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Open science-open-data-pnc-20103

  1. biomedicine is catching up.
  2. Let’s Look at What a Leading Thinker About Open Science Says It Can Do: Jean-Claude Bradley, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Drexel University
  3. What We Mean When We Say Health 2.0
  4. Opportunities for librarians to get into the game Quote from homepage of “ With so much government data to work with, developers are creating a wide variety of applications, mashups, and visualizations. From crime statistics by neighborhood to the best towns to find a job to seeing the environmental health of your community–these applications arm citizens with the information they need to make decisions every day.”
  5. Examples of apps on
  6. Create custom-made tools for your patrons
  7. Using free sets of raw data
  8. Using other free apps
  9. And store all of that in your very own institutional repository
  10. Questions?