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Cultural studies

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Cultural studies

  1. 1.  Name : Gohil Hetalba I. Roll no : 08 M.A. -1st Sem -2 Paper no : 08 Topic : Five types of Cultural Studies Submitted to : Dr. Dilip Barad Dept. Of English M.K. Bhavnagar University year – 2012 – 2013
  2. 2. New Historicism British Cultural Materialism Cultural studies Type Cultural studies TypeAmerican Multiculturalism Postcolonial Studie Postmodernism and popular culture
  3. 3. British Cultural Materialism“ There are no masses , there are only ways of seeing (other) people as masses .” - Williams Britain had two trajectories for culture First leads to ~> past ~> culture act as preserver Second leads to ~> future differentiates Labour class
  4. 4. Conti….. Some cultural materialists are Inspired : Walter Benjamin : Leni Riefenstaht( Triumph movie of the Wil) : Lukacs (Reflection Theory ) Cultural materialists also turned to : Insights : Humanistic : Spiritual
  5. 5. New Historicism Generic Surprising borrow Seek HistoricalNew Historicists coincidences Cultural lines Metaphor ceremony Popular culture
  6. 6. Conti…… Stephen Greenblatt coined the word New Criticism . ‘ New Historicism ’ explains the word ‘ Laputa ’ from Gulliver’s Travels. means Laputa The Whore
  7. 7. American Multiculturalism American Multiculturalism includes African American American Indian writers Literature Latina/ writers ( Mexican American Asian American Writers) Writers
  8. 8. IronyBicultural Parodyidentity Subject Bitter Comedy Naturalistic focus on survival Tragedy
  9. 9. Postmodernism and Popular Culture FragmentationAmbiguity Post modernism AmbiguityDe humanization• egs : 1. The Wasteland – T.S. Eliot• 2. Ulysses - James Joyce
  10. 10. Textual analysisProduction analysis Popular Culture Popular Culture Audience analysis Historical analysis
  11. 11. Reshaped ethnicity racesexuality gender Popular culture class region age
  12. 12. Postcolonial Studies Rudyard Kipling Jean Rhys Post Colonial TheoristsE.M. Foster Jamaica Kincaid
  13. 13.  Homi K Bhabha analysed postcolonial theory nationality  Homi Bhabha ethnicity politics He critiques dichotomies between Periphery Centre