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● Metropolitan Museum of Art Back to the Future: Are you prepared?

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● Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York announced that 400,000 of its high-
resolution digital images are now available for non-commercial use—including
in scholarly publications in any media—without permission from the Museum
and without a fee.
● The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has been equally open with its digital images
and uses this access as a way of encouraging people to engage with its
● The British Museum has new images being added to the database and made
available here at the rate of about 2,000 each week.
● The J. Paul Getty Museum in its Open Content Program has high-resolution
images from the Getty collections now in the public domain, and freely
available in digital format.
I might be able to obtain an image for my own research purposes but what if I want to use it
in a public presentation, include it in a blog post or publish it in an academic article? Of
course it all depends on where the image is from. Here are some museum options! There are
many more...
Many museums and galleries are increasingly making their digital images available free of
charge for non-commercial use.

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