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  1. 1. • The DEIS Department of Education Development is an academic department residing within the School of Humanities in the Cork Institute of Technology. • DEIS began life in 1993 as a research centre set up to carry out an EU-funded project in the area of what was then called open and distance learning (ODL). • In 1996 it became an official Department of Cork Institute of Technology with a mission to “innovate in education for quality and access”.
  2. 2. • Significant research and development activity has been undertaken by the DEIS Department both at a European and national level: o The department continues to be involved in EU-funded research as both project lead or research partner. o Nationally, the department is participating in a range of Enterprise Ireland funded work o Work is also ongoing with regard to a range of commercial projects typically involving the development of e-learning resources for corporate clients.
  3. 3. ELVIN (Language Practice Network) Trans-national project which aims to develop a Social Networking Platform and integrated digital repository solution to support language learning in the Public Sector.
  4. 4. ENGAGE (Game-Based Learning) Project to create and sustain a European network for increasing activity in game-based learning in education, including the development of a European Games-Based Learning portal.
  5. 5. NATIONAL DIGITAL LEARNING REPOSITORY DEIS is involved in creating learning resources for the repository under the subject of educational technology for higher education. Resources created so far include: animations, podcasts, instructional videos, infographics, mobile- friendly resources, etc.
  6. 6. Mainstream E-learning Support (CIT) DEIS was commissioned to develop a portal website for the blackboard learning management system in CIT. This website includes information on the blackboard learning management system, useful links and other resources for lecturers,
  7. 7. Animation and Video Production DEIS was asked to provide a series of prmootional video of CIT across the different schools (Business and Humanities, Engineering & Science, CIT Cork school of music, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and the National Maritime College of Ireland)