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The Future of Social Media

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The future of social media presentation for IAB.

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The Future of Social Media

  1. 1. TheFutureofSocialMedia?Tom Ollerton@helloskivehello@skive.co.uk
  2. 2. Social media used to be really exciting
  3. 3. Every social media pres started with this slide
  4. 4. Social Media had a really aspirational name
  5. 5. Web 2.0
  6. 6. Our internet of machines had finally started tobecome an internet of people
  7. 7. Everything seemed possible as big brandsstarted to be brought down to their knees
  8. 8. What did we do with all this power?
  9. 9. Has Social Media become boring?
  10. 10. The papers would have it believe that our interest is waning.
  11. 11. I hold brands like this responsible
  12. 12. This page makes you“like” it before you canenter the competition
  13. 13. Once you “like” it youhave to fill a form in and vote for one of these nasty recipes
  14. 14. It’s not all bad
  15. 15. Levi’s “ass cam” is funny and daring and unbranded
  16. 16. I recommend notgoogling “ass cam” at work
  17. 17. Ben and Jerry’s
  18. 18. Do you want to get 20%off ecko goods for life?
  19. 19. That’s easy
  20. 20. Just get a ecko logotattoo’d on your body and you’re set!
  21. 21. Nice!
  22. 22. Sexy!
  23. 23. Adzookie
  24. 24. AdzookieTurn your house into abill board and get your mortgage paid!
  25. 25. These ideas are inherently “Social” Vs“Social Media Marketing”
  26. 26. Inherently Social
  27. 27. Social Media Marketing
  28. 28. What’s next in 2012?
  29. 29. The 2012 US PresidentialElection will be a provingground for social media’s power to the masses
  30. 30. 2012 Olympic athletes willbe allowed to tweet during the competition. This will bring a global focus to twitter.
  31. 31. Could this be a turning point for the network?
  32. 32. Who is driving innovation in social media?
  33. 33. Not brands…
  34. 34. In order for a brand to adopt a social behaviouror technology it needs to have a profitable reachor impact. Most brands need scale and/orimportance before it makes business sense toget on board.
  35. 35. Social Media wouldn’t exist if we’d left it up tobrands to invent it.
  36. 36. Social Media wouldn’t exist if we’d left it up tobrands to invent it.Social was born of innovation andentrepreneurial spirit and it is these two factorsthat are continuing to drive its growth.
  37. 37. For example…
  38. 38. This film produced by RidleyScott is made up entirely of user generated video
  39. 39. Waze is a user generated realtime map.
  40. 40. Bitcoins are the firstuntraceable global currency allowing trade between individuals without bank charges.
  41. 41. Silk Road
  42. 42. Silk RoadBitcoins also allow you tobuy cr*ack online, scary. Story here..
  43. 43. “Digital is like water it seeps into every crack” @simoncoupe
  44. 44. Where digital goes social media is soon to follow.“Digital is like water it seeps into every crack” @simoncoupe
  45. 45. The future will be anomnipresent social web.
  46. 46. We are now a nation of bloggers
  47. 47. Our facebook walls are richmedia blogs, hyper targeted at the most important people in the world
  48. 48. Ourselves, our families and our friends
  49. 49. Brands need to add to these relationships and not interrupt them
  50. 50. What’s exciting in the boardroomis not exciting in the bedroom
  51. 51. 11 percent of people under 25 think that its okto interrupt sex to check electronic messages
  52. 52. Conclusion
  53. 53. ConclusionIt’s not all about Facebook
  54. 54. ConclusionInherently Social Vs Social MediaMarketing
  55. 55. ConclusionStop communicating products andstart making communication products
  56. 56. ConclusionStop communicating products andstart making communication products- Gareth Kay
  57. 57. @helloskivehello@skive.co.uk