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Clustere & internationalizare

  1. Clusterele si internationalizarea
  2. Cuprins • Cluster? • Status Quo • Cross cutting issues: Internationalizare • Exemple de bună practică • EEN
  3. Educaţie şi cercetare Universitatea din Braşov Autorităţi Consiliul judeţean Covasna Instituţii catalizator Industrie ASIMCOV Cluster: Modelul Four clover în cazul Pro Wood
  4. Status Quo Generation •Strategy Building Development •Cross Cutting Issues Excellence •Networking, Benchmarking (Gold, Bronze) Internationalization •2014-2020 (Horizon 2020)
  5. Region North East Textile, Tourism, IT New Media, creative industries, Region South East ship building, textile, renewable energy, Region South automotive Region Bucharest Ilfov textile, Machine Building, Electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, automation, aerospace Region South West automotive, tourism (MH), tourism (DJ), ICT Region West Automotive, ICT, Agro Food, renewable energy Region North West IT, water, geothermal, renewable energy, furniture, Region Center wood (CV), wood (MS), renewable energy (CV), electrical engineering, renewable energy (AB), wood (HR), aerospace, textile (CV), prinintg- design (CV), agrofood, tourism (BV), tourism (CV)
  6. Status Quo - 40 RO clusters - 13 in the generation phase - 27 in the development phase - 19 members of CLUSTERO - Vertical vs. Horizontal - Financing
  7. Romanian Cluster Association Indicator Value MU Average Turnover 15.006 Mil RON 1000 No. of enterprises 255 units 17 Export 3345 Mil EUR 223 Employees 77295 persons 5153
  8. Cross cutting issues: Interna ionalizarea?ț
  9. Best Practice: Internationalisation Medicon Valley (SE-DK) Rationale Main focus of cluster activity with 40 annual participation to international conferences and fairs, media presence and the ‘Ambasador” programme Measure “Ambasador” programme resides in the hosting of representatives of other international clusters for a period of 2-3 years and their integration into the daily cluster life, respectively sending out ambassadors on mutual basis (12) Results - promotion of SE-DK cluster -Dissemination of DK-SE know how internationally -Recruitment of top specialists at international level
  10. How does it work? RO SME Foreign EEN Partner Foreign SME -commercial offer/request -technology offer/request - Research idea/poposal/ partner searchconsultancy Business Cooperation Database Technology Database Automatic match making Direct contact Partnership agreement
  11. Daniel Coşniţă InPulse Partners SRL TF. 021-2693297