHO Ride every quarter creating an entirely new, people- powered network. With a dedicated customer service, a state of the art mobile platform, and a fast-growing community of users, HOHO Ride is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for millions of members. Website:
  3. Features of HOHO Ride Specially designed for pooling Share your ride for car and bike Find reliable car and bike for destination Different section for Women’s ride Two ride category General ride and Only Women Secured by Vehicle Details. All Offerer verified by Government ID Proof Cab booking- coming soon Website:
  4. ride with someone and book your cabs. Specially for Women Pooli ng Cab Booking Website:
  5. Specially for Women Special women registration for pooling for safe rides. Any female can use this if she is not comfortable with the general ride. Here women will get the rides only offered for women. Men’s are not allowed to get access to only women option. Website:
  6. Pooling Pooling is always a better option, to save the environment. Just think four people can accommodate in a car or bike then why only one person is going to a particular place. Not only this its always best to earn money while traveling from one place to another. Website:
  7. Getting out station cabs is really a tough job, you need to contact many travel agents to get the best price. here you can directly contact drivers who are available to outstation, selection the car of your choice. Cab Booking Website:
  8. Be the first to get the app HoHo Ride promises to make your journey smooth and beautiful, Hassel free cab booking and a special section for women. Download Hoho Ride App and enjoy your ride. Website:
  9. Website: Enjoy your Ride
  10. www.richwebs.comWebsite: