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Logic apps

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Azure Logic apps

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Logic apps

  1. 1. Azure Logic App • provides a way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. • provides a visual designer to model and automate your process as a series of steps called a workflow
  2. 2.  Connect on-premises, hybrid and cloud applications  Run mission-critical, complex integration scenarios with ease  Build “Smart” Integrations leveraging Machine Learning/Cognitive Services
  3. 3. Cloud APIs and platform functionality Over 200 out of box connectors SaaS, on-prem, protocols, B2B and message manipulation Hybrid connectivity Hosted and managed within the platform Scales to meet your needs First class designer experience API connections Authenticate once and reuse Differentiate connection configuration Simple to deploy Portal experience for managing API Connections Custom Connectors Access any REST/SOAP API Cloud or on-premises Simple creation wizard Connections and managed secrets First class designer experience
  4. 4. On-premises data gateway for rich data and application integration
  5. 5. Components of Connector
  6. 6. Connector Types • Integration account connectors • Enterprise connectors
  7. 7. Creates new instances of Logic Apps Recurrence & Adv. Scheduling Polling Push WebHook
  8. 8. Invoke services Managed Connectors App Service APIs API Management Azure Functions Workflow HTTP + Swagger HTTP Control behaviour Retry Policy Run After Limit Response Webhook Batch Wait Terminate Message Handling Compose Query Table Request schema Parse JSON Xpath XSLT XML validation Expression conversion Scope Condition Switch For Each Until BranchFlow Control
  9. 9. Built-in functions • Concat; Substring; Replace; Guid; toLower; toUpperString • Equals; Less; lessOrEquals; lessOrEquals; greaterOrEquals; And; Or; Not; IfLogical • Int; String; Json; Float; Bool; Coalesce; Base64; Xml; XPath; EtcConversions • Add; Sub; Mul; Div; Min; Max; Range; RandMath • Utcnow; Ticks; Addseconds; Addminutes; Addhours; Adddays; FormatDateTimeDate • Contains; Length; Empty; Intersection; First; Last; Take; SkipCollection • Parameters; Action; Actions; Triggers; ActionsOutput; ActionBody; Item; EtcReferencing • Invoke an expression function@ • Parameters for an expression() • Array reference • Property reference [] • String interpolation{} • Property reference. • Null safe dereference? Operators
  10. 10. Download, save, and run the gateway installer on a local computer