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TikTok Essentials for Schools - Top Tips for Organic, Paid and Social SEO.pdf

  2. ➜ Use the Questions function for questions ➜ Use the chat for comments ➜ The sessions is being recorded. The slides and recording will be sent to you within 24 hours. A Little Housekeeping
  3. Your Presenters Alexander Nachaj, PhD Director, Paid Ads & Analytics Higher Education Marketing Valentin Wimel Manager, Social Media Higher Education Marketing
  4. Agenda 1. TikTok in the media 2. Why your school needs TikTok 3. How potential students use TikTok and what this means for you 4. TikTok marketing tips and best practices 5. Running TikTok ads: opportunities and tips
  5. What sort of presence does your school have on TikTok? Organic Paid Both Poll #1 Neither Unsure
  6. TikTok in the Media • In Q1 2023, USA and Canada banned TikTok from official government devices* • During the same period, numerous higher education institutions in North America banned the app on staff devices** • Some public schools also considering a possible ban*** * ** ***
  7. HIGHER-EDUCATION-MARKETING.COM 7 Why Your School Needs TikTok
  8. TikTok by the Numbers • Over 1 billion monthly users • Approximately 100 million monthly app downloads a month worldwide • Country with most users: USA ~138 million • Tripled number of daily users since Feb 2022
  9. HIGHER-EDUCATION-MARKETING.COM 9 How Potential Students Use TikTok and What This Means for You
  10. Demographics and Behaviour • 63% of users under age 29, approximately 40% are 18-24 • Roughly 40% of users in 18-24 prefer TikTok as their primary search engine over Google* • Estimated that 33% use it as their primary source of news** • 26% of young adults in the U.S. (18-29 year olds) regularly get information from TikTok.*** * ** ***
  11. Demographics and Behaviour Users use the app to : ✅ Film themselves singing ✅ Produce original shorts videos ✅Participate in challenges ✅ Share condensed educational content ✅ Consume videos according to interests with content suggested by a very precise algorithm. The application allows you to integrate trendy songs and multiple visual effects to make dynamic and impactful videos.
  12. Source: Use of TikTok on Average • TikTok leads in terms of daily usage time • Users spend an average of 95 minutes on the ByteDance application
  13. Source: Hubspot 2023 Marketing Industry Report Short-form video became the most effective format for brand engagement on social media Video Content While the web is still the #1 place to search, users are starting to use social platforms like Instagram and TikTok for search. Social is no longer about connecting with friends and family, it’s about discovering new things Social = Search 89% of marketers plan to increase their influencer budget in 2023 Influencers / Creators Marketing Biggest Social Media Trends in 2023
  14. HIGHER-EDUCATION-MARKETING.COM 14 Organic Content: What are The Best Practices on Tiktok for Schools?
  15. Organic, Paid and Social SEO: What’s The Difference? ➡ Organic Content Organic social media refers to any unpaid content (post, photo, video, meme, Storie, etc.) that all users share on social media. ➡ Paid Content Paid social media refers to paid advertising. Exposure obtained through the purchase of advertising space on social media. ➡ Social SEO Social SEO is the practice of adding text-based features (captions, #, location) to a posts to help people browsing social platforms easily to find specific content. It’s also about combining social media and SEO techniques to improve position in search, website traffic, and conversions.
  16. Organic Content Ideas for Schools on TikTok ✅Content created by student ambassadors ✅Storytelling ✅Educational content ✅Diversity and Inclusion ✅ TikTok trends
  17. Organic Content Ideas: Student Ambassadors ✅Create a personal connection with students ✅Humanize the brand ✅Help to get hyperlocal ✅ Students trust other students ⚠ Schools aren’t completely in control ⚠ Ambassador students can overshadow the brand
  18. What a year at Harvard! - Harvard Just a few things that make Vanderbilt - Vanderbilt Organic Content Ideas: Storytelling Nothing better than a perfect cup of coffee - New York University Came for a degree, left with a family - York University
  19. Organic Content Ideas: Educational content Tips for writing your dissertation - The University of Manchester Steps to create a positive workplace - University of Phoenix What role do SurgTechs play in the operating room - American Career College
  20. Organic Content Ideas: Diversity and Inclusion Proud to rise the rainbow flag - LGBT History Month - University of Glasgow Chinese New Year celebrations - University of Melbourne Womens History Month - University of California
  21. Organic Content Ideas: TikTok trends Our campus is out of this world - University of Michigan Don’t we have the most beautiful campus? - New Mexico State University Never just a college - University of Chicago
  22. • ♻ Recycling or repurpose videos content Organic Content Ideas: Recycling Youtube Videos
  23. Source: Metricool Best Time to Post Videos on Tiktok ✅ Friday is the day, on average, where the highest number of views are achieved on Tiktok. ✅ The day that videos receive the most comments is Tuesday, followed closely by Friday.
  24. Do’s Organic Content on TikTok: Do’s and Don’ts Don’ts ⛔ Promoting advertising in the traditional sense ➡ TikTok = authenticity + being natural. ➡ 65% of TikTokers say professional-looking videos from brands feel out of place. ➡ 71% say creator authenticity has motivated them to buy a product . ⛔ Cover too many things in one video ➡ TikTok videos should not exceed 60 seconds. . ✅Leverage students to star in your content ✅Highlight your school's strengths ✅Use popular sounds and targeted hashtags ✅Place on-screen text in an accessible area ➡ ✅Follow Tiktok content trends ✅ Aways add a short caption and include location Source: Hootsuite
  25. HIGHER-EDUCATION-MARKETING.COM 25 Running TikTok Ads: Opportunities and Tips
  26. Running TikTok Ads: Why You Should Consider It • Massive and growing audience pool • CPAs for education leads are often cheaper than Google / similar to Meta • Paid ad conversion rates are also on par or stronger than other social media. • Budgets begin at $20/day per adgroup
  27. Running TikTok Ads: Some Caveats • TikTok should not replace other high performing paid channels (such as Google Ads). • By nature of the platform and expectations, advertisements will need to be refreshed more often than other media. • TikTok can easily fill top of funnel but need to keep these prospects more engaged than other media. • Many leads may not be in the “in-market” stage yet or expect different ways of being nurtured.
  28. Running TikTok Ads: Targeting Options • Targeting components: – Interests: Robust and similar to options on other social media. – Custom Audiences: Such as remarketing segments – Geographic: Not as price as other platforms. Countries, state/provinces, and major cities.
  29. Running TikTok Ads: Pixel Setup and Lead Forms • We recommend using the in-app lead form for lead generation rather than a traditional LP. • The pixel can be used for audience building and Cross Channel Remarketing.
  30. Running TikTok Ads: Organic Optimization • Paid Ads videos can still be found organically • Optimize: – Description – Hashtags
  32. Resources for Brands: Creative Center Creative Center • Main hub for video creation resources and planning • Tons of resources for brands to craft more suitable video content • Data into trends
  33. Resources for Brands: Keyword Insights Keyword Insights • Still in early stages but points to use of TikTok as search Engine • Expect the tool to develop
  34. Resources for Brands: Trends Trends • Find the top hashtags to improve visibility of videos. • View top performing videos for creative ideas. • Snapshots of accounts part of the trend.
  35. Resources for Brands: Sound and Music Libraries Commercial Sound Library (CSL) Commercial Music Library (CML) Eligible to be used in advertising and branding
  36. Request a Free Digital Assessment Start now at See what you are doing well and uncover opportunities for improvement in your digital marketing.
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