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51 cute japanese baby boy names

Many of the parents love to give their children Japanese names, which is indeed A LOT difficult. But, relax! Because we have made this job a lot easier for you. Here are some Cute Japanese Baby Boy Names at https://bit.ly/2MzyOFT

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51 cute japanese baby boy names

  1. 1. 51 Cute Japanese Baby Boy Names Firstly,congratulations for your little one! I know how blissful this is and among this happiness, the most difficult yet exciting part is naming your baby. A lot of us have been waiting for this moment since years and when it actually comes on our way, we just can’t make a choice even among the best possible options available. Many of the parents love to give their children Japanese names, which is indeed A LOT difficult. But, relax! Because we have made this job a lot easier for you. If you have been wondering to give your child a cute Japanese name, you are on the right page. We have listed below a few Japanese baby boy names, along with the meaning so as to make the job easier for you. Read below to find more: Japanese Names : 51 Unique Baby Boy Names
  2. 2. 51 names of japanese for boys Name Meaning Akio Manly, Bright Man, Hero Asas physician and a healer, a beautiful morning Chikafusa the close one Chikao A clever and wise individual Daiki The noble one, filled with radiance and light Denji One who has electromagnetic powers Eito A very Prosperous person; Kind hearted Fumihiro Refers extensive condemnation Giichi One rule, The Righteous One Gou A person who is strong and powerful just like a mountain
  3. 3. Hachirou Eighth Son; A variant transcription is Hachiro Hansuke A helpful friend Haru Born in the spring; sun; sunlight Haruki Spring wood; sunshine Haruko Spring child; sunshine; first born child; clearup radiance Haruto Spring; sunny; clear up radiance; sunlight; sunshine Hideo Excellent man; excellent male child Hiraoki Radiance and gloriousness; spreading brightness Hirohito Abundant benevolence; plentiful benevolence or goodwill Hiroki Abundant Joy and Strength Hiromichi Broad street; wilde street
  4. 4. Hiroshi Generous; tolerant; benevolent Hiroyuki Broad happiness; a lot of happiness Hiryur A versatile and spontaneous individual Hisato One with long life; a long-lived person Hisoki Secretive; a variant of Hisoka Hyousuke Japanese- helpful soldier; a very helpful soldier Japana Someone who has energetic, drive oriented and ambition Joben enjoy cleanlies Jobon one who enjoys cleanliness Jona which means God is gracious and Dive bird. These people are most admirable the society or even among the family Junpei Pure; kind; innocent; considerate; genuine
  5. 5. Jurou tenth Son; A variant of Juro Kaito Sea; ocean Kamin One filled with joy and happiness Katsuro The Victory of the Son Kenji strong and vigorous, A Wise second son Koji Abundance and two Maru Used to suffix in Japanese names; Something precious Minoru Process when a tree bears fruit; when fruit is grown on the tree Miyoko Beautiful child of a beautiful generation Natsuo Someone who came into this world during summer season Noborou Increase or rise or triumphant
  6. 6. Ohta eyes of the Almighty God; free from dirt or impurities Reiji A well mannered baby; kind and well behaved, courteous child Renzo Third son in the family Rin Cold, severe and dignified person Ryo To survive, exceed or excel Ryuusei One who is reborn as holy and prosperous Seiua Almighty pure father figure Shoma A boz who is always reaching for the truth in life I hope you found the above list helpful. These were some of the best names that we have got for your little one. I know you may get a little confused at first, but it’s alright because we all do at some point. Take your time and offer your little one with the first gift of their life.