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2020-12-21 data strategy in Japan

Government of Japan launched Data strategy on Dec 21, 2020.
This slide is a summary of the strategy.
The full paper is following link.

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2020-12-21 data strategy in Japan

  2. 2. RELEASE NOTE  This release aims to set matters that should be started immediately and lead the future data strategy.  This release doesn't cover all aspect of data issue.  We will publish the 2nd release next summer. 2
  3. 3. BACKGROUND.  Data has become a source of wisdom, value, and competitiveness. - Data has become essential elements for sustainable life, smooth business operations and innovations.  Technological changes and globalization - We face the paradigm changes by the technological changes and globalization.  The risk in the digital society - Everyone focuses on the risks related to privacy and security.  Needs for new rules for the digital society - International collaboration is important. - We promote the DFFT (Data Free Flow with Trust) initiative from 2019 3
  4. 4. IMPACT OF COVID-19  We faced the new life, working and business style by the covid-19. We were forced to move to digital society. We should move fast and agile.  Especially, data was the essential element for solving the difficulties. - Data ‣ Primary social data was not available. Some data could not find and use technically or institutionally. ‣ Some data could not be used because of quality. - Tools ‣ Data related tools and platforms have not been provided. - Rules ‣ The quality and standard of the data ‣ There was no mechanism to change the rules quickly. ‣ There was not enough mechanism to share data that include private and sensitive information.  It is necessary to re-engineer our society for a digital age. 4
  5. 5. THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IN DATA STRATEGY  Government is the largest data holder in Japan, and their systems and actions will have a significant impact on Japan’s society, economy and industries. - The government will provide base registries and essential data. - The government will reform the existing rules and establish new rules  Government plays a role as "a platform in platforms" in the digital society and contributes to society's sophistication. 5
  6. 6. VISION  We aim to realize a sustainable human society. It is the human-centric society that creates new value by achieving both economic development and solving social issues. It is achieved through a digital twin by using data.  It is consistent with the vision of Society 5.0 that is the future vision of Japan.  Our society values trust and safety. It is essential to realize high efficiency and hospitality services at the same time. 6
  8. 8. PHILOSOPHY AND PRINCIPLES  Philosophy - We will realize a society that balances efficiency and trust.  Principle. 8 Control your data yourself • controllability • Privacy Connect • Interoperability • Efficiency Use Anytime, anywhere • Availability • Quickness • Cross-boarder Safe • Security • Trust • Quality Create together • Co-creation • Creation of new value
  9. 9. ARCHITECTURE  Data strategies are base of all social activities and industries.  The architecture is based on the Society 5.0 reference architecture. 9Infrastructure, Asset Data Tools Service Platform Rule Administrations Private sectors Priority Area Create new value with data - Broker - Access control - Data market - PDS(Personal Data Store) - Trust - Data quality - Data standard - Once only - Building block - Trading data - Harnessing data - Healthcare, Education, Disaster risk management, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Smartcity Value DataplatformExperience Society5.0 Reference architecture Architecture for Data strategy Strategy Rule Organization Business Harnessing Data Data Connecting Data Asset Security,ID - Base registries all social activities and industries
  10. 10. PRIORITY AREA Data • We will realize the data framework centered on the base registries. Platforms (Rules and Tools) • We will develop rules and tools together. Citizens can launch services easily on the platform. Trust • Trust is an essential part of society. Trust consists of various factors other than the platform. We will develop a trust framework. 10
  11. 11. DATA  Base Registry (The detail is in the annex: Base Registry Roadmap) - Define base registries. - Start priority projects.  Development of the entire administrative data - Develop data standards, quality systems, and management systems.  Promoting open data - Promote highly reusable open data.  Promotion of data management - Realize data management throughout the lifecycle. 11
  12. 12. PLATFORM  Cross-sector platform - Development of architecture - Development of common rules - Development of data standards and data quality specification - Tool development  Platforms for each domain - Health and Medical Care, Education, Disaster Risk Management, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Smart Cities 12 Collaboration with relevant government initiatives - Innovation strategy - AI strategy
  13. 13. TRUST  Developing a Trust Framework - Intention ‣ Proof of intention (proof that the person has made the statement of intention in question, etc.) - Certification ‣ Certificate of the issuer (proof of trust of the natural person, organization, equipment, etc.) - Existence ‣ Proof of existence (proof that some information exists at some point and has not been tampered with since) 13
  14. 14. NEXT STEP AREA Data space and market • Information banks, PDS, and data trading markets • Treatment of private data Data in the private sectors • Development of rules for data that private sectors have Digital infrastructure • Network and Sensors 14
  15. 15. HUMAN RESOURCE AND ORGANIZATION  Human resources framework - Human resource models (Roles and skills) - Development of recruitment and evaluation rules - Development of training courses - Improving literacy of public servants  Organizational development - Name a CDO and the team - Launch data authority 15 The government will be one of the leading players to develop data professionals.
  16. 16. ROADMAP Stage 01 •Infrastructure development •(small & prototype projects) • • •Start priority projects • •Expand data strategy Stage 02 Infrastructure development Data quality management Base registries Stage 03 (Agile processes) Stage 04 Data-driven society 16 2021-09 2025 2030 A sustainable society through Trust and Quality Rule Platform
  17. 17. ANNEX: BASE REGISTRIES ROADMAP  Define and specify the base registries  Rule development  System development 17  Data maintenance  Data governance - Master Data Management - Data security  Data model - Data standards - Metadata Management  Mechanism for expanding - Registry catalog, code catalog - Data quality control - Human resource development  Training Courses Action (2020-2021) Goals (2025, 2030) 2025 2030 Platform and rules Data Society
  18. 18. DATA STRATEGIES ARE BASE OF RELEVANT STRATEGIES  Each architecture elements of the data strategy support the relevant strategy which supports the digital society.  The architecture makes the overall consistency. ※This diagram is described by archimate®. 18 Digital government strategy Data strategy Example

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Government of Japan launched Data strategy on Dec 21, 2020. This slide is a summary of the strategy. The full paper is following link. https://www.kantei.go.jp/jp/singi/it2/dgov/dai10/siryou_a.pdf


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