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Turkish Delight TVC build

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Quick over view showing the building of the set for Turkish Delight, and award winning TVC

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Turkish Delight TVC build

  1. 1. Case study: Turkish Delight 1982 60 seconds UK Television Commercial, for cinema Studio exterior landscape Director: Howard Guard Studio: Shepperton Studios, 'A' Stage Art directors: Ken Hill/Marc Hill 10 day build, one day prelight, two day shoot
  2. 2. Selection of stage size is pivotal for design. Sometimes we have to take what we are given but in this case we had the luxury of A Stage, one of the larger stages available. Shepperton 'A' Stage is some 150 feet (50meters) square by 35 feet high. It had a cyc running all round Click A Stage for details of the stage including a 360 view and cad plans for download
  3. 3. Showing the layout of the set. Some two meters of clearance are needed between cyc, guaze and ground rows. The dunes were built like a boat from a 1:12 model, covered in hesian and plastered.. The 'peaky' dune shapes are to provide middle and fore ground camera angles.
  4. 4. Finishing off prior to prelight. We used around 200 tons of fine silver sand which covered wet plaster and was sprayed in parts.
  5. 5. Pre Light and it all comes together. Note the 'reds' on the grid. These are 'I' beams carrying differential chain winches
  6. 6. Pre light again showing lighting configuration. Note chain winches on the reds Source/key light via 'brute' carbon arcs Fill light from space lights with black skirts Ground row and cyc from sky pans
  7. 7. It can be seen here how the foreground 'peaks' work setting off the distance and providing interest and variation of angle for the directer. Note ligting colour change helped by use of gauze giving ariel perspective The actor is on a four foot rostrum.
  8. 8. Click here for the final thing or Youtube Turkish Delight A fraction of a second before the actor jumped from a rapidly advancing sidewinder