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Films in Space: Comparative Card

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The comparative card explores and neatly compares in four different columns some of the important data regarding these movies, everything from the year they were made to their plots or directors.

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Films in Space: Comparative Card

  1. 1. FilmInSpace.xls Página  1 From  IMDB 2001 SOLARIS MOON GRAVITY rating 8,3 8,1 8 8,2 users 294.109 38.303 185.148 325.960 Year 1968 1972 2009 2013 Director Stanley  Kubrick Andrei  Tarkovsky Duncan  Jones Alfonso  Cuarón from  United  States from  Russia from  England from  México Writers SK  +  Arthur  C.  Clarke AT  +  Friedrich  Gorenstein DJ  +  Nathan  Parke AC  +  Jonás  Cuarón based  on tale:  The  Sentinel   novel:  Solaris -­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐ Stars Keir  Dullea Donatas  Banionis Sam  Rockwell Sandra  Bullock Duration 160' 167' 97' 91' Academy   Awards Best  Visual  Effects -­‐-­‐-­‐ -­‐-­‐-­‐ Best  Directing Soundtrack Also  sprach  Zarathustra  (R.   Strauss)  Thus  Spoke   Zarathustra   Eduard  Artemev Various Steven  Price Plot Humanity  finds  a  mysterious,   obviously  artificial,  object   buried  under  the  Lunar   surface  and,  with  the   intelligent  computer  H.A.L.   9000,  sets  off  on  a  quest. A  psychologist  is  sent  to  a   station  orbiting  a  distant   planet  (Solaris)  in  order  to   discover  what  has  caused  the   crew  to  go  crazy. Astronaut  Sam  Bell  has  a   quintessentially  personal   encounter  toward  the  end  of  his   three-­‐year  stint  on  the  Moon,   where  he,  working  alongside  his   computer,  GERTY,  sends  back  to   Earth  parcels  of  a  resource  that   has  helped  diminish  our  planet's   power  problems. A  medical  engineer  and  an   astronaut  work  together  to   survive  after  an  accident   leaves  them  adrift  in  space. Vocabulary to  bury:  to  put  under  the  earth crew:  team  working  on  a  … stint:  time,  period adrift:  without  direction